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Last Updated: Monday, 3 November, 2003, 17:49 GMT
Goody and Ingram's celebrity swap
Jade Goody and Charles Ingram
Goody and Ingram ended up in harmony
Former Big Brother star Jade Goody has told of her experience spending a week with disgraced ex-army Major Charles Ingram for a reality TV show.

The two unlikely associates were put together for a celebrity edition of Channel 4's hit show Wife Swap.

Goody, who made her name in the third series of Big Brother, admitted she did not always get on with Ingram - quiz show cheat and convicted fraudster.

She told Radio Times: "At first I didn't like him one bit."

Goody added: "He was very irritating, very controlling, and he kept talking about how he did a lot round the house, but he never did anything to help me.

"After about four days, me and Charles had a big run-in, but that sort of cleared the air."


In turn, Ingram said living with Goody was "quite tough", but that in the end he had developed a "strong respect" for her.

Ingram tried to con his way to the top prize in ITV1's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? with the aid of audience member Tecwen Whittock, who signalled the answers by coughing.

He is also awaiting sentence after being found guilty of defrauding an insurance company out of 30,000.

The pair will be seen in the Channel 4 show on 11 November.

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