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Last Updated: Friday, 3 October, 2003, 16:14 GMT 17:14 UK
Dido album biggest for six years
Dido is a favourite with radio listeners
Dido's latest album Life For Rent has become the fastest selling British album in six years, according to figures released on Friday.

It has sold 255,000 copies since its release on Monday - the highest first-week sales since Be Here Now by Oasis.

It is expected to have sold at least 350,000 by Monday - overtaking The Beatles' greatest hits collection, 1, which sold 319,000 in a week in 2000.

Life For Rent, Dido's second album, is certain to top the chart on Sunday.

It has easily beaten its closest rival, Robbie Williams' Live At Knebworth.

Oasis broke records in 1997 when Be Here Now, their third album, sold more than a third of a million copies on its first day and reached 696,000 within three days.

Dido, 31, launched Life For Rent on Monday by chartering a plane and performing in London and New York on the same day.

Despite its success, the album has received a string of lukewarm reviews from critics, some of whom accuse Dido of a bland but commercial appeal.

BBC News Online's Tom Bishop said: "Her formulaic mid-paced sound has become too familiar.

"Dido's plain singing voice, which fades into a whisper if strained beyond her limited range, does nothing to renew interest."

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