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Last Updated: Monday, 24 November, 2003, 09:32 GMT
US TV actress Kellie Waymire dies
Actress Kellie Waymire, who appeared in TV shows such as Six Feet Under, Friends and Ally McBeal, has died aged 36, her agent has announced.

She died on 13 November at her US home, apparently of a previously undetected medical condition.

Waymire played prostitute Melissa in Six Feet Under, and also appeared in Seinfeld, The Practice, Enterprise and Star Trek: Voyager.

She also won awards for her work in regional US theatres.

A review in the Los Angeles Times praised her performance in Sylvia at the Globe Theatre in San Diego in 1996 as "utterly irresistible".

A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Ohio, and the University of California, Waymire's television career began in the daytime soap One Life to Live, before landing guest roles in shows such as Seinfield and The X-Files.

Her agent Billy Miller did not reveal what her medical condition may have been but said autopsy results were pending.


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