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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 October, 2003, 10:18 GMT 11:18 UK
The verdict on Kill Bill
Uma Thurman
Thurman's character is out to get revenge
Quentin Tarantino's comeback film Kill Bill has divided the critics. Two BBC News Online reviewers go head to head - first, Neil Smith hails Tarantino's return.

A beautiful woman in a bright yellow truck bearing the legend "Pussy Wagon" pulls up outside a suburban home.

In a matter of seconds she is embroiled in a savage knife fight with its owner, a happily married mother.

The homeowner was part of the gang of assassins that shot the woman and left her for dead on her wedding day.

Welcome to Kill Bill, the gore-splattered fourth feature from Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino that marks his return to the limelight after six years.


And what a return it is. Tarantino - the ultimate "movie geek" - has subsumed his love of martial arts flicks, Japanese animation and the TV show Kung Fu into an irreverent, lurid and visceral assault on the senses.

All the trademarks of a QT work are here: an erratic, jumbled-up chronology, a superb soundtrack of forgotten retro classics, and an eccentric cast that combines hot stars du jour with familiar old faces.

Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman

The result will leave even hardened fans agog, though sceptics will no doubt feel that this most referential of filmmakers has now begun parodying himself.


In a film where style so shamelessly supersedes substance, it is fitting that the plot is as straightforward as its title.

Uma Thurman is The Bride, who wakes up after five years in a coma determined to wreak revenge on the former associates who turned her wedding into a massacre.

After a grisly escape from hospital, she flies to Okinawa to purchase a samurai sword. From there it is off to Tokyo to pay a call on the first name on her hit list: Yakuza boss O-Ren Ishii, played by Charlie's Angel Lucy Liu.

It sounds simple, but the first part of Kill Bill - originally conceived as one film, but cannily split into two "volumes" by producers Miramax - is almost over by the time The Bride confronts O-Ren.

And we have hardly met Bill, Uma's enigmatic nemesis (played by Kung Fu star David Carradine).


The movie climaxes in a staggering set-piece battle - staged in a Japanese restaurant and lasting some 40 minutes - that sees Thurman confront a hundred masked assailants, all of whom spurt geysers of blood as their arms/legs/heads are hacked off.

Indeed, Kill Bill could easily be the bloodiest movie ever made - though the violence is so extravagant and stylised it is pointless to take offence.

You only have to look at the way Thurman shrugs off her multiple injuries to realise this is, in essence, a live-action comic book.

The mayhem is so prevalent that there are few of the throwaway one-liners that made Tarantino's earlier movies so quotable.

Quentin Tarantino (right) directs
Has Tarantino lost the plot?
And though Thurman, Liu and an eyepatch-sporting Daryl Hannah make dynamic and forceful contributions, it is hard to judge their performances before the next instalment.

This is probably the biggest problem with Kill Bill: it feels like an extended trailer for a second film in which all the questions left so tantalisingly unresolved will hopefully be answered.

It is a daring gambit, but such is our craving for Tarantino's trademark brand of instant cool it is sure to be a hugely lucrative one.

Darren Waters explains why he thinks Kill Bill is nothing short of a shambles.

Kill Bill is an absolute mess of a film made worse by a lack of plot and any semblance of characterisation.

As a work of film student fan-dom it is unparalleled. Tarantino apes more film styles, references more movies and gives more nods and winks to pulp film history than any other film released.

But such cleverness, such unquestionable filmic intelligence, does not make Kill Bill a good film.

Kill Bill is a revenge movie - Uma Thurman's Bride sets off on a blood-spattered rampage to avenge her dead husband and unborn child by killing her duplicitous ex-colleagues and their boss, Bill.

It is a bit like Charlie's Angels, except Farrah Fawcett murders her fellow agents, Bosley and Charlie himself, in an orgy of blood.

Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu is first on the hit list
But for a revenge movie to work the audience has to care about the central character and feel something of his or her pain.

Unfortunately Tarantino is too busy winking to the camera and splicing his film up into out-of-synch sections to care about the audience.

While we are all used to Tarantino's habit of chopping up his films into different segments, it just feels totally unnecessary in Kill Bill.

In places the non-linear narrative undermines the film but most often it feels merely superfluous.

One would expect the usual Tarantino trademarks of snappy dialogue and funky unearthed musical gems.

But too often the dialogue, what little there is of it, is woefully ham-fisted and even Tarantino's famed ear for a classic tune seems impaired.


In place of dialogue the film serves up violence - and lots of it.

Severed limbs, heads, torsos accompanied by lurid spurts of blood are spattered throughout the film.

The violence is rarely offensive due to the cartoonish nature of the film but this again serves to disconnect the audience from what is happening on screen.

As the film has been split into two the film's final showdown arrives quickly after 60 minutes or so of action.

But here again Tarantino's own cleverness only undermines any dramatic potential.

As Uma Thurman squares up to Lucy Liu's murderous underworld boss in a duel of samurai swords the audience can be forgiven for heading for the exits.

We already know who wins the fight because arch-manipulator Tarantino has shown us earlier in the film.

Tarantino seems to have forgotten the strengths of his first film Reservoir Dogs - a strong narrative with strong characters in a tight structure produces a great film.

A weak narrative, with cartoon characters and a mess of a structure produces a poor film.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 is showing now at the Empire Leicester Square, London, before going nationwide on 17 October.

Kill Bill: Volume 2 opens on 27 February.

So what did you think? Which of our reviewers is right?

It's a great movie, I saw it twice, on the first showing on friday and then on sunday. It has that Hong Kong martial genre with a splash of pulp fiction, cowboy bebop kind of theme to it. Love it, wouldn't mind seeing it again for a third time. Go check it out, great movie.
Sonny, USA

Best movie I've seen in the theatre this year.
The Chony, USA

Wow, it's amazing how split this movie is. It's either amazing or horrible. Problem with a lot of you that hate the movie is you compare every aspect of Kill Bill to everything else. Just watch the movie for what it is, and enjoy the hilarious comedy. I'm so glad he made the blood over the top.

This was an excellent movie and should be seen by everyone with a good humour and an appreciation of visual masterpeice.
Billy Dellez, England

This movie is brilliant. Contrary opinions are wrong.
John, Canada

I loved it. Quentin is the man. Lots of blood, violence and deaths. If you want mercy, go to church. If you want action, Kill Bill.
Eddie, Somewhere in USA

I really enjoyed this film. One of my alltime favourites. Sure, the dialogue wasn't what PF and RD were but it wasn't supposed to be. This is intentionally a big screen b kung fu movie. You want depth and substance? Rent Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. You want a kick butt, no excuses, in your face, over the top classic? Go see Kill Bill. Can't wait for volume 2. Great movie Quentin.
A Gonzalez, USA

I wanted to love this film. Stylistically it was beautiful, I liked the soundtrack, I loved the inside jokes and I didn't even mind the lack of plot. But Kill Bill has one main flaw that derails the movie, I didn't care about the main character,Uma Thurman's Bride. I could not find anything likeable or sympathic about her character at all. SShe's a one note character with zero depth. So I didn't care whether she got revenge or not.

I liked the villains more than I liked the so-called hero. I thought Lucy Liu's character was far more interesting then the Bride. I found myself rooting for everyone but Uma Thurman. And I got bored with the mindless cartoony violence by the time she was facing the army of nameless Japanese henchmen.
Wardell Brown, USA

QT made every single scene in this movie ridiculous. I felt like I was being laughed at by the director. But I know I will purchase this film as soon as I get a chance and it will be the one I will always feel like watching because of its own unique, hilarious, genre.
Tessa, USA

Seems the long-running question of who deserved credit for the brilliant screenplay trifecta of Reservoir Dogs, True Romance and Pulp Fiction has been answered in favour of Roger Avary. No wonder QT has waited so long to produce his next "original" work.

With Kill Bill, QT has revealed himself to be a brilliant stylist, masterful director and possibly the worst screenwriter alive. One can only hope he will recognise his own failings and return to the screenwriting collaboration that served him so well in the past.
Chris, USA

OK, Kill Bill is "Plot-lite", just like every other action film out there. But what the film lacks in story sophistication it more than makes up for in its pop culture, eye candy wonder. Some of the scenes in this movie are so beautifully done (the final scene between Liu and Thurman), that I would see this movie a thousand times in the theatre. Hold on action fans, this isn't your dad's old mobile. This is the "Fab Fox 5" from Pulp Fiction gone anime.
Brooks, USA

Art for art's sake can be novel, but, after a point, decadence and exaggeration Kills Bill with pure rubbish.
Premala Matthen, Washington DC

Absotutely horrible! Very disappointed as I liked his other three films a lot!
Zabrina, USA

Very boring. I actually dozed off for a few minutes during the "big fight". Bruce Lee and Jet Li have done all of this much, much better. I suspect primarily male video game fans will like it.
Jackie, USA

Great film. Firmly tongue-in-cheek comic-book stuff. Those that don't enjoy it are missing the point.
Peter Fuller, England

Wonderfully done and hilarious - I wonder if anyone outside the US will understand the tongue and cheek design of the film...after viewing reviews thus far, I'm not sure many realised the parody.
Joshua Splinter, USA

It's a delight for cinephiles especially due to QT's homage/ridicule of several B-movie genres. However, narrative structure is unnecessarily convoluted. Still, Uma Thurman is stunning, music is funky, and camerawork is wonderfully detailed. In summary, a masterpiece of junk-culture. I loved it!
Raman, USA

I went in expecting the advertised ultra-voilent blood-fest revenge epic, and that's what I got. I loved every minute of it, if you didn't perhaps you should research the movie you are walking into.
Keith, USA

Went to see Kill Bill last night at the Empire Leicester Square. This film has the special distinction of being only the 3rd one where having paid to get in, I got up and walked out well before the end. I liked Resevoir Dogs, I loved Pulp Fiction, I love horror and anime. But this? Facile, weak-minded, plotless, OTT. Characterisation? Forget it. Plotline? Gimme a break.

Pulp Fiction was clever, weaving narrative strands together, the mark, or so I thought, of a master story-teller. Last night's dire pile of steaming rubbish guarantees that it will take a HUGE amount of persuasion to get me back into a QT showing in future.....
Peter, UK

It's a Tarantino movie - that's the tag that has been already slapped on one's face when he goes into the movie theatre. There is no point in blaming Tarantino that fame has gone to his head. What I feel is that he has made a movie of an entirely new genre - one in which the viewer knows almost everything about the movie beforehand, comes in with tons of preconceived notions, sees nothing new (I presume the viewers don't expect anything new, too!) - it's just an experience of fun.

He hasn't gone around giving interviews that he hasn't ripped off from other films - so what? Why blame him? A human being is a glorious rip-off from a prehistoric monkey in Africa, too! The attire is largely responsible for the beauty of anything - the movie is a must-watch, and it's strong point is that it is a very original imitation that it cannot be imitated again (hope that's a Tarantino-esque enough explanation!)
Ravi, India

The film is a complete mess, QT has no respect for the audience. The film was nothing less than a torture to watch. QT has no concept of how to entertain an audience - it's amazing Disney (Miramax's wwner) would give him money to make such a horrible film. They don't seem to care because they think they can have it both ways. Finding Nemo was a huge success.
Keith K. Vann, USA

Tarantino is back baby! Kill Bill vol 1 rocks. I loved every second of this beautiful film. I was a little afraid at first when I saw the teaser trailer, but I should have known that QT would never fail to deliver to his fans who've been waiting 6 years. I can't wait till february for vol 2. My only complaint is that Michael Madsen hardly got any screen time. We got to see all of the members of the DVAS except for Mr Blonde! Oh well, he should have an extensive part in vol 2. QT is a god.
Tavner, USA

I saw the movie on friday when it came out and straight away went in for a second helping on saturday - something I have never done! The best martial art movies are all about choreography and less about stunts. In this Kill Bill reigns supreme. This movie will produce the same impact that the Matrix had. QT's stroke of genius was the stylish mixing of different genres, the zaniest soundtracks ever and the conveyance of martial arts in its purest form.

The fight between Thurman and Liu in the garden underscores an appreciation of oriental martial arts philosophy that can only truly be recognised by martial art buffs. Welcome to the next generation of movie genres.
Onuora, Manhattan, New York

Myself and a buddy saw Kill Bill this past weekend. There is no middle ground on this film. You will either like it or hate it. What may be disconcerting to many is the variable style of filming, from black and white into colour into Japanese style animation. Plus the non-linear storyline. We had no problem with that. Also, I don't see how anyone would be able to accurately sum this movie up in print. There is just too much to the movie. I liked it, and so did my buddy. And that is all that matters.
Carlton W. McGee, USA

Caught this film last night at a preview and really enjoyed it. Has got everything a Tarantino fan would want and more. I left looking forward to the next volume and glad that I don't have to wait too long for it.
Paul McGinn, England

This is a piece of art (good art, that is). It is strange that the negative reviewers somehow did sit through glued to the end - well, I think that's testament to the beauty of the movie. It is so well-woven together, not a dull moment in place. And fantastic score and breathtaking fight sequences (okay, so it is a bit gorey but everyone also applauded Saving Private Ryan and Gladiator, so what's the big deal here?)
Mitali Das, USA

There's a movement in music built entirely around sampling from other sources - you take a beat from here, a guitar riff from there, maybe loop a bass-line from another source, then combine it all into something new. That's what Tarantino does with his movies, and that's why they're so revolutionary.

Kill Bill is the film that exemplifies best that technique - he's pulling ideas from all areas of pop culture: films, music, literature, etc. His genius lies in being able to mix it so well together - let's just call him MC Master QT.
Elgin B, USA

Ha! Tarantino can do what he likes, as this dual-release brass-rubbing of a film demonstrates, but I think he'd be better off spending his million financing cinema re-releases and tours of the films he claims to love so much, instead of riding their coat tails like this. His behind-the-camera idols are notable because they forged new and distinctive styles. Tarantino is a karaoke director. Karaoke can be entertaining, but who wants to pay to see it?
Tom, UK

The most over-hyped, over-rated talent-free mish-mash of unrelated genres, with no plot, dialogue, coherent narrative or suspense on any level, thrown together with a thousand gallons of fake blood by a guy who obviously believes himself to be a post-modern cross between Spielberg, Scorsese, and Peckinpah on acid.

For all the half-veiled filmic history jokes, retro-chic music and tongue-in-cheek "homage" to everything in Hollywood from spaghetti westerns onwards, this abysmal film proves once again that QT is, at bottom, simply a transplanted video-store dork who only EVER makes the same old tired, laughably-bad, cartoon schlock-horror B-flicks that HE himself wants to watch. But the laugh's on you, because he calls them art and takes your money too...!!
Craig, England

Here we have a homage to a plethora of B movies all contained in one neat C movie. Total rubbish.
Richard, London, UK

Fascinating piece of junk this film turned out to be. A supposed nod to samurai, shaw brothers, spaghetti westerns and Blaixpoitation flicks? More like a headbutt if you ask me.Uma Thurman swings a blade with tje grace of an elephant on stilts. Bad dialogue, plus bad plot, plus bad non-linear storytelling trying to disguise bad story plus bad characterisation plus bad unconvincing fight sequencing plus bad casting equals very bad film.

This film is to Samurai and kungfu films what Macdonalds is to your mum's homemade cooking. Still a little enjoyable though, but enjoyable trash.
Akin, London

saw Kill Bill at the weekend and unlike most of the other reviewers who either seem to love or hate the movie, I had mixed feelings about it. On the plus side, the fight scenes (though extensive) were extremely well choreographed and filmed and, if the film had held your interest for long enough, it definitely made you want to see the second installment.

However, I felt that the Japanese cartoon section introducing Lucy Liu's character merely distracted from and was far removed from the rest of the movie. I recognise that the so-called "cartoon violence" already made the film far-fetched, but I struggled to go along with some of the plot. In summary a stylish film with several flaws - not apparent in previous Tarantino works.
Andy W, Scotland

Up to now , I've been a Huge QT fan. But this movie sucked. It's way too over-indulgent. The story's awful and the violence just gets boring. I won't be going to see part 2.
Jonathan Marsden, USA

Tarantino has achieved something which you would think is difficult to do. Take some of the most complicated, jaw-dropping fight scenes ever seen and make them very, very dull. Aside from a few great scenes it was a chore to watch. After the movie I was very tempted to walk round to the front of the cinema and tell the people in the queues not to bother. I wish I hadn't.
David Read, UK

It's different (at last). It courts controversey (good sign). I loved it (didn't want it to end - it hasn't!) Just great!!
Chris Kalli, US

Reservoir Dogs...Alright Pulp Fiction...Sucked. Jackie Brown...Acme Planet Vacuum (sucks bigtime). Kill Bill...ZZZZZZZ.

Anyone need extra staff at their video store? Answers to the name of Tarantino.
Mark, UK

This film is truly awesome. Full of style, wit and charm it's a highly entertaining piece. Slowly seeping out more and more of the plot to the audience and ending with a classic cliffhanger it will have you glued to the seat. Just like the samurai and kung fu films of old each action piece is cleverly put together to provide maximum thrills. A class soundtrack and witty one liners and visual gags combine with an intriguing plot and masteful action sequences to make this a great film. Ignore the critics, go see it.
Michael Quarry, Leeds, England

Outstanding film, if you can get through the violence of the first ten minutes the rest of the blood shed is done in a way that you hardly notice it or you laugh at it. Like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill is like a comic fantasy made into film. Very cleverly cut with parts in animation and black and white. A frenetic film that keeps your eyes wide open for more. fantastic. A++ is not high enough, Quentin is back!
Jonathan Phillips, UK

I finally got my hands on a copy of this movie, so it was straight home and before my feet could touch the floor I was sat glued to my TV. All I can say is what a film, loved it from start to finish. Movie action and music you cant beat it. All hail to the great QT.
Neil Allen, UK

What do I look for in a film? Good plot, good acting, good direction, good cinematography... a combination of which will provide a hugely moving or entertaining experience. This film doesn't provide any of this, this a self-homage to a director who's own reputation has gone to his head. It's a disgraceful piece of work from someone who should know better.
S Beken, UK

Kill Bill is all hype because of Tarantino. It has no plot and no substance. All it has is lots of blood and violence. I am not sure what Tarantino was trying to express by making this movie, but he did not show it. The movie was boring and sick at the same time. Maybe the only positive thing about this movie is that it's different.
Greg, Canada

This is a really bad 'remix' of Bruce Lee, Private Benjamin and Dangermouse! QT should be ashamed, but he just wants your cash.
Bri, USA

The movie is nothing short of amazing...Tarantino has really made a masterpiece, the blood the gore the plot... the STYLE... damn this movie gives a slap in the face to the action genre!
Ennio Fuentes, USA

This was a brilliant piece of work that could only come from the mind of Tarantino. A great film? Well... that should be left to each individual. People should really understand that Tarantino's films are for himself first, then us. They're made for his entertainment - not ours.
Edward Greig, USA

I really, really enjoyed the film, and my gf was really, really bored by it. Being bored, she analyzed fairly carefully, and came to the interesting conclusion that it was designed to be video game.
Max, US

There really isn't a plot, well not a complex one at that, but I was entertained the whole way through. The dialogue does suck, especially in comparison to Pulp Fiction. But I thought the characters worked. I loved how he didn't hold back, he made it to the point of ludicrous so you couldn't take it that seriously.
Anne, UK

Sounds like some of the reviewers would have been the ones that squealed in delight at the opening sequence of Goodfellas. There's such a thing as necessary violence and gratuitous violence and it seems that Tarantino leans towards the latter, and this film is no exception. Now Finding Nemo ¿ there's a film. Ooops, guess it's not the same genre as Quentin, except in the cartoon arena.
Patrick, Ireland

I saw this movie last night. Easily the WORST movie I have seen this year. I had no plans of seeing a movie that throws back to older 1970's movies - QT can buy them a trophy if he'd like. I came to see a movie that I could really enjoy that night, and quite frankly I could have caught a greater action sequence in The Fighting Temptations.
Alexander Curtis, US

Tarantino is always sure to divide the critics and audiences: too trashy, too violent. However, you can't deny that he has a style and sound all of his own. Kill Bill - Volume 1 has all his qualities and I for one was entertained right from the start. It's smart, it's witty and god that soundtrack! Who cares so much about the plot, that will probably be revealed in Volume 2? Just enjoy for what it is, a powerful homage to all sorts of genres, done with style and skill.
Andrew, United Kingdom

It's all very well being able to parody other films and produce something which will have kung-fu fanboys drooling, but when you start imitating multi-part films, just for the sake of it, you're just ripping people off. I believe there are plenty 3-hour films out there that were never considered to be made in 2 parts. But then, that wouldn't rake in the money quite so well.
Doug Chalmers, Scotland

Three long lazy fight sequences, no characters, no real humour, no depth and after the first 25 minutes, no fun!

If it wasn't Tarantino this would be straight to video!

We stayed to the end but then walked out in silence and went home to watch a better film........ we watched True Romance, now there was a quality film.
Chris Church, England

I loved it. QT takes on the much-maligned dumb-action genre and produces a classic to rank alongside Die Hard, Lethal Weapon et al. Being as deep as a puddle does not a bad film make when pure entertainment is the name of the game.

Much of the criticism seems to stem from QT wearing his influences emblazoned across his retro T-shirt... well, I look at it this way: everyone knew which bands Oasis listened to, but that didn't stop them churning out some classics. Sit back, unplug brain, and enjoy.
Matt Moore, London, UK

Darren Waters has missed the point somewhat. Kill Bill is a superb celebration of cinematic styles and is far from being "a mess". The non-linear structure is surely essential when you consider the nature of the Bride's two key assassinations: Lucy Liu's character has chosen a different post-diva lifestyle to Vivica. A. Fox's character.

I appreciate that Mr Waters was probably trying to provoke rather than give a fair and accurate review of the film but if not, he needs to seriously reassess his ability to understand what a modern audience wants. They want to be entertained and few manage to grab and garrotte an audience quite like Quentin Tarantino.
Dan Martin, England

Tarantino is all flash and no substance - but he has always acknowledged that. His films are genre-blending celebrations that appeal to a generation raised on a more eclectic array of movies than their parents. Neil Smith caught that in his review so I'm agreeing with his critique.
Robert del Valle, USA

QT's biggest mistake might be the fact that mainstream audiences haven't got a clue about 70s grindhouse flicks. By making something purely for himself he's obviously going to alienate people. I'm glad he's made Kill Bill. I'm glad it's going to divide audiences. The Showdown at the House of Blue Leaves is absolutely breathtaking. And if it means waiting for Vol 2 before we get back to the dialogue and character of Dogs and Pulp Fiction, it's been worth the wait.
Nick Wilson, Manchester, UK

Agree totally with previous comment - when a film as hugely enjoyable as this appears, someone always has to play devil's advocate...

It would be interesting to see what Mr Waters thought of Jackie Brown when it was first released, no doubt he considered that too long, over-plotted and the characterisation too slow. Amazingly of course, he seems to have missed the point of Kill Bill entirely, and the genre from which it is inspired...

Along with Zhang Yimou's Hero, Tarantino's latest is the finest martial arts film in recent memory...
K H Pang, UK

I saw Kill Bill last night in a cinema packed to the rafters. What a rollercoaster, a fantastic film, just what you expect from QT, it had the audience gasping, laughing and more importantly glued to their seats till the final credits. Maybe some people look too much into a film.
Gary Towns, England

Kill Bill is superb. From the fantastic opening scene through to the epilogue that bridges volume 1 to volume 2 to the viewer is treated to a full on cinematic experience. Kill Bill is no re-hash of the pop-culture dialogue of Tarantino's earlier scripts rather it is a sometimes ludicrous, often ultra-violent, comic book, western/kung-fu/yakuza homage.

Filled with great comic touches, especially the back and forth between the Japanese guys in the cafe, and an excellent soundtrack Kill Bill is one of the most enjoyable film experiences of recent years. For reviewers to complain that it lacks snappy dialogue and the many quotable lines from previous films is really to miss the point, after all, do we really want film makers to re-make the same films or do we want to see a different approach?

Kill Bill is clearly a Tarantino film but he has managed to avoid slipping into almost self-parody through not replicating the dialogue of Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs etc. I'm already looking forward to seeing it again.
Ron, UK

Tarantino is the retro king of reinventing 70s exploitation films. I saw it at the Empire Leicester Square on Thursday night. I intend on seeing it another five. He is a movie geek's dream, he turns trashy films into classics.

Uma Thurman is a marvellous actress. This man gives you the urge to want to be involved in film making. Bring on volume 2!!! From a film graduate who can't get into the industry!
Nial Westwood, UK

Me and all my friends who have seen illegal copies of the film think that the film stinks. It is Tarantino at his worst, mainly because of the dialogue. I'm just glad I didn't pay for this rubbish.
Andy Hayes, UK

I believe Darren Waters is right - the film is surely rubbish. A 40 minute cartoon-like fight - 40 minutes! This tells me all I need to know about this film. Style is great but it's nothing without substance.
Alan, Scotland, UK

Kill Bill is an excellent piece of film mastery and a true testament to what QT can do. What the second reviewer fails to realise is that the film IS a revenge film in its purest state. It's not filled with boring, sidetracking dialogue that will put you to sleep; it's a beautiful tribute to the days when REAL movies were made. As for a 40-minute fight scene, try watching some of the Hollywood titles that come out these days that are nothing but 120 minutes fights scenes with one-liners. This, like QT's other films, is a cult-classic; it takes a true passion and level of understanding of film to appreciate such a masterpiece. That's why I'm glad to see reviewers speak of it so distastefully, that just means QT hit the spot and he hit it hard.
Chris Wells, United States

Over the top style? Definitely! Short on dialogue,plot,and character. Yes. A movie to love or hate because of it's insanity. Guilty plesaure. Would be a accurate discription of my feeling towards this flick. And I want to see the sequel. Don't be surprised when Hollywood starts to copy this film's technique. Ohh! And not a movie to take a date to.
Pardlow, USA

A Spaghetti Western, transplanted to Asia, and contemporized by turning the bottom-kicking "Man With No Name" into a limb-slicing "Bride With No Mister." The plot is seductively simple as the characters are fleshed out...in more ways than one. The style flows effortlessly with many eras of Kung-Fu and Samurai films swirled together. Even Anime, still in a seamless flow with the story, is used. All within the mix of a Hollywood formatted film. Domestically the audience may only see the violence and miss the film. The Asian audience, if it gets distribution, will put "Kill Bill" in the stratosphere. Arigato and sheh-sheh QT!!!!
J S Webster, California, USA

I am a huge fan of QT's films. From, Reservoir Dogs, PF, and Jackie Brown. My expectations were to see a film done in the same way, good direction, great character development, and overall a good entertaining film. Kill Bill has a lot of action, and a lot of blood. This is usual for QT, but it seems he has lost his edge in how to use it wisely. Kill Bill lacks strong actors in my opinion. Actors that QT has used in the past have been very good in his movies. Overall, its good, but nothing special. Any director could have directed this..it doesn't have QT's signature style to it whatsoever. Fans who like this alot..must be huge fans of Kung Fu movies, and not of QT's genre films. Lets just hope Kill Bill 2, with QT's usual actors in Sam Jackson, and Michael Madsen, will be better..and more like his usual movies.
Tom Moran, Canada

An absolutely amazing film. It is evident that QT has a raw appreciation for Japanese-style combat and culture, and all of this is reflected in the incredibly detailed cinematography. The plot is meant to be short and sweet, and the fight scenes are meant to be over-the-top. I think this is by far the most original film QT has done. BRAVO!!!
Diego de la Maza, United States

All I can say is this was possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. I want my money back.
Dan, usa

Awful...I really can't believe this is a Q.T. film. Different does not mean good. I won't be seeing the second movie.
Tonino Ciocca, Canada

I loved it. It's a affectionate homage to B movie themes that Tarantino loves. The film is technically brilliant. The acting tremendous - especially Thurman and the story is engrossing. If you don't like violent movies, revenge themes, kung fu, japanese animation or spaghetti westerns then you clearly won't enjoy this.
Matt Williams, UK

Maybe QT just wants my cash, but I am more than happy to give it all to him for this show :) Nothing for those who are looking for a complex story - its a tsunami wave of colorful pictures and breathtaking action in a typical Tarantino coat.... love it or hate it!
Jan, Czech Republic

From a girl that loves her martial art films I loved the stylised fighting and the interaction between characters. The only problem is that I feel this film will only really appeal to the 'real' film lover and isn't just for someone after another run of the mill film
Anne Swansea, Wales

All style and no content!
Stephen , UK

Great film, loved every minute and was gutted when it came to an end as the anticipation of the answers to all the questions this film throws up. The only disappointment came when there was no teaser to Vol 2 after sitting through 15 minutes of credits!
Ian, UK

If it wasn't a Tarantino film it would have been panned. I hope the Shaw Brothers are satisfied with the Shaw Vision logo at the start was, when does 'homage to' become 'rip off of'?
James, uk

It is self-reflexive, it knows what it is, it is obviously unrealistic, like a comic book, just take it or leave it.
Shawn, Canada

The story telling may not have been as strong as in QT's previous works but thats not what he wanted to achieve. In interviews he stated that he wanted to take action back to its roots without the CG and multi-million budgets, to create a loving peice of cinema that no-one will forget and thats exactly what he achieved. The fight scenes although over the top are the way they should be, expertly coreographed, exciting and hard to follow. Leaving anyone who loved this film as much as I did dying for Vol.2!
Kevin HIll, England

I thought it was a masterpiece of irony. Q is mocking violent films and is the best at it. Just like Les Carabiniers of Jean-Luc Godard. Tarantino's goal is to disgust you completely and utterly with the theme of violence (just like Pulp), as Godard 's goal with Les Carabiniers' was to disgust you with war. The film is a bit too much about film-making and too-little about film-writing though. There were many who said Tanrantino's successes came from good writers and not necessarily his film-making but Kill Bill, although not much of a story, will probably prove that Tarentino doesn't even need a good story to make a good film. We'll see were Kill Bill takes him...
Jean Desjardins, Montreal Canada

It was stylish, well directed, and fun to watch. The latter most of which should be the most important.
Fahim, Canada

This was basically a trash movie done good, and very enjoyable. The violence does not really shock, mainly because of the troma-style blood spattering and the use of black-and-white and anime. The dialogue was not what you would expect from a Tarantino film, but he's obviously gone for style over substance. An excellent film, and the use of the theme tune to Kojak was hilarious.
Juan, UK

I was dragged to see this film by a friend. Having read some of the reviews, I wasn't too thrilled at seeing it. However, I thought it was excellent. The final fight scene at the end is breathtaking cinematography.
Andy, Ex-UK, in Texas

In my opinion Reservoir Dogs is still his greatest movie, but Kill Bill came close. The fight scenes were exciting, even though they did get out of hand at points, and at the end of them there was always some type of humour. With the exception of spliting the movie up and the type of dialouge, it didn't seem like a Tarantino film.
George, USA

Could Miramax have made a mistake by splitting the film into two? I fear with Kill Bill that many people just wont get-it on the first viewing, and may not wish to see the conclusion. By 'get-it' I mean that it is a different style of film, owing much to the anime movies of Japan, and the public might not appreciate the imagery involved. Tarrentino has made live-action anime, in a very beautiful way. If people go expecting to see a 'normal' movie then they will be dissappointed. People seem to be looking for another Pulp Fiction... they can buy the PF DVD if they want. This is a different type of movie, and at least Tarantino can't be called unoriginal.
Tony, UK

Easily one of the best movies that I have ever seen, the kind of movie that will be talked about 20 years from now. Completely over the top; not to be taken seriously. Also: NOT a: "chick flick;" this one's for the guys.
Roger, USA

I wanted to like it, but 2 hours of Mr. Tarantino poking my shoulder, asking "Ya get it?, Cool huh?!" Is not my idea of entertainment.
Bob, USA

Perhaps some sort of Directors Cut of both Volume 1 and 2 will have a chance at becomming a good movie. Then again, the Director is responsible for this mess, isn't he?
Thorpe, USA

Saw this movie...want to see it again...Thought it was very artistic and very well done. Best movie I've seen all summer by far! Although the villians seem to be more developed than Uma's character, the film is a brilliant work of art! Had me on the edge of the seat for a while. Very surprising at times! Awesome flick...can't wait for the second installment.
Julian, California, USA

What do you think of Quentin Tarantino's film Kill Bill?
It's superb
It's a shambles
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