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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 October, 2003, 01:07 GMT 02:07 UK
De Niro has prostate cancer
Robert De Niro
De Niro won't let the disease interfere with his plans
American actor Robert De Niro has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, his publicist has announced.

However, his chances of beating the disease are reported to be good.

"Because of the early detection and his excellent physical condition, doctors project a full recovery," said Stan Rosenfield.

The publicist added that the 60-year-old actor intended to go ahead as planned with shooting his next feature, Hide and Seek, for 20th Century Fox early next year.

No details were released about the treatment De Niro is receiving.

"He's a private person and doesn't care to have his treatment out for public consumption," said Rosenfield.

Two Oscars

In a 40-year career, De Niro has made over 60 films, winning two Oscars, and receiving four other nominations.

He got best actor for his 1980 role as boxing champion Jake La Motta in Raging Bull, and best supporting actor in 1975 for the young mafioso Vito Corleone in The Godfather: Part II.

He used his traditional tough guy persona to comic ends more recently in Analyze This, in which he played a gangster opposite Billy Crystal's psychoanalyst.

He also founded the Tribeca Film Festival in 2002 as a way of promoting culture and tourism in the downtown districts of New York that were suffering in the wake of the 11 September attacks.

De Niro has lived in the arty Manhattan district for 20 years.

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