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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 October, 2003, 15:38 GMT
Wildfires 'hit DiCaprio film set'
Fires in Simi Valley, California
The fires have claimed 15 lives and destroyed more than 1,100 homes
The wildfires raging in California have destroyed part of a set for Leonardo DiCaprio's new film The Aviator, according to a Variety magazine report.

A ranch in the Simi Valley area, where the fire is burning, had been hired to film airstrip scenes, Variety said.

Producers moved filming to a different, indoor location and said the fires were a "minor inconvenience".

The Aviator is being directed by Martin Scorsese and will star DiCaprio as pilot and businessman Howard Hughes.

The Californian fires have claimed 15 lives and destroyed more than 1,100 homes.

Leonardo DiCaprio
DiCaprio has been reunited with director Martin Scorsese
A statement from The Aviator's co-producers Warner Bros said: "For our production, this is just a minor inconvenience as compared to those who are currently suffering through the devastating effects of the fire."

Other films and TV shows, such as Carnivale, CSI and Deadwood, which have been filming nearby, have been unaffected, according to reports.

But Mike Dilorenzo, head of Santa Clarita Studios, where CSI and Carnivale are shooting, said: "We are on full alert due to the fires.

"I think everyone is really worried. We've got all our fire hoses hooked up and ready to go."

The Aviator also stars Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn, and Kate Beckinsale as Ava Gardner - two film stars who Hughes had relationships with.

Singer Gwen Stefani also appears in the film as 1930s screen actress Jean Harlow.

It is due to be released in the US and Canada in December 2004.

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