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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 October, 2003, 08:48 GMT 09:48 UK
Cox leaves Radio 1 breakfast
Chris Moyles
Moyles will swap shows with Cox in January
BBC Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox is to be replaced as host of the station's breakfast show by Chris Moyles.

The move comes after months of speculation that Cox was to be replaced following falling audiences.

Cox will replace Moyles as the host of the afternoon show of the BBC's flagship pop music station.

"I am absolutely delighted that Chris has agreed to host the new breakfast show," said Radio 1 controller Andy Parfitt on Tuesday.

Mr Parfitt said Moyles was his "only choice" as a replacement, adding that Cox had done a "great job" over the last three and a half years.

"In a market that is getting more competitive by the month, I think Chris is going to be just what our audience is looking for," he said.

Sara Cox
Sara has been at the breakfast show for three-and-a-half years in an increasingly competitive environment, and we need to stay as competitive as possible
BBC spokesman

Moyles said: "I am really chuffed - I've said for ages that I am the saviour of Radio 1, now it looks I am finally going to have the chance to prove it!"

Cox said she had "a great time" doing the show - but the prospect of a lie-in was "extremely appealing".

Two months ago it was revealed that the breakfast show had lost 433,000 listeners in the space of a month, although it was still drawing an audience of 6.6 million.

At the time the BBC denied reports that Cox was facing being dropped because of falling audience figures.

It described as "nonsense" a newspaper story suggesting she would be sacked if listener figures did not improve in the next 10 weeks, insisting Radio 1 would keep Cox on the show until the end of her contract in April.

A Radio 1 spokesman told BBC News Online on Tuesday: "Sara has been at the breakfast show for three-and-a-half years in an increasingly competitive environment, and we need to stay as competitive as possible.

"Sara will remain at Radio 1 on our drivetime show, and she remains a vital part of the Radio 1 line-up."

Moyles has deputised for Cox and her predecessor, Zoe Ball, on the breakfast show since he joined Radio 1 in 1997.

Rising stars Colin Murray and Edith Bowman have also recently appeared on the show as stand-ins.

Ball, who is now drivetime DJ on London rock station Xfm, said she was looking forward to some "friendly rivalry" with Cox in her new time slot.

"She may be one of my best friends but if she thinks she's going to be taking any of my Xfm listeners, she can think again," she said.

What do you think of the decision? Please see below for a selection of your comments.

The reason that there is a lot of 'Moyles negative' statements on here is that a majority of people find him so annoying to listen to. If he is the saviour of Radio, then I'd rather switch to TV!
Paul Smith, UK

Thank God - Sara Cox is the most irritating DJ ever. Moyles is very good in the afternoon and I would have preferred him to stay there and Scott Mills to have taken the breakfast slot. If it was felt that Mills wasn't up to this he should have been given the drivetime slot and Sara Cox finished completely.
Pete, England

Trust the BBC to completely mis-understand the talents of their own presenters!!!! Leave Moyles where he is. Remember what happened to Steve Wright! Put Colin & Edith on in the morning And drop Cox completely. Surely that was the way to go. Chris is brilliant in the afternoon and moving him to the morning, in my opinion, is not a wise idea. Colin & Edith, however, have proved they have the energy and fun to make a morning show work. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it!
Simon, UK

How pleased I was to hear Cox was leaving only to be downheartened by hearing she is taking over the afternoon slot. Her voice is like nails scraping down a blackboard. Please retire her before I rip out my radio from my car and throw it out of the window.
Rebecca, UK

Once again the Radio 1 bosses have mis-read their audience. The reason for falling audience figures for the breakfast slot is the weakness of the show format: egos and in-jokes. Answer: bring in an ego who thrives on in-jokes. At least Colin and Edith know the music!
Simon, UK

Chris Moyles is just SOOOO AWFUL! I switched to Capital ages ago, despite the annoying advertising. I like to listen to music on the radio when running in the morning - but not radio one. Scott Mills is great and it is a shame he cant be on the breakfast slot.
Michelle, UK

Cox was great. Colin and Edith being on was the reason I stopped listening!
steve, uk

Shame. I liked Sara Cox and found her amusing to listen to on my drive to work. Hope she will enjoy her new show and will tune in on my way home. Don't like Chris Moyles though so will stick to local radio in the morning. It is interesting to read all the comments here though!
Chris, UK

Only a couple of these comments refer to the real problem - the music. Surely that's why we listen to radio in the first place? Radio One's playlist is too limited and the same few songs get played to death before they're even released .
Pete, England

Chris Moyles is the best DJ. Its refreshing to have someone who is different from the rest. Glad its not Scott Mills who sounds just like a local radio DJ, and Colin and Edith just talk over each other far too manically like they cant believe they are on Radio 1. Personally, I don't mind Sara. Both her and Chris have a unique brand of humour which doesn't fit with some people with a staid attitude.
Frank, UK

Chris Moyles? Saviour of Radio 1? Don't think so...his show is stewed, overcooked and basically - BORING! In the beginning his arrogant ramblings were kind of humorous, but as soon as I started preferring Scott Mills I knew that Moyles had had his day. Yes...you sometimes need a translator to understand Sara Cox, but at least she never let her own ego get in the way of the music, which often contained some little gems. Jo Whiley, Mark and Lard followed by Cox will be a good afternoon line up...just get rid of Dave Pearce and send him and the Moyles show into the depths of late night programming and Radio 1 will be a better place. This may be controversial but what about Ant n Dec for breakfast?
Chris, Cardiff, Wales

This is the best news I've heard all week! I stopped listening to Radio One over a year ago because of Sara Cox and am thrilled to hear that Moyles has been handed the crown so will be returning to the fold one the change has taken place. I wish Chris the best of luck and hope that he doesn't tone things down for the new time slot.
Lori Smith, Manchester, UK

Chris Moyles has the humour and spark needed to make the Breakfast show a hit for Radio 1, my only grumble is they left Sara Cox on for so long when she is clearly not suited to breakfast radio.
Ian, UK

Completely gutted! Sara Cox made every morning that little bit more bearable - hilarious, down to earth and camper than a row of tents. With Chris Moyles at the helm, Radio 2 has never been more appealing!
Mark, London, UK

I think the Chris Moyles is definitely a backwards step. A stepback to the 1980s with James Whale-style programming.

Why is someone whose supposed talent is based on ignorance, abuse and arrogance going to be the saviour of Radio 1? I think trusting the anchor for a full day's scheduling with a character such as this is desperate and narrow-minded, and now is the time for the public to speak up.
Raymond Murray, UK

I don't think the swap is a good idea, Chris Moyles is far too fond of the sound of his own voice! I don't actually listen to the Breakfast Show as I think Sarah Cox doesn't play a good mix of music, but I definitely won't be listening now. I think the best man for the job is Scott Mills, he's funny and the music is a good mix of everything.
Lucie Homer, UK

I am a big fan of Moyles, so I am a little disappointed at the news he is moving to the Breakfast show. I will only be able to listen to him for 15 minutes and imagine he would be annoying at that time of the day - Cox certainly is. However, I wish him the best of luck and I am sure he will raise the ratings.
Mark, UK

Chris Moyles is a talentless, unfunny, bitter and twisted DJ, so why the BBC would put him on prime is a mystery to me. I have never met anyone who can bear more than a minute of his obnoxious drivel.
Russell B, UK

Go Moylesy! Colin & Edith are great too, they might have been my first choice, but anything's better than Sara Cox.... The only reason I listen to Radio 1 in the mornings at the moment is because I can't stand the ads on commercial radio and Radio 4 isn't enough to wake me up!
Jennie, England

I think Colin and Edith should get the breakfast show and Moyles should stay in the afternoon. They have done a good job standing in and Chris Moyles seems to suit the afternoon slot. Also, I have more chance of listening to the radio in the pm when Moyles is on!
Chris, UK

Personally I think Sara Cox is wicked on the Breakfast Show and the reason I don't currently listen to Radio 1 during drive time is because I can't stand Chris Moyles! Maybe the drop in listeners is due to the fact that she has hardly presented during the last few months. I don't even listen when she is away!
Kate Gunn, England

I have a choice between Radio 1 and local radio on my way to work during Breakfast and from work during Chris Moyles' show. Moyles is an idiot and Colin and Edith totally ruin the breakfast show, because all three prefer their own voices to the music. Of Chris, Sara and Colin and Edith, only Sara is worth listening to and I'll be sticking to local radio from now on in.
Ben Taylor, UK

About two years too late. Only a shame she's been given another show on Radio 1
Mark Fry, England
Thank god they've seen the light of day and dropped Sara Cox!! It's just a shame they've replaced her with the equally annoying Chris Moyles - why couldn't they have put Colin and Edith in breakfast slot permanently?
Kirsten, Leeds, UK

Sara was the only bright spot in an otherwise increasingly awful programme. The insultingly moronic "news" (aka latest BBC festival announcement), the boring competitions and phone-ins, the terrible play-list and habit of playing certain songs every single morning for months and months ┐ surely these are the reasons for the drop in numbers. If Chris can change all this then the show might be in with a chance.
Fiona, UK

Thank God Sara Cox is going. The woman talks too fast and isn't funny...... the move can't come to soon. I think Colin & Edith would be better than Chris Moyles.
Elaine Freeman, UK

Sara Cox and Chris Moyles are both well past their sell by date. People don't want to listen to them any more, that's why audience figures are falling. Moving the schedules around won't change anything. I tuned out of Radio 1 months ago because I was sick of them both.
David, UK

I think Chris is best suited where he is. Colin and Edith have filled in well during Cox's recent absences. I must admit I have found a local radio station's breakfast presenter a "better listen" in the mornings recently. Good luck Sara, seems the tide has turned against you. It's a shame.
Dave, UK

I've felt all along that Moyles' style was more suited to a breakfast slot, and would therefore be better than Coxy, and finally, a bit too late for some, Radio 1 make the switch. At least this'll mean Coxy will be up against her mate Zoe Ball on XFM, which should be fun...
Stevie, England

I can't think of a better bloke to wake up to in the morning !! He'll be great.
Sharon, UK

NO! I can't believe Coxy is leaving and I really can't believe Moyles will take over- two dreadful decisions.
Morag, UK

I'm only disappointed they are keeping her at all! I am one of the many who have stopped listening to the Breakfast Show although to be fair, it wasn't just because of the host, the music sucked too!
Yan G, UK

This is the biggest mistake Radio 1 have ever made. Moving Chris, fair enough. Putting Cox on in the afternoon, the reason the show was loosing listeners was because of her. What's she going to do to the afternoon listening figures? Oh well guess I'll be listening to Radio 2 all day now.
Lee Carter, UK

I'll be surprised if Moyles manages to turn around the figures based on the fact that he's the countries most irritating DJ. I'll be finding a new radio station to listen to in the mornings.
James, UK

I wake up to Sara everyday and it's the best start in the morning. Don't replace her!
Bobbi, UK

To be honest I have been turning over stations in the morning drive to work once Sara came on at 7am. I will welcome Chris Moyles taking over but will miss him during my drive home from work.
Jon Baylis, Wigan, UK.

I stopped listening to Radio 1 when Zoe Ball left. To hear that Moyles is taking over is an improvement but still won't bring me back. Much prefer our local station Heart FM.
Kelly, UK

About two years too late. Only a shame she's been given another show on Radio 1, rather than kicked into the "talentless shouty person" bucket where she belongs.
Mark Fry, England

I listen to Radio 1 on the way to and from work. I'm glad to see that Sara Cox will no longer being irritating me in the mornings! It's just a pity that Colin and Edith aren't taking over the drive time show. Good luck to Chris Moyles!
Laura, UK

What a shame, I am a loyal listener to the Moyles show which fits perfectly into the afternoon. Most people I assume that listen to Moyles are travelling to work at that time in the morning, or still in bed. He will be sorely missed at 3pm!!
Sarah , England

The afternoon on Radio One is the best around at the moment - Mark and Lard followed by Chris Moyles. Chris is one of the funniest DJs on the Radio at the moment and you can understand why Bosses want to try him on their primetime slot to boost falling figures. But will he lose his spark by having to make those early morning shows - especially with his reputation for having and odd drink or two?
Andrew Lowe, UK

Chris is the only choice for the breakfast show, but putting Sara in the prime spot in the afternoon may be a mistake. We'll just have to wait and see...
Rob Spencer, England

Why on earth is Chris Moyles taking over the breakfast show? He is easily the worst DJ on Radio 1, he and his sidekicks spend the entire show spouting nonsense which is no more entertaining than listening to five year old boys. The last thing I want is to have to listen to that inane rubbish first thing in the morning. No more Radio 1 for me.
Alan Petrie, Scotland

What a great move! Chris Moyles is brilliant, but why have they moved Sara Cox to Drivetime? Could they not just replace her with Scott Mills. His position at Radio 1 does not reflect his level of talent.
Ian Rawlins, England

Are you sure this is wise? Chris Moyles hasn't done Breakfast in years. He used to be really good, but I remember Steve Wright being ace in the afternoon and a flop at Breakfast... Never got on with Coxy, her voice is like nails down a blackboard - surely Mills in the Afternoon and letting her go would have been more attractive to the audience?
Dave Cartwright, UK

Radio 1 have missed a serious trick with this move. Why keep someone if no one is listening. Why not give Edith and Colin the breakfast slot as they have proved to be best thing on radio 1. Moyles is not funny and the prospect of listening to him first thing in the morning is frightening. So long Radio 1 I fear I will no longer be listening.
Mike Scruton, England

Moyles? Looks like Radio 2 for me on the road to work in the new year. I thought Edith and Colin would have been a better choice.
Andy, Scotland

I don't think Chris is a good choice for the breakfast slot, because he is to loud and 'in your face' for that time of the morning.
Greg O'Connell, UK

Bad move, Chris is an arse, his show annoys me, his side-kicks are OK but Chris┐ selfish/offensive attitude stinks and is something you can do without first thing in the morning. I usually switch to a local station in the afternoon, looks like I'll be doing it in the morning now instead!
DaHeidsta, UK

If Sara has lost listeners in the morning won't she now do just the same in the drive time slot?
Ian, UK
At last! Time to re-tune my radio back to Radio 1. Bye bye Coxy.
Martin Ross, UK

Chris Moyles radio style is completely suited to the afternoon show, Colin and Edith should have been given the Breakfast show. I don't see how Sara can stay at Radio 1 after the negative publicity.
Mark Smith, U.K

From idiot to imbecile. Radio 1 is irrelevant. Techno techno handbag disco.
Iain Nicholson, UK

Could be a great swap. Sara often says she has to leave parties early because of her show. This way we will now get all the gossip. Not much good for her liver though.
Steve C, UK

I'm very sorry to hear Sara is to be axed - I will be switching off when Moyles takes over - if anyone should take over it should be Scott Mills - at least he has some intelligence.
Jeane Anderson, UK

Sara will be sorely missed on the breakfast show, I really enjoyed listening to her over the internet every morning while I was living in Germany. Chris Moyles is fine for a late afternoon show but I don't think I could stomach him first thing in the morning!
Caroline, UK

If any DJ on Radio 1 can save the Breakfast show, then it's Chris Moyles. Not that I don't like Sara Cox, but there has been a lack lustre to the whole morning show since Chris Evans left. I for one will be tuning back in to hear it.
Dave Pigott, UK

I will miss Sara in a morning, she makes driving to work so much more enjoyable! She's absolutely hilarious and my favourite DJ by far. Maybe it's the northern sense of humour... I'm really glad she'll still be on Radio 1.
Stephanie Ainscough, Blackpool, England

I think Radio 1 has made the right decision. Chris is a great presenter at any time of the day, but he now has to prove that he is the "saviour" of Radio 1, and work his magic on the breakfast slot!!
Trace, UK

If Sara has lost listeners in the morning won't she now do just the same in the drive time slot? I listen to Radio 1 avidly every weekday; once on my way to work, once on the way home. Mornings were getting VERY irritating.... I guess now I should face irritating evenings instead. Colin and Edith should be present in the new line up, they're fresh, interesting and less vulgar.
Ian, UK

It's bad enough listening to tiresome fart jokes in the afternoon. Who wants to listen to it first thing in the morning? Moyles is a loud bully who thinks he's the king of the celebrity social scene, and talks about little more than whatever reality show is currently on TV. Was that recent BBC talent search a failure? It would appear so.
Angry from Redhill, England

Radio 1 is losing daytime listeners, not because of the DJ's, but because of it's inane and repetitive playlists that focus on the Top 40 and so called popular artists, rather than offering a broad and cosmopolitan mix of music.
Nigel, England

About time too. Moyles should have got the show when Zoe Ball left. I will be switching on to Radio 1 in the morning and off during the afternoon.
Dave, UK

I am glad that Radio 1 have dropped Sara Cox. I was an avid morning listener before she arrived and am afraid I switched radio stations as I found her appalling.
Fiona, UK

Yay! about time. Glad to see her go. Bring on Colin and Edith!!!
susan, uk

Shame on Radio One! Sara Cox is the reason I started listening to Radio 1 in the mornings again. She is sexy, genuinely witty and well worth the licence fee. Chris Moyles is the reason I turn over while driving home for the opposite reasons. He is a poor man's Chris Evans with only a fraction of the talent. Still, my homeward journey will be all the better in the company of Ms Cox!
Karl, Leeds, UK

Leave Sara in her job, Chris Moyles sucks!
Silvio, UK

Great, couldn't listen to her from day one. But I can thank her for pushing me over to Radio Five Live. Try not to let her or Moyles near Five Live.
Nigel, England

Chris Moyles is indeed the saviour of radio 1. It's about time the bosses at radio 1 spread the age of the target audience group. Although in the early stages Sara was appealing it soon changed to school radio. For almost half of the days shows the target age group is in school or college and not driving to work finding local radio more appealing. Good luck to Chris Moyles
Jarv, UK

Spare a thought for Colin and Edith however, who I feel have done a cracking job in the past few weeks
Ryan, UK
Hooray! One form of childishness to another!
Matthew Revell, Wolverhampton, UK

I think its the best decision that Radio 1 have made for some years. He's the best on the Radio and will be able to put everyone in good step for the rest of the day. All they need to do now is swap Mark and Lard around with Scott Mills to create a super daytime line up!
Richard, Plymouth,England

A long time coming. Well done Chris. See ya Cox
Abs, uk

Hurrah! Best news ever! I only ever listen to Radio 1 when Moyles is filling in because Sara Cox has had less and less to say over the past two years, now she rambles on in monotone. Sometimes I can't even hear what she's saying because she mumbles so much. Hurrah for Chris Moyles in the morning to really wake me up!
Lindsay, uk

Yaaaayyyyyy! At last annoying "Cox-ey" is out! No more dull stories of her celebrity friends & what she did the night before. I'm so happy!
andy, UK

Thank God she's going, I have always found her annoying. Chris is good and will be much better than Sarah - but why not give it to Colin & Edith? When they have been standing in for Sarah, they have been great and by far the most enjoyable DJs to listen to.
Nick, UK

Radio 1 are replacing one annoying person with another. Neither will make me tune back to the station in the morning. They need someone who isn't grating first thing in the morning.
Paul, UK

Thank god Sara Cox is probably the worst radio DJ ever. The only problem is now the drive home is going to be torture. Can't they just get rid of her completely
Darren Rees, uk

Can't help but think that it will be like twins presenting the BBC Breakfast shows with Moyles on Radio 1 and Jupitus on 6 Music
Chris Gullick, Newport, South Wales

Not a moment too soon. I live in South Dorset where the commercial alternatives are non-existent and have had to put up with her crass noise for 3 1/2 years. Even this morning she made a comment after returning from a Wedding Anniversary break stating 'she might be walking funny'. How does a parent explain that to their children? Colin and Edith should have been given the slot - their recent breakfast shows have been funny and intelligent.
Mark F, UK

Sometimes, after an undemanding day i can just about cope with Moyles, his rants and his 'style' of bullying his sidekicks. So no, i won't be able to listen at 7am. Have we really got such a dearth of talent in this country that a sexist oaf is the only option?
Lisa, UK

It really doesn't matter who hosts the Breakfast Show on this redundant radio station that speaks to no-one about anything. It has just shown further how out of touch with what people want and need Parfitt is by giving the half-wit oaf Moyles any further publicity. The BBC should be ashamed of itself. At least Radio 2 has had the sense to get rid of Edmonds after a short but still too long spell on Drivetime.
kath rice, UK

I think Chris Moyles will be too overpowering first thing in the morning, Sara and the team are a great start to the day.
Kirsty, Uk

Great choice and well overdue. I was disappointed that Chris Moyles didn't take over from Zoe Ball when she left but now he is getting his chance. He is a personality and a half, I love listening to his afternoon show over here in the USA and my only regret is that I will miss his new morning show.
Lynne Akom, USA

I think Sara Cox and Chris Moyles are, broadly speaking, as talentless as each other. Empty-headed humour and meandering drivel a second time round will surely be the last thing to draw listeners back to Radio 1.
Paul Tester, UK

Sara Cox is terrible, she just mutters nonsense. Moyles is alright, but I don't think he's 7am material. Colin & Edith did a great job over the past few weeks - why not offer them it?
Dave, UK

At last ! Radio 1 has been unlistenable since Cox took over the breakfast slot to delight us with her droning tales of 'getting wasted'. Moyles ain't exactly enlightenment but at least has enough of a spark of irony to tempt me back from Radio 4 !
Rich, UK

Moyles was obviously the first choice and good luck to the fella, my journeys to the office should be a little more bearable now! Spare a thought for Colin and Edith however, who I feel have done a cracking job in the past few weeks while Coxy was 'on-leave?' Keep up the good work you 2, funny, quick and too good for Rise!!
Ryan, UK

It's not just the DJs it is more to do with the fact that the playlist clerks pick the most rubbish music to play and it's all talk talk talk, if you wanted that you would tape Newsnight and watch that in the morning - it would be more exciting
Carl, UK

Aww cmon, there's far too many "Moyles Negative" statements here, however Chris is indeed the saviour of 'afternoon' radio, and should stay there.
Matt, UK

Chris Moyles is a talentless moron who seems to believe he's God's gift to radio. He would do better on hospital radio - at least there he'd have a captive audience.
Angela B, UK

I will be really sad to see Sara go as she has brightened my mornings and made me able to face work with a smile! I'm glad that Colin and Edith aren't going to take over as I find them really boring. I Good luck in your new show Sara - I for one will definitely be listening!
Ceri H-J, UK

I do think Cox has lost her touch on the Breakfast show and it is time she stepped down, but choosing Chris Moyles to replace her is not the best move Radio 1 have made. Moyles style is not really suited to the morning slot, especially if he starts to shout and rant like he often does in the afternoon. And his references to life in the '80s and early '90s would be lost on most of his younger audience. In the afternoon slot he has a much older adult audience, and they appreciate his style and humour. Unlike the breakfast slot which seems to have a core audience of school kids and young adults on their way to work. I don't think they will get what Moyles is about most of the time. Bring on Colin and Edith!
Kate, UK

Sara Cox and Chris Moyles are both as irritating to listen to as each other - Jo Whiley is the only decent daytime DJ and if the breakfast slot is supposedly the most important wouldn't it make sense to tempt her there?!
Andrea, UK

I thought Sara Cox was pretty good - she used to keep me sane during my Monday morning drive along the M4 & round the M25 - and I'm sure Chris will be fine too. But PLEASE get Colin & Edith off Breakfast!! They're the most annoying, predictable, brainless presenters I've ever heard - they sound like they belong on some local commercial station (no offence commercial). I listen to Radio 1 because it promotes quality, and Colin & Edith are definitely not. Plus they talk over the end of songs - far too eager to hear their own voices for my liking. Anyway, that's my rant over!!
Jane, UK

I've really enjoyed waking up to Sara in the mornings ┐ she makes me laugh. I've listened to the Radio 1 breakfast show for over 20 years, but if Chris Moyles takes over then I'll move to a different station. If Colin & Edith take over, I'll stay with Radio 1.
Gill Pitts, England

Who am I supposed to listen to on the drive home from work now? The local radio station in Exeter is just about bearable in the morning, and I've enjoyed Chris Moyles since he was on the late shift at Capital FM. He was the best antidote for a boring day at work, or a long afternoon drive back up to London for the weekend! I certainly won't be tuning into Sara Cox's afternoons - I can't stand her!
Stephen, UK

The difference between the two DJs will be obvious when they swap: Cox is annoying, uncharismatic and dim-witted, while Moyles's arrogance is only affected and his jokes tongue-in-cheek. He's no bully - he's just having a laugh. Good decision BBC.
Stuart, UK

I discovered Radio 2 because of Sara Cox and her mind-numbing breakfast show. I never thought i'd ever listen to Radio 2 before the age of 40 (I'm 27), but Terry Wogan & co don't play gangsta rap - and therefore don't try to pretend it's cool - they don't irritate me and Terry is actually rather funny!
Claire, England

I have been one of the thousands of listeners to have turned over to another station in the morning. I would have rather seen Colin and Edith replace Coxy. They are original and just what is needed for that time of day. Chris Moyles should carry on in the afternoon. Why change a good thing? Coxy seems to have run out of ideas and the BBC are only moving the problem. Chris, United Kingdom

What a bad, bad decision. Colin and Edith, now that would bring me back to Radio 1 in the mornings.
Debbie Sheppard, UK

I think they're both brilliant, so I will still listen to both. They are the best two on the station by far, although I do like Scott Mills too. I hope Sara Cox doesn't get down about being dropped from the breakfast show. I think she's absolutely hilarious and very witty, but I suppose some people are a bit prudish and that's why they may have stopped listening. They ought to get real cos she tells it like it is ! Big up to Sara !
Lizzy, UK

Who should host the Radio 1 breakfast show?
Sara Cox
Chris Moyles
Colin & Edith
Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion

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