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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 August, 2003, 11:54 GMT 12:54 UK
Davidson 'nearly made bankrupt'
Jim Davidson
Jim Davidson: "I can't really understand women"
Entertainer Jim Davidson has said he asked the Inland Revenue to declare him bankrupt after losing his temper with a female tax inspector over his bill.

The tax service said it was prepared to declare the four-times married performer penniless after he had a row with them.

He told The Radio Times: "I saw a female taxman and I can't really understand women, even after all my experience. They drive me mad.

"They're a different species. Within 10 minutes I told her to shove her bills where the squirrel keeps his nuts and make me bankrupt.

"She said: 'OK, we will'."

But Davidson, whose income has dropped sharply since he left BBC One's The Generation Game last year, was let off after he apologised.

Money problems

He claimed to spend 10,000 a week on back taxes, commission to agents, maintenance and school fees before he spends anything on himself.

"My problem is money - I used to earn five times as much as I do now, but I still pay the same maintenance, school fees and commission to agents," he told the magazine.

As well as his other outgoings, he has a 2.2m mortgage and he lost 700,000 on a production of Dick Whittington which his company had staged. He has since sold the firm.

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