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Blair in The Simpsons: Your views
Tony Blair meets Homer Simpson

British viewers got their first chance to see UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in animated comedy The Simpsons on Sky One on Friday.

Mr Blair, who is said to be a big fan of the show, recorded his dialogue in April for an episode in which Homer Simpson meets him in London.

Actor Sir Ian McKellen and Harry Potter author JK Rowling appeared alongside in the show, called The Regina Monologues, which was aired in the US in November.

What did you think of the show? Was Mr Blair's cartoon character what you expected and did he provide any laughs?

Send your views on the form below.

A selection of North American readers' views also appear below.

An excellent episode of The Simpsons, Homer's encounter with the Queen was hilarious. Let's hope all the future episodes are of this high standard!
David, UK

I thought it was quite funny, Mr Blair wasnt quite what I expected. All in all, 8/10.
Ashleigh, Hull, Uk

I thought it was hilarious, but it showed that we were very historical people, which we are not, and it showed that the English community sound posh, which is an ideal view of Britain, but that's not what it is really like. I have never liked my country as it's getting too old, and the government spends wrongly.
Ben C, Bucks

To those people who think that this is "inappropriate", I would advise them to get a sense of humour.

Well done Tony Blair, for having the humility to do such a thing!
James Robson, Watten, Scotland

Tony Blair held up quite well. He did not take himself too seriously yet managed to retain some dignity. His encounter with the Simpsons takes place shortly after their arrival in London. The PM would certainly have a more accurate view of public opinion in the United States if he spent more time chatting with Homer Simpson and less time listening to George W. Bush.
Tim Zarazan, Oak Park, IL USA

It was very amusing to see Mr. Blair greeting our animated "low lives" on their arrival at London. Mr. Blair would make a great tourism representative: a cross between your friendly Wal-Mart greeter (sans dentures) and a jet-pack suited James Bond.
Joan, USA

Has Tony Blair got nothing better to do than do voice overs for The Simpsons? Any chance of fame and Tony's there - whether the country is at war or not.
Parfitt, UK

The UK can now proudly say that they have been properly mocked like Canada, Japan and Brazil has been
Peter Konieczny, Canada
Much as I love the simpsons, I can't help feel that it is slightly innapropriate, given the row over the Iraq war.
Paul Harris, England

Nobody cares, it won't make warmongering and profiteering 'cool', sorry Tony
patrick miller, USA

Another good Simpsons' episode, with Tony Blair performing a small, but funny, part. The UK can now proudly say that they have been properly mocked like Canada, Japan and Brazil has been.
Peter Konieczny, Canada

I thought the characture of Tony was excellent, a marked resemblance, the only thing I could have wanted more was to see what they did with Cheri! Good episode , it made National Lampoon's European Vacation look a breeze....way to go Homer!
Garry Hamilton, Canada

This was not The Simpsons' finest half-hour. Blair was almost unrecognizable. His lines portrayed him as barmy - yet harmlessly so. And his voice and appearance were those of a normal person.
Nigel Searle, USA

Such a short appearance, lacking in wit. Mr Blair did not even dare to poke fun of himself. He will certainly not remembered for his appearance in The Simpsons.
Tilman, Canada

I thought PM Blair did a fine job in his role. It was they a-typical Simpsons celebrity cameo, if you will. Now, if we can only get the Queen to do a voice-over...
J Stembler, US

Did Tony Blair do justice to the greatest sitcom of all time? I think the real question is, who actually believes the simpsons is actually a great sitcom after being milked to death over the last couple of seasons? The simpsons started to dip 4 years ago, its time to move on.
heeduk choi, canada

I thought the cartoon London imagery was great and Brit stereotype references were hilarious
YuhMin, USA
Sadly, the Halloween Simpson's episodes have been deteriorating over the years, but the regular season is always very funny and this episode was no exception. I respect people more if they can let their hair down once and a while. I believe that anyone who can laugh at themselves and poke gentle fun at their country is a class act.
Natalie, Canada

Apart from the horrible acting from Blair (it can be forgiven, though) and bad quality from the show's writers during the past few years, I found this particular episode to be one of the funniest in a long while. Having spent a semester in London as a student earlier this year, I thought the cartoon London imagery was great and Brit stereotype references were hilarious. If the Simpsons had only represented American humor and society until now, this is finally the episode Brits have been waiting for to make fun of British society and all its quirks.
YuhMin, USA

Mr. Blair, a centrist as always, did nothing to offend. The Simpsons have long since had their teeth pulled, and even though they air on Mr. R. Murdoch's Fox Network, aside from a few fairly lame jokes at Queen Elizabeth's expense, they did nothing to further erode the relationship between the UK and the US. Mr Bush is perfectly capable of destroying the alliance without animated help.
Paul Diamond, USA

I thought Tony Blair did an awesome Bond impression. Wait... maybe not, thats the way he normally speaks and dresses.
Vyas Sharma, USA

I was a little disappointed with Tony's role, it was a lot shorter than I was expecting and I really didn't think his voice sounded as if it was really him. I thought the Queen was much better (even although it wasn't really her)and I particularly liked when Homer got stuck in a loop whilst going around a roundabout!!
Calum Mackay, Canada

The episode was probably the worst of the season. It seemed like the writers didn't care to write any plot or dialogue and expected the guest stars to carry the episode. Even FOX should be ashamed.
Brian, USA

The episode was, as the PM says to Homer, "smashing!"
Bethanie, Los Angeles, USA
I loved it. Any head of government who's willing to appear in "The Simpsons" has my vote. We need more leaders who are willing to poke fun at themselves. Here, here for Mr. Blair.
Jorge Baron, USA

The episode was, as the PM says to Homer, "smashing!" The creators had Mr Blair down to a T (or tea, if you prefer), with the fly away graying hair, tight cut blue suit and ubiquitous tie, and they even had his hand gestures down (point here, point there). Sadly, the scene with Mr Blair and Homer sharing tea must have landed on the cutting room floor. I especially liked the PM flying off into the distance with a jet pack ala James Bond...off to meet "a nice Dutch couple." The scenes with Homer and the Queen, however, are even funnier. Hope you Brits laugh as hard as I did.
Bethanie, Los Angeles, USA

It was not one of the better Simpsons episodes. The storyline wasn't very strong, and what there was of it seemed to be more of a commercial for Americans to come to Britain. The humor, which normally satirizes American life, was geared toward a British audience's perception of Americans: "I'll act like Americans' act best - unilaterally!", "We saved your asses in Vietnam, now give me free maps.", "Our American Beatles are way better than your Rolling Stones!" The generalizations were too broad and too tired to be considered witty in the US. The funniest Blair moment comes when TB greets the Simpsons at the airport and starts telling them places to visit. Homer waves a dollar at Blair and asks him if an American Dollar will encourage him to leave them alone. Blair says, "No!" and pockets the dollar.
Mary G.F. Kuchlenz, San Francisco, USA

I saw the show, and in general, I was appalled. The part in which Mr Blair participated was humorous, but the show in general portrayed the Americans in the worst possible light. We "yanks" are indeed capable of thinking in more than two bits. In general, watching Mr Blair was the only worthwhile part of the entire show.
Ezra Tucker, United States

I had really hoped that the Right Honourable Tony Blair would have had a bigger role in the show but was not disappointed. Unfortunately, I have to wonder if "The Simpsons" hasn't run out of storylines (how many vacations can Homer ruin?) but they have found a way of adding special guests such as the Prime Minister to keep me watching. How cool would it have been to have the Queen do a cameo too?!?
Bill :), United States

The London episode just aired here and it was great. Tony Blair's appearance was great, but J.K. Rowling and Ian McKellen made it even better. I also liked how the producers put a political slant on the episode, namely the roundabout scene.
MS, California, USA

Doh, Tony was excellent. Especially when he flew off in his jet-pack.
Robert, New York City, NY, USA

Was it an appology from the USA?
Prime Minister Blair's animated alter-ego was charming, though he seemed to rush through his lines a bit
Gennady Sheyner, USA
Seriously, that's the feeling i got after watching it.
Yomi g, Canada

The London episode just aired here and it was great. Tony Blair's appearance was great, but J.K. Rowling and Ian McKellen made it even better. I also liked how the producers put a political slant on the episode, namely the roundabout scene.
MS, California, USA

Prime Minister Blair's animated alter-ego was charming, though he seemed to rush through his lines a bit. He was cool and limber, like a slightly nasal James Bond after some strong coffee.
Gennady Sheyner, USA

I have just watched this episode in Canada, and it was superb. Being British, it has done great justice to our country - and portrayed the American tourist (Homer) absolutely perfectly! Tony Blair was great - heading off into the airport wearing a James Bond-style rocket pack was very clever. It's a shame the Queen couldn't provide her own voice too!
Simon, Canada (British ex-pat)

It was a real anti-climax, I'm afraid. Tony Blair and the others were great sports - and those encounters were the highlights of an otherwise pretty weak episode overall. Obviously much of it was cut too - we only got to see Mr. Blair at Heathrow. The joke with the London Eye is quite good, but don't get too excited waiting for this one!
Caroline, US

No question about it: this episode is full of clever stuff and easily lives up to billing. Tony Blair's unadulterated promo for UK tourism (he's greeting people at Heathrow as they step off their planes) sets the tone, but perhaps the best thing about The Regina Monologues are the little details that surround the main storylines...clever references to WWII, roundabouts and the UK press. It'll be one of those episodes you have to watch many times over to see all the little things you missed.
Brian, Canada

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Great Britain, Hooray for the British Prime Minister, Hooray for Tony and the Blairs, Hooray for Free Speech, Hooray for British Politics, & Hooray for the Simpsons!!!
Professor Dr J Michael NATHAN, Singapore

Mr's Blair's dialogue with the animated family provided the wonderful dry wit that we Americans would expect from a respected Briton. I wonder who wrote it for him....
Benjamin Roode, United States

Blair greeted the Simpsons at a UK airport. They never had a cup of tea together. Tony Blair gave a positive image about UK being as being an ultra modern country in the 21st century. An excellent show although too many references about the yanks saving our bacon. Perhaps the US education system has forgotten to mention that the Battle of Britain was planned, activated and concluded (Another UK victory) BEFORE they joined late in the second half!
ian shannon , US (scouser expat)

Mr. Blair provided a well spoken bit on the show. However, it seemed to be more of a PR spot to advertize for the tourism industry than comedy. Where was the self-depricating humor exhibited by most guests of the show?
Nicholas Curtis, USA

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