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Rock chic at Kerrang! Awards

by Leigh Mytton
BBC News Online at the Kerrang! Awards

Dan Hawkins and Justin Hawkins
The Darkness picked up two awards

The Kerrang! Awards, UK's biggest heavy rock ceremony, took place on Thursday night in London.

The guests at London's swanky Royal Lancaster Hotel were utterly bemused.

They never expected to be sharing the facilities with Metallica and the Murder Dolls.

A stream of limousines delivered the cream of the rock scene to the 10th Kerrang! Awards.

Guests pressed their noses against the window of the hotel lobby to watch the likes of Scandinavian shock rockers, Turbo Negro, and society girl Paris Hilton strutting their stuff.

The award for most impressive arrival went to flamboyant four-piece, The Darkness, who picked up two gongs on the night.

Jack Osbourne
Jack Osbourne said he was "feeling fine"
They tumbled out of possibly the biggest limo in the world, all white flares and big hair.

Everyone seemed to love The Darkness - even the most hostile of audiences, although there was plenty of jeering for Good Charlotte when they won best single.

The Darkness bassist Frankie Poullain said he was blown away by their reception, but added: "That was fantastic but I don't enjoy seeing other bands being received in that way."

He said the band were all about being spontaneous and moaned that: "Everthing is prepared these days, it's extremely tedious."

Despite the boos, Good Charlotte did not seem to mind being jeered, and said they were amazed by their award.

"We cannot believe it, it's awesome," they said.

James from Metallica with Dirty Harry
Metallica entered the Kerrang! hall of fame
"We never got invited to any parties at high school, so this makes up for it."

Grant Nicholas from Feeder dedicated their award to Jon Lee, the band's drummer who committed suicide.

"I'm so pleased that we decided to carry on, receiving this award means so much. We've worked hard and I think we deserve it," he said.

Guests at the ceremony included Jack Osbourne, surrounded by an entourage but without the rest of his family, Ozzy, Sharon and Kelly, with whom he has found fame on hit reality TV show The Osbournes.

He revealed he was in the country for the Leeds/Reading Festival this weekend and said he was feeling fine after his stint in rehab.

The biggest stars of the night were undoubtedly Metallica.

"I'm trying to be serious and no-one else is. It is something special for us," said frontman James Hetfield after being inducted into the Kerrang! hall of fame.

With that, everyone was off to join the after-show party.

Luckily it was not held in the hotel. I think the manager probably had enough to deal with already.

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