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Your review: Top of the Pops
Tim Kash
Former MTV presenter Tim Kash fronts the show
The BBC's revamped Top of the Pops, which drew an extra two million viewers, had its live relaunch on Friday.

The BBC One show, fronted by Tim Kash, 22, included Kylie Minogue, Sir Elton John, Mis-Teeq and Will Young in its line-up.

It also featured the album chart as well as the usual run-down of the top-selling singles of the week, as well as celebrity interviews.

Phone-in competitions, footage from behind the scenes and news from the music industry were also part of the new-look show.

Did you watch the new Top of the Pops? Will the new look and format help boost ratings or is the programme no longer required viewing for music lovers?

So many things were bad with it that it out weighed the good points. The new format was good and solid, and it was good it being shown live. It brings it more as a 'CD:UK' style show with the competitions and phone-ins. However, so many annoying things distracted me. The graphics are quite... rubbish, the annoying little 'coming up' thing randomly stamped on the screen. and they didnt even made a big thing of the actual top 20!! they went on about it being the only official chart and all but, where was it? My main annoyance was that it could have been so new, and fresh, but instead that had big plastic back-drops, and flame-coloured 'wow-factor' titles. it was a general disappointment after the hype, but it will always be a Friday night must see for me.
Yellow, UK

Looked OK and soudned good too, but no 'good' music. The Blazing Squad 'thing' was rubbish though. Also they asked for comments at the start by handing out numbers, however not one got read out! What was the point in that? The new format I think needs time to settle in and smooth things out. It didn't seem to flow quite as well as it could have done. All in all a fresh new look which will grow on me and many other people.
Adrian Rushton, UK

Sadly, the show seems to have grown an even bigger ego than the artists it parades. It's had it's day and should be retired.
John Turner, UK

Sadly, for the bulk of its viewers, the BBC Three spin-off was FAR better, largely because there were two presenters to carry it and both were more experienced and clearly understood what it was all about. Andi Peters should have stayed in his luggage packing job in Toy Story 2! It was plastic, formulaic and as memorable as a bad Chinese meal!
Rokk Starrr, UK

Utter dross. Current pop scene is worst in living memory. Kylie is dire. Just put this show to sleep and show more TOTP2 or better still repeats of the Old Grey Whistle Test.
Ken, UK

Oh dear! In the hands of a former children's telly presenter we got what we should have expected... plastic, juvenile, watered down tea-time crud. A presenter who should have stayed with MTV where he would have continued into obscurity and a format that's as useful as Windows 3.1. This can't go on. Somebody on high cut the wires... please!!!
Philip Bernard, UK

It was embarrasingly bad. It watched like what a local parish church would come up with if shown a tape of CD:UK and asked to recreate it.
Mike, UK

You can splash the words ALL NEW around all you want, but it still won't alter the fact that this was a total waste of the viewers' time.

I also agree that there should be OTHER genres featured besides the crap boy and girl band dime-a-dozen-replicas that keep getting shoved down our throats. I don't understand why TOTP thinks that teeny-boppers with no discernable taste in music are the only ones who listen to the radio and buy CDs.
J.M., UK

Much fresher than the old format. But can we please hear the full songs not just 90 second teasers?
Rich, UK

It's a music show, so why all the talk!
Lucie, uk

Oh dear!! Andi Peters' CBBC roots come shining through - "let's emphasise that we're ALL NEW as many times as possible, and let's have some crazy camera angles".

The theme tune is a rehash of the mid-90s version - what was wrong with the previous logo and theme (itself a rehash of the 70's version, but at least had some life to it!)?

Or am I just too cynical, knowing that ALL NEW (sorry!) TOTP just can't compete with CD:UK, and all the other music channels....
Dave Parker, UK

Jool's Holland is the only quality music programme on the BBC
scott , uk

I waited with anticipation of the ALL NEW Top of the Pops and what a let-down it was. At times is was too awful to watch. Too many 'Up Next' logos and the words were difficult to read. Get rid of the logo and the interviews in the studio. It wasn't all 'live' as promised. Elton John's clip was already pre-recorded, so please don't say, "now live to Atlanta and Sir Elton John". Some other artists' clips weren't live. Also, Tim Kash needs some practice in front of the camera - he fluffed up a few times.

Teething problems they may be, but if you want to keep and increase your viewers, you need a better, perhaps older presenter.

I have watched TOTP for 25 plus years - please go back to the old format. I, for one, will not be watching this rubbish again.
Alison , UK

The simple fact is that the content (new pop music) is simply not worth watching. Leave that for ten-a-penny satellite channels, and put some of the good-old content out for the real time-honoured fans. Look at the success of BBC Radio 2. I think that speaks volumes. Please remember who pays the licence fee - the older people !
Jody Pearson, Switzerland

Poor. Not awful, just poor. The word 'new' was so overused it began to grate after a few minutes - the presenter was wooden, there was no real atmosphere and the whole thing felt stretched out of all proportion.

Phone votes have a place on Saturday morning TV or Pop Idol, but not on TOTP. It really seems like a vain attempt by the BBC to copy lots of things from other shows. C'mon BBC - innovate not imitate. I fear this will lead to falling ratings.
Paul, England

It hardly seems to be in the right time spot, how many young people watch it on a friday night if there going out? It seemed to want the smoothness of CD:UK,yet appeared messy and jumbled up. TOTP is not what it was.
Kieran, UK

The show is just so very BBC. Lacking innovation or new ideas, it looks cheap too, with the lingering suspicion its got many of the same people working on it that produce Blue Peter and the Saturday morning kids shows. Its not a patch on CD:UK or anything on C4 or cable TV which look slick, up to date and not so contrived. The whole show felt empty (especially with just the one presenter) and unengaging. Not a patch on its immediate predecessor or indeed the competition.
Mark, UK

The live format certainly gave it the feeling of anything could happen, but instead of wondering which controversial stars might swear or start a new age of pop rebellion, in today's toned down, well behaved days we were simply left wondering if Tim Kash would ever make it through a link or if the audience would ever know which camera they were on.
Lee Tomlinson, United Kingdom

If only the launch show had included Michael Jackson's brand new video, it would have become the must-see event it was hyped-up to be.
Christian Jarrett, UK

New TOTP is really impressive. The new look will attract more viewers and it seems more modern and up to date with other music charts. Tim Kash is a freshing new face and handled it well.
Rosalina Lobo, UK

Feels like an early 90s Saturday morning children's show. Too much time spent on logos and 'coming nexts' and general on-screen rubbish. Focus on the music! And Tim Kash,he's generally annoying and totally off-putting. I'll certainly be sticking to specialist music channels.
Adam Carson, UK

It's got a much fresher, sharper feel than before. It had become almost unwatchable before with the ridiculous star bar and dated theme music - now I'll probably have it on if only in the background each week. Although hopefully someone will do something to make it look slightly less obvious when someone is holding up signs to the crowd saying "scream and applaud". And please...put it back on Thursdays before EastEnders.
James, London, England

They say less is more. Surely, the original formula is what makes TOTP? Anything else is just another mediocre show.
Kelly, England

How many times can we say "new" in a minute! Rubbish. Could have put money on Peters filling the screen with logos and annoying "coming next" - we don't all have attention spans of seconds. Can't say I'll be watching again.
Philip, UK

Why do we need that logo in the corner of the screen?
Graham Kirk, uk

What the hell is the logo doing in the top right hand corner? It didn't work for T4 and it won't work for TOTP.
g lane, uk

I'd like to see some other genres played - how about some more rock or metal, since that is usually always pushed aside for what pre-teens dictate for everyone else as "popular" music?
Svend "Dreadknux" Joscelyne, UK

Yet again the show has missed the chance to show which artists are truly talented by making them play their songs live with real musicians and no backing tracks. Go on I dare you.
Andy, UK

I'll stick with the specialist music channels, thanks all the same.
Jim, UK

TOTP is my favourite programme. Revamping the show is cool because albums will be explored.
Mo Bangura, UK

I have avoided totp for years now. It is aimed at a children's market.
bob, UK

Since when has "backstage gossip" supplanted music as a subject worthy of the channel's attention?
Sky Holden, uk

"It's NEW, it's ALL, it's ALL NEW Top of the Pops! Coming up next on ALL NEW Top of the Pops, is ALL NEW Top of the Pops acts and ALL NEW Top of the Pops songs that are ALL NEW (Top of the Pops)..." [repeat 400 times without blinking] Erm yeah, think we got the message...
Stuart Manning, UK

A phone-in competition where none of the answers shown on screen is the correct answer!
Richard, UK

Having an impossible to win Robbie Williams competition may have saved us some licence fee, but unfortunately they incorrectly said Freedom was his first number 1! I wonder if they can really mess up so badly or was it just a stunt to make the papers tomorrow? Apart from that, the new format was an excellent carbon-copy of CD-UK.
Simon Chiplin, UK

Come back Pan's People - all is forgiven.
Dominic Carman, uk

The music was the same as ever, but the "new look" made it look like CD:UK; TOTP should be innovating, not following its rivals. Don't start me on the presenter - all the personality of Will Young's microphone stand.
Stuart Taylor, UK

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