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Giant moving sculpture unveiled
Irish Wave
Irish Wave is 116ft tall
Europe's tallest moving sculpture - Irish Wave - has been unveiled in Dublin by its creator.

The 116ft (35.3m) steel and carbon fibre structure weighs over 20 tonnes, and is 50ft (15m) taller than the Angel of the North sculpture at Gateshead.

Artist Angela Conner said she was inspired by everything from calligraphy to saplings moving in the wind.

Irish Wave took two years to design and build and is now sited in Dublin's Park West business area.

The creation has the ability to sway up to 20ft (6m) in the wind before returning to its central position due to a nine-tonne counterweight hidden underground.

It had to be lifted into place by three cranes with the aid of dozens of workers.

The cost of the project has been estimated as 893,500 euros (625,000).

Ms Conner said: "The idea behind the sculpture comes from the sense that people or things always regain a sense of centre.

"This, philosophically, is something that interested me very much. I particularly like people who get into all sorts of trouble but manage to keep their sense of balance."

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