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Stallone's politics warning for Arnie
Sylvester Stallone
Stallone feels the political world is too dangerous
Film star Sylvester Stallone has warned fellow action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger about the dangers of entering politics.

The Rocky and Rambo star warned Schwarzenegger, who made his name in the Terminator series of films, that life in politics could be a lot tougher than he expects.

"I think it's very dangerous waters," he said at the Venice Film Festival.

"In that particular field you can't yell 'action' and 'cut' and 'take two' and 'take three'."

Stallone, who is promoting his film Spy Kids 3 at the festival, said he would rather keep his battles on film.

"I personally think actors should remain actors, but I know he's always had blind ambition for that, so maybe it'll work out for him," he said.


Schwarzenegger has already faced his first brush with controversy, when a 1977 interview in which he talked frankly about his private life was re-published on a website.

He dismissed the re-appearance of the interview, in which he talked about smoking marijuana and taking part in an orgy, in a radio interview last week.

Schwarzenegger presses the flesh

"I haven't lived my life to be a politician," Schwarzenegger said.

But on Saturday a morality group, the Traditional Values Coalition, said Schwarzenegger should "come clean" about his private life.

"We are very concerned about the report of Arnold's promiscuity and he must come forward and tell us if it stopped when he was 29 or if it continued," said its head, the Rev Louis Sheldon.

Stallone scuffle

Meanwhile, Stallone found himself in a controversy of his own at Venice when a security guard scuffled with a journalist at a promotion for Spy Kids 3.

The melee occurred on Friday as a bodyguard protecting Stallone held back a crowd of journalists.

Reporter Tonino Pinto, from Italy's RAI TV network, was knocked to the ground and scuffled with the guard.

Stallone intervened, scolding the bodyguard and placing the middle-aged reporter on a chair.

"I reacted, I apologised to him and to Italians for what happened," Stallone, said.

"At that moment I was thinking, what if that had happened to my father."

The journalist was later treated for bruising in hospital.

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