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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 October, 2003, 15:00 GMT 16:00 UK
New role turns Carrey bionic
Seventies TV show The Six Million Dollar Man is to be made into a movie starring Jim Carrey, it has been reported.

The director of the Road Trip movies and the upcoming film Starsky and Hutch, Todd Phillips, will be in charge of filming, according to Variety magazine.

The movie will be a wacky send-up of an action movie, the paper added.

The original show was a worldwide hit starring Lee Majors as Steve Austin who was rebuilt after being badly injured as he crashed a test plane.

Gibson 'does DIY film release'

Mel Gibson is to bypass the normal Hollywood machinery and distribute his controversial film, The Passion, himself, the Los Angeles Times has reported.

Gibson directed and co-wrote the film, about the last hours of Christ's life, which has attracted both criticism and praise from religious groups.

It will be released in the US on Ash Wednesday, 25 February, the paper said.

Rather than have the film distributed and marketed by another company, as usually happens, Gibson's Icon Entertainment will keep control of it, the report added.

Ex-Beatle sends support to namesake

Sir Paul McCartney has sent a get well letter to a victim of the New York Staten Island ferry crash who was named after the former Beatle.

Paul Esposito, whose mother Audrey-Jo was a Beatles fan, lost both legs in last week's crash and his life was saved by a British nurse.

"Heather and I were so sorry to hear about your accident but we know that you and others involved in this tragedy will be strong and will recover fully," Sir Paul wrote.

"We're sure you will keep your spirits up. Heather and I know you will lead a full and active life, and we both send you our love."

Atomic Kitten cancel Sars show

Pop group Atomic Kitten have pulled out of a Sars benefit concert in Hong Kong because band member Natasha Hamilton is ill.

The trio were due to perform on Friday as part of the three-week Harbourfest event, which is being staged to boost tourism and morale after the Sars outbreak earlier this year.

Hamilton was suffering from flu, and throat and chest infections, a statement said, but support acts Tatu and Twins will now play for free.

Westlife, Neil Young and Santana have also been lined up for other gigs, as have the Rolling Stones, who are back on board after pulling out.

Viewers vote for A-Team comeback

Classic TV series The A-Team is the favourite show of yesteryear that viewers want to see return to TV, according to an online survey.

The programme, about trouble-shooting soldiers of fortune, beat The Dukes Of Hazzard, which was in the runner-up slot.

Japanese fantasy series Monkey and Knight Rider, starring David Hasselhoff and his robotic car Kitt, shared third.

Doctor Who, which is being revived after a long campaign by its fans, was chosen by just 1% of voters.

Blues legend's son gets estate

A judge has handed the rights to the songs and photographs of blues legend Robert Johnson to his 71-year-old illegitimate son, Claud Johnson, a retired truck driver.

Robert Johnson is seen by many as the father of modern blues and recorded songs like Cross Road Blues and Rambling on My Mind before dying in 1938 aged 27.

He died in Leflore County, Mississippi, penniless and without leaving a will.

Claud Johnson was named his sole heir in 2000. The latest decision was made by the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Kraftwerk added to MTV Europe line-up

Electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk have been added to the bill of next month's MTV Europe awards in Edinburgh.

The German group, who were formed in 1970 and had a huge influence on the club scene, will play alongside Beyonce, Kylie Minogue and The White Stripes.

A spokesman for the event said: "Modern music would not sound the same without their extraordinary influence."

The ceremony will take place at the Ocean Terminal complex in Leith on 6 November and will celebrate the best in pop, rock and hip-hop from around the world.

Curtis puts Hungary on map

Actor Tony Curtis is to film two television commercials to promote Hungary, the country from which his parents emigrated.

Curtis, 78, who starred in Some Like It Hot, is in the capital Budapest to raise the country's profile.

"Americans don't see Hungarians, they see Europeans with only a few nationalities a little more visual," he said.

"The Italians are known because of gangster movies and their restaurants, and Germans because of what they did to the Jews."


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