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Turner Prize winner: Your views
Grayson Perry
Transvestite potter Grayson Perry has been named winner of this year's Turner Prize.

The annual award, given for the year's best exhibition by a young British artist, has always generated heated debate about what art is and what it should be.

So what do you think about this year's winner?

Is Perry the best of a young and exciting British art scene? Or was someone overlooked by the judges? This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments.

There is a difference between craft and art. It seems an obvious point has been missed here - Perry is no artist and the Turner Prize is a complete waste of money and effort. If we are interested in developing art in this country, we need to focus on developing a stronger emphasis on art amongst youngsters. 20,000 would be better spent on arts materials for a comprehensive school than on this kind of self-absorbent tripe!
Royce, England

As a transvestite myself, it's great to see "sister" who isn't afraid to announce to the world what she is. UK transvestites used to have one icon: Eddie Izzard. Now Perry has been added to that list!
Becky EnVerite, UK

Perry's work was unknown to me. Where could I get more information. It is fascinating. My daughter is a potter and I cannot wait to show her his work.
Barbara Pleskow, USA

Grayson's work - and its validation by the panel - defines a new realism in the Turner Prize and for that reason is to be lauded. He is a craftsman who has shown that controversy and "shock" value can't beat proper "art" applied to the world of his choise: ceramics. Whether he is a transvestite or not is beside the point.
Heather Burns, Elgin, Scotland

Fantastic on two counts, first and I suppose most important he creates objects that are recognisable as art rather than just a random arrangement of pieces of refuse, second and to me just as important, an inspiration to us all, respect yourself who ever you are. To show yourself as you truely are often isn't easy.
Peter, Scotland

Having gone out my way to see his work, I actually rather like it. I can't help but wonder how many of the people deriding his work - and him as well, fancy a man wearing a dress, it's a scandal - have actually done the same rather than repeat the words the Daily Mail have put into their heads...
Steve Anderson, UK

His pots are exquisite. To make something so crafted and beautiful, which encompasses such serious themes is genius. Oh, and "Boring cool people" made me chuckle.
Maxine Elkin, UK

This is brilliant news! I am really impressed that someone so part of their Art like Grayson Perry has won the Turner Prize. I find both the artist and his work a real inspiration. Sad but true, contemporary art has a tendancy to be vapid and monotonous but this work is real excitment, real confrontation, not just in its content but in its relation to what comes next in ART. The Turner Prize is completely relevant because it gives unknown artists like myself the impetus to create. Brilliant! Well impressed.
Paul Thomas, UK

As a transvestite myself, I think Grayson is doing the transgendered community no favours here. I'm sorry but wrong content and wrong art images. If Grayson had appeared in a more conservative female outfit then he would have been seen as a good ambassador for art and for the transgendered world too. This prize is now outdated and needs to be scrapped and replaced with something of a more serious nature. After all, 20k is not small potatoes.
Barry Miller, UK

Grayson's work is simply fantastic. For me, his representations of suffering in such aesthetically pleasing, but everyday objects are both classic and brilliantly new. Finally we have a winner who can really reach people outside of the Turner clique. And for the detractors - what could possibly be a more convincing move to traditional artistic values than such beautiful depictions of human suffering?
Steve Durkin, Scotland

Did they want comments about his artwork or about the fact that he is a transvetite? Mixing art and morality here are we?
Trevor, USA

Carl from Australia should know that Gillian Wearing won the Prize in 1997!
Len Buchanan, UK

A well-deserved winner who has wrestled the prize away from those conceptual artists who are all concept and no art!
Robbie, UK

Without doubt, a disturbing and contentious piece of work, but ultimaely the Turner committee should be applauded for their decision to award an artist prepared to take on such taboo subject matter in his own unique way.
Jimbob, UK

Relief. The Turner prize has been won by someone with the talent to create something that I simply can't. It will restore the public's shattered faith in the award.
Jason De Bono, Australia

I am an A level art student at the City of London School of Girls, and have studied Grayson Perry in detail. During his exhibition at the Curve gallery we met him! The techniques that he uses are fascinating and his mixture of media is inspiring. My art work has developed greatly having studied him!
Alex, England

It isn't even good pottery. Go into your local craft galery & you will find many studio potters making high calibre artistic & beautiful pots cheaper, better & without the publicity seeking egomania & drivel that surrounds the Turner Prize. Who cares if this character is a transvestite?
Haward Soper, UK

This is much better than previous years. Absolutely fantastic!
Neil, Wales

Maybe he has to dress up as a woman to distract the eye from his abysmal art!
Ben Bull, London, UK

At least Grayson Perry's work looks like something you might actually like to have on display in your house. Anyone can think of something stupid and call it art but for me, this is a worthy winner.
Martin, UK

He is colourful and daring. Keep this prize ALIVE
Boel Robert, Belgium
Hurrah! Excellent news! It's good when an artist you admire wins an award.
Aegir, United Kingdom

Although I am not in England to see these pieces of art (and I use the term so loosely that it is practically sliding off of my monitor) that I can honestly say that the arts minister hit the nail on the head when he described garbage like this as cold, mechanical, conceptual bullshit. Come to think of it, that is being far to kind.
Rob Carbone, USA

He is colourful and daring. Keep this prize ALIVE.
Boel Robert, Belgium

Inviting comment from the general public on the Turner prize is like asking Alf Garnett to comment on Opera at Glyndebourne. The competition and the question are both constructs design to irritate people into making a response which ultimately gives the impression of justifying both the art and the website. Discuss.
Max, UK

Superb work Perry, I feel there is a lot of confusion for what is and what should be art nowadays. Good stuff.
Paul, UK

The art's not the important part, what is important is that the money from the prize is spent on many more pretty party dresses, where do I sign up for mine?
Sally-Jane, UK

Chelmsford represents, what a man, what great work. Pure genius. Love it. I'm potty.
Phil, UK

The art's not the important part, what is important is that the money from the prize is spent on many more pretty party dresses, where do I sign up for mine?
Sally-Jane, UK

Good to see a winner that actually looks like art. I hope the country will be tolerant of the way Grayson looks, this could be a step forward in peoples understanding.
Karla, UK

I do not think the award is at all relevant anymore. Its turned into a freak show circus overseen by a bunch of has been artists. Art has become a shockable commodity, he who dares to be the wackiest gets the prize.
Grahame Fowler, USA

I think that this man is stunningly beautiful. His work speaks volumes and who he is appears to challenge so many macho, cynical, violent and ignorant avoidant addictions. It's outstanding! Bravo!
Cat, UK

This must be the first time in recent memory that someone who has been involved at every stage of the creation process has won? An original character with appealing artwork. Good on ya.
Chris H, UK

Worthy Prize-winning pots - pity about the paradoxical potter.
John Lovell

I think it is really sad that 'artists' have to depict the direst of human conditions nowadays for it to be considered art. Art used to aspire to beauty and perfection. Of course in those days, art required patrons. Now there is subsidy by quango and taxpayers subsidy they can concentrate on the foulest aspects of humanity.
Brian Williams, UK

Of course he deserved it. And it deserved him. Awards are given by panels of imbeciles to exhibitionist imbeciles. Why shouldn't a transvestite, potty imbecile beat two puerile artists trying to shock with smutty images?

One year, though, couldn't we have a real turner win it? - a few wooden bowls and a candlestick, perhaps; something with craft as well as art.
Jim, UK

Nice vase, but that dress!? And let me introduce him to a decent hairdresser.
Jolph, UK

Awarding the Turner prize to a transvestite who depicts images of child abuse in the name of "ART" is absolutely outrageous.
P Banks, UK

There hasn't been a worthy or interesting winner since Rachel Whiteread. The only thing in favour of Perry is that he's marginally less lacking in an artistic idea than the other three.
John McNeil, Scotland

Society is becoming more and more dysfunctional. Awarding the Turner prize to a transvestite who depicts images of child abuse in the name of "ART" is absolutely outrageous. This person does not accept the norms of society, and by rewarding him for this sends the wrong kind of message. In effect, paying him to depict child abuse is immoral, possibly illegal, and (in the very least) totally nauseating to anyone who has any vestige of morals.
P Banks, UK

A fantastic win for transvestite potters everywhere!
Mark Goodman, UK

Is this infant school stuff real?
Martin Doggett, UK

I nominate the Turner prize for this year's best comedy award. It surely is not serious?
Chris, UK

This award doesn't really tell that Grayson Perry is a good artist as the prize is seemingly awarded for controversy not artistry. When it becomes an art prize instead of a controversy prize then it might deserve the recognition it always gets.
Dave, UK

I must admit that outfit was painful on the eyes but his work is ace. Very very human. I suppose the outfit is also very human. Times are getting better and better. Soon the Beeb will just introduce him as "Grayson Perry has been named ..." as that beautiful thing called the human heart gets more and more familiar.
Kevin Moses, UK/US

Why did the BBC start this piece with, "Transvestite potter..." - surely, "Potter, Grayson Perry..." would have done.
Matt Jones, New Zealand

I think the Turner Prize should be scrapped and replaced with something that boosts the image of art rather than degrading it.
Rob, England

Once again the Turner Prize has succeeded in its aim to force a national debate about art by short-listing artists whose work is the most a odds with any broad consensus of what art actually is. Contemporary art is being made a laughing stock by this annual triumph of strangeness over quality.
Howard, Manchester, UK

Great choice in Grayson - but what about the other artists who are equally as good like David Thorpe, Gillian Wearing and rising British Art Star Susan Collis - just how many works do certain British collectors have to buy of an artist's work for them to be nominated let alone noticed?
Carl, Australia

I think that the world has gone mad if they seriously take this fiasco into consideration.
Simon Lapworth, UK

I think the Turner Prize should be scrapped and replaced with something that boosts the image of art rather than degrading it.
Rob, England

As usual, a load of crap and Perry's awful objects are testament to just how dire it all is. The Turner Prize has had its day. Someone stop this rubbish, please.
Joe, UK


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