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Last Updated: Monday, 1 December, 2003, 17:39 GMT
DVD-copying firm sued by Warners
DVD disc
Pirated DVDs are said to be costing the film industry $500m a year
Film giant Warners is taking legal action against a US-based firm that distributes DVD-copying software.

Warner Home Video UK said the product sold by 321 Studios Europe gets around the anti-copying protection on DVDs.

It is seeking an injunction to block the sale and distribution of the software, which it says is in breach of new EU anti-piracy laws.

321 - already the subject of a similar lawsuit - previously said it welcomed the prospect of a legal case.

Warners said the new move had been prompted by the Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2003, which came into force at the end of October.

Previous laws

This law strengthens copyright protection in the UK and amends the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

It follows an earlier injunction filed against the company by Warners in September under the previous laws. This is still pending.

The latest lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the Motion Picture Association, which represents the major Hollywood studios.

In a previous statement, 321 Studios has said it welcomes the opportunity in court to clarify the position of copying DVDs for personal use.

The firm sees itself as a leading proponent in the fair use of copyrighted material, fighting its case on both sides of the Atlantic.

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