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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 November, 2003, 07:41 GMT
Love 'not guilty' plea to drugs
Courtney Love
Reports says Love appeared 'dishevelled'
Singer Courtney Love has pleaded not guilty to drug possession charges, following her arrest last month.

Love, 39, was charged with possessing two pharmaceutical drugs at her Beverly Hills home, and was reportedly taken to hospital to be treated for an overdose.

Earlier, she reportedly had broken the windows of an ex-boyfriend's house.

The widow of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain told reporters outside the court in Los Angeles on Wednesday that the charges were "retarded".

Love told journalists after the hearing that she pleaded not guilty "because I didn't do anything. Someone left a pill at my house".


Love, a singer with the rock band Hole, was told to report to probation services to assess her eligibility for a drug programme that would spare her going to jail, if found guilty.

During the hearing she complained that future court dates clashed with planned trips to London and the Academy Awards.

"What is it we're continuing?" she asked at one point. "Do I have to live in this weird hell?"

She was released without bail until a further hearing on 11 December.

Outside the court, asked what advice she would give her fans, she said: "Don't go out with married men, and be sure you get your name on the lease."

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