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John Lennon's art goes on display
John Lennon's art
John Lennon's drawings reflect his unique take on life
A collection of John Lennon's art, including images never previously shown in public, has gone on display.

Etchings, screenprints and lithographs by the ex-Beatle are being shown at The Dome in Edinburgh.

Pieces in the Imagine exhibition date from 1968 to the time of Lennon's death in 1980, illustrating events in the singer's life.

His wife Yoko Ono has signed prints for sale. The collection will move to west London's Gallery One on 30 October.

Lennon is remembered for his music but he began drawing long before he had a guitar.

He attended Liverpool Art School between 1957 and 1960, before his sessions with The Beatles became a full-time occupation.

Nevertheless Lennon would always maintain: "Art came first."

The Imagine exhibition reveals Lennon's view of emotional and philosophical milestones, such as his marriage to Yoko Ono.

John Lennon's art
Many pictures are being put on display for the first time
His appeal for world peace and love for his son Sean, who he raised during a five-year break from music, are also illustrated.

All works displayed will be on sale, with prices ranging from 400 to 4,000.

Acting for the John Lennon Estate, Yoko Ono has been releasing some of his most meaningful drawings since 1986 with the goal of re-establishing John Lennon as an important artist of his time.

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