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Your review: EastEnders
Jessie Wallace and Shane Ritchie
Winning stars: Jessie Wallace and Shane Ritchie
Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie have scooped several awards this year for their performances as Kat Slater and Alfie Moon in BBC One's EastEnders.

The storyline of their "will-they-won't-they" love affair has kept EastEnders fans on the edge of their seats.

It culminates on Thursday and Friday as Kat prepares to marry gangland boss Andy.

This review page is now closed. A selection of your reviews is below.

EastEnders is at its best when it focusses on real, convincing relationships and the is-it-on-is-it-off relationship between Kat at Alfie has been exemplary. It has been a merciful relief from all the sub-Krays gangster nonsense that has plagued the soap recently. I will be reaching for the "off" switch as soon as Alfie and Andy come head-to-head in what I assume is the inevitable showdown at the Queen Vic.
Will, UK

Predictable? Yes. Ruined by the press coverage? Yes. Did I watch and enjoy every minute? Absolutely, yes.
Marianne, UK

eastenders is a fab tv programme but i thinkthe magazines should have keep quite as it spoilt the programme .spencer you are fit by leanne uk
shona, united kingdom

from all the girls in newport bt call centre..........yipee...decent male totty at last with dennis and the lovely shane....we were all happy at the fact that alfie ...got his girl........at last........we are so jealous........kat....you had better look after him......or we will be around!!!!!!!!!any way well done bbc for lifting the show ....it was getting so depressing.....and life is depressing enough........the antics at the vic make us smile.......keep it up.........and thankyou for bringing back den..............xx
anna, wales

Despite the terrible bookend scenes (get me to the church on time, the fish van, the most appalling mock fighting since television began) the central dualogue between Alfie and Kat was very well scripted, well acted and most touching. I always find that EastEnders is fantastic at dramatic two- or three-handers, but is let down by trying to block the gaps with hastily thought out fillers (the Ferreira wedding, anyone?)
Jenny Ryan, UK

Some of the storylines they use are atrocious. The new family on the square highlight that. For me, the only thing I have enjoyed watching of late is the the Kat & Alfie storyline. Last night's episode was sweet. Was a little disappoined though. Jessie & Shane are fantastic actors and I don't think the script did them any favours. And what was all that fighting about in the church?
Catherine Edgley, England

i think lasts nights episode was brilliant as it was dead romantic and the fight in the chapel was good.i hope alfie and kat stay togher this time cause it so obvious they are made for each other.and i hope none of these to actors leave the show as they are the best 2 in it

Yet another ridiculous soap plot- and all in time for another convenient Christmas wedding. Aah bless. Is it just me, or do soap weddings occur 2 months after the proposal, whilst pregnancies seem to last about 18 months? What rot! I'd love to see a more realistic soap wedding, where it takes 3 years to plan and the happy couple spend 10 years of married life quietly watching the soaps, with no worry that every bank holiday someone will get shot, ran over, married, be involved in a convoluted paternity dispute or have a terrible family secret divulged in the local pub.
Anna, England

What can anyone say about Eastenders since it has Alfie Moon. He has stolen my heart, who wouldn't want a bloke like him?.........He's great, don't ever get rid of him!!!!
louise, hants

Wow, i thought thatFriday's episode was fantastic. Iam a huge EastEnders fan. I think that kat and alfie are the best suited couple in the world. I love it when they are together, and I can't wait to see more of them. Well done EastEnders and well done Shane and Jessie!xxx
louise, England

Well I would have enjoyed it more had I not know the outcome. There is far too much given away on future storylines which just ruins it. The BBC could just give viewers titbits to get us watching without ruining it. The chemistry between Kat and Alfie is fantastic though.
Nadina, UK

It would have been great if we could have watched it here in the US!!
Lisa, USA

heart stopping stuff, i think Alfie Moon is the best character to enter eny soap for a long long time, a true great. We were all on th edge of our seats. The chemistry is fantastic to watch Jessie and Shane are THE best thing on tv at the moment.
Mike, England

I hate the soaps, but even I had to smile a little, and coo a little at Fridays episode [on in the background] Shane Ritchie is 'Phwaorrr' ..... Lucky Kat!!!
Lisa, UK

The wedding episode was one of the best examples of comedy drama I've ever seen. It's a shame the BBC's comedy output it is in such dire straits and unable to match it.
Ian, England

Its about time Alfie got married so we can have some laughter as we are fed up with moaning,groaning & sadness. Give barry glasses so he can REALLY see Jannine for what she is. Can Paul only smoke & drink & not work to support his habits??

What's wrong with the people who think the Kat/Alfie thing is boring!!!!!!!!!!!????Its really exciting!I can't wait till Monday's episode to find out what happens!Don't change the story line because its great!Keep up the good work Eastenders!
Charlotte, England

The storyline is great, but the way it was put together was very corny. I mean every single person arguing/fighting in the church?!
Alison, Switzerland

Please KILL Lisa, send Dirty Den back into the canal, give Shirley her taxi money home, Lyn take a sickie. Actually while you're there why dont you give everyone some time off. ALL the EE characters are so annoying at the mo' Pauline, Martin, Derek, Phil, Sonia... FIX UP, LOOK SHARP!
Izzy, Uk

I watched Friday to see what the fuss was about. The story elements had all been done before and its style was "Eastenders meets Fraternity House". Do we fund the BBC for this dross? Dumbing down gets the ratings (and often the popular awards) but that should NOT be any part of an argument its defence. The BBC's raison d'etre is much more than that and we should fight to ensure that the self-regarding, ratings-seeking BBC executives stick to it.
John Bligh, UK

eastenders is my fav programme and since alfi came to the show it`s been fab.i do hope that kat and alfi stay together,as i think that they are made for each other.as for kat she reminds me of me.
rosemary curtis, england

Didn't need to watch it as the papers told us everything. Why bother having BBC 1 when we can just read what happens?
Delboy, UK

Initially when Shane Ritchie arrived in the show, he did inject a breath of fresh air, and his on screen persona with Jessie Wallace is well done, though I'm beginning to think that the writers are trying to turn the Moon family into the trotter family, with the two brothers and the dithering older family member, for example Spencer selling dodgy gear and his episode with the sun burn was sheer plagiarism from Only Fools And Horses. Friday's episode was a badly written farce - and these two actors deserved better.
Robert, scotland

I've been a fan of Eastenders for some time now. It goes through phases of being very watchable, to rather dull. Since Alfie Moon came to the square its been brilliant, his energy and presence have lifted the normally dull square.
John, UK

I think it's done all rather sweetly, particularly Alfie's part, but I'm not sure whether Kat deserves my sympathy or not.
Krista Hare, UK

Its a great shame the papers and magazines have told us what happens, as it really spoilt last night's viewing. I think the storyline should have been kept better under wraps to let people enjoy the drama of it. Its one of the most romantic storylines in Eastenders ever.
Anne, UK

I admit to being a fan and the Kat/Andy/Alfie storyline is a good but predictable one.

It's a shame that thanks to the telly and various newspapers we already know what is going to happen. This would have been a lot better if we didn't know the outcome of it.
Mary Johnson, Gloucester

James C, UK

I have found this story really really irritating over the past couple of weeks. We all know what's going to happen - there is no question of "will they wont they" as we all know they will get together.
Amy, Scotland

I think the plot is very good, they should stay with the story line a bit longer after this Friday's episode and Kat and Alfie should get married.
Davy Seward, Wales

It's all too predictable.
Stephen C, UK

I think Kat & Alfie have brought some life back into the Queen Vic. They would be great as the next Den & Angie. Well done Eastenders.
Sarah, Preston

Last night's episode was like a bad panto, I could have written it myself. With all the misunderstandings, the confidantes who intervene almost too late, and the slapstick dash for the church..it was all a bit silly really.
Emma, UK

The plot is very successful as both Kat and Alfie bring alot of fun to the soap.
nikki, united kingdom

I can't believe my licence fee goes to produce so much rubbish. Eastenders is absolute dross, why don't you just have a blank screen up for 25 minutes, it would be far more entertaining.
Tristan Davis, England

I think the story has been great but enough of the teasing please, isn't it time to move on to a plot to kill off Lisa. I'm sure it can't be just me she drives nuts.
Sophie, England

I think that the storyline of Kat and Alfie is the best part of the drama. Well done Eastenders.
Jegan, U.K

I think that the plot writers got this one wrong - they should have let Kat marry Andy, and kept the tension up between Kat and Alfie.
Jenny While, England

I think the Alfie/Kat story has been brilliant although I was getting a bit bored with the way it was being so strung out. However, I don't think I blinked at all during last nights episode and can barely contain the excitement for tonight's.
Kiltie, UK

After a quiet spell during the early spring and summer at a time when Coronation Street had its best story line for years, Eastenders is back to its classic best. This storyline is both funny and dramatic.

Slowly but surely Eastenders has bounced back from a very low period and now stands on the cusp of total domination with the Den/Phil plot line building up in the background.
Nicola, Edinburgh, Scotland

Brilliant performances ( as usual ) from both Jessie and Shane. Shane brings a real comedy element to the proceedings which is a blast of fresh air to Eastenders.
Simon, UK, uk

Last's night episode was excellent from start to finish. The best line was spoken by Phil Mitchell, when replying to Alfie's enquiries about the possible consequences of stopping the wedding: "He'll kill ya!" It was all in the timing! I can't wait to see the outcome this evening.
Philippa , UK

It was great. Litlle Mo was great - they should give her more comedy and for once I liked Ian. Please let Kat and Alfie be happy.
Gemma, England

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