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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 October, 2003, 09:50 GMT
Canadian stores boycott Stones
Mick Jagger
The Stones played a Sars benefit show in Toronto
Canadian music chains are boycotting Rolling Stones records after the band signed a deal to market a DVD through electronics stores.

HMV, Music World and Sunrise Records have pulled Stones CDs, DVDs and other items from their shelves.

The band are only selling a live DVD, Forty Licks, through the Best Buy and Future Shop chains until early 2004.

HMV Canada said the move could cost up to C$1m (450,000), but it was taking a stand against "retail exclusives".

Its president, Humphrey Kadaner, said: "If our customers aren't good enough to have access to their new release in our stores, then maybe the Rolling Stones aren't worthy of having any product in our stores."

He added: "It's not just the Rolling Stones. Any artists that choose to exclude HMV as a retailer for selling the product, this will be our response."

The band signed a similar deal in the US, where "big box" chains like Best Buy account for 70% of all music sales.

'Changing industry'

But Tim Baker, head buyer for Ontario-based Sunrise Records, said the reverse was true in Canada, meaning the deal may not pay off there.

Best Buy Canada said companies had to find new ways of getting people to buy music.

"We support and applaud any innovative ways that retailers or artists and labels can use to create excitement around music," its spokeswoman Lori De'Cou said.

"Music as we know it is really a changing industry."

The four-disc DVD set includes footage of the band rehearsing in Toronto, where they played a special show to help the city recover from the Sars outbreak earlier this year.

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