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Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 August, 2003, 15:05 GMT 16:05 UK
Comic Read 'chuffed' with nomination
Howard Read
Read: Worked so hard before the festival that he almost became ill
Comedian Howard Read, 28, is the only Briton on the shortlist for this year's Perrier Award, the UK's most prestigious comedy prize.

He talked to BBC News Online about his nomination.

Is this something you expected?
No, not really - obviously it's something you hope for but whenever anyone says 'oh yeah, you'll get nominated for sure' I say 'shut up'. I didn't want to think about that.

I am the British Perrier winner, effectively - It's brilliant
Howrad Read
Last year, loads of people were going 'you'll get nominated for newcomer' and it got to the point where I was kind of expecting it and then didn't, and as a result I was disappointed. But no, it's brilliant - things like this don't happen to me, so I'm very chuffed.

Are you thinking about it this time or trying to put it to the back of your mind?
No, I'm absolutely chuffed. I keep on forgetting and then remembering again and going 'wahey!' I'm really chuffed - I'm trying not to think about who is going to win it because this is more than enough for me. I'd like to go home now, quit while I'm ahead.

There are some amazing people on the list and it's just great to be thought of in the same breath as them.

And you're the only Brit on the list.
It's really nice - it's mental the idea that I'm better than some of the other people who are amazing. And it's really humbling because there are some amazing comics out there, and I don't count myself as one of them - but obviously someone does, which is lovely.

No matter what happens now, you've still been judged to be the best British act at the Fringe.
Yeah, that hadn't occurred to me, yeah. I'm going to become unbearable. I guess so. I am the British Perrier winner, effectively. It's brilliant. It's going to open so many doors and it's lovely because I really have been working my arse off for the last six months with all the animation and I nearly made myself very ill before the festival. And it's just brilliant that people like it.

How would you describe your show?
The show is me and Little Howard, who's a six-year-old animated interactive stand-up comedian - a little version of me. It's a double act show between me and him and it's the story of him becoming much more successful and famous than me.

The main whizzy bit is that he does stand-up and talks to the audience, interacts with them and answers questions from them. It's all pre-recorded database responses but people really seem to be getting into it.


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