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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 November, 2003, 13:32 GMT
Radiohead join BBC for Christmas
Radiohead will select songs and documentaries from the BBC archive
Rock band Radiohead will run digital radio station BBC 6 Music for one week at Christmas.

They will choose music, select shows, co-present programmes and contribute website material from 22-28 December.

All five band members will have access to the BBC archive containing rare songs, documentaries and hidden gems.

Programme editor John Sugar said: "It will be exciting for our listeners to see what Radiohead do with this creative freedom."

Under the heading The 6 Music Selector, each Radiohead selection will be presented by a band member.

Mr Sugar said the digital music channel was delighted to work with the "huge music enthusiasts".

With nearly 1,200 pages of data and more than 7,000 artists in the BBC archive, he said Radiohead's selections would give an insight into their tastes and influences.

Last month Radiohead were voted Best Band in the World by readers of Q magazine.

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