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Last Updated: Friday, 7 November, 2003, 08:32 GMT
Matrix takes £25m on opening day
Matrix Revolutions
Matrix Revolutions is the final film in the trilogy
The final part of The Matrix trilogy has opened to worldwide ticket sales of $43.1m (£25m) on its first day.

The Matrix Revolutions was released on Wednesday at exactly the same time in major cities across the world.

The film is playing in 107 countries ranging from the US and Canada to China, Russia and nations throughout South East Asia and Europe.

In the widest ever release of a movie, distributors Warner Brothers said they wanted to deter potential pirates.

Of its opening day totals, $24.3m (£14m) came from US and Canadian box offices, and $18.8m (£11m) from international sales.

In the US, cinemas were sold out as fans lined up around city blocks to be among the first to see the film.

The second part of the trilogy, The Matrix Reloaded, took $157.6m (£92m) in the US and Canada on its debut in May, setting the record for the biggest opening week ever.

It went on to make $735m (£433m) in global ticket sales, while the first film took $456m (£268m).

The BBC's Tom Brook
takes a look at The Matrix Revolutions

James Ingham reports
"The days of a film opening first in the States and then elsewhere may be behind us"

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