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Last Updated: Monday, 3 November, 2003, 08:20 GMT
Hip-hop's marathon man raises $2m
P Diddy being helped after crossing the finishing line in New York on Sunday
P Diddy being helped after crossing the finishing line on Sunday
Rap star P Diddy said he had raised $2m (1.2m) for charity after running the New York Marathon on Sunday.

Diddy raised funds for New York schools, children suffering from HIV and Aids and his own social charity.

Among his big-name donors were stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who gave $78,000 (46,000).

The rapper and music mogul said he was tempted to quit his first marathon because of muscle cramps but later said it was a "beautiful experience".

P Diddy running New York Marathon
Twenty-six miles isn't a publicity stunt
P Diddy
Diddy, who ran under his real name, Sean Combs, ran the 26-mile (45-kilometre) course in four hours 14 minutes 54 seconds.

He came in 11,359th place out of 35,100 entrants, finishing just over two hours behind the winner, Martin Lel, from Kenya.

"I definitely wanted to stop," Diddy said of his cramps, but described it as "definitely a life-changing experience" because he kept going.

"Never in my life have I ever experienced anything as crazy as this," he said - adding that he would not be back next year.

He also dismissed some critics by saying: "Twenty-six miles isn't a publicity stunt."

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave Diddy $10,000 (6,000) sponsorship, while rapper Jay-Z pitched in $25,000 (15,000).

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