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Carly Simon sues for flat deposit
Carly Simon
Simon's lawsuit was filed on Thursday
Singer Carly Simon is suing a New York couple to get back a $99,000 (60,000) deposit she put down on an apartment in the US city.

Simon's application for the property in New York's Dakota complex, where John Lennon was killed, was rejected by the board of directors.

Lawyers for the sellers, Laurence and Holly Stone, say she was "rude and disrespectful" during her interview.

But Simon's lawyer said the board "was rude and accusatory."

The Stones' lawyer, Scott Stone, claimed the singer had demanded that she be allowed to install another bathroom in the one-bedroom property, worth $990,000 (600,700).

In a letter to Simon's lawyer, Stone also said Simon had warned the board that its failure to grant approval for the second bathroom would be a "deal breaker".


He said Simon had cancelled her contract, and that her "professional stature does not exempt her from compliance with well-settled contract and real estate law".

But in a reply sent by Simon's lawyer, Steven Hochberg, he likened the interview to an "inquisition" and said board members had suggested that Simon wanted the apartment for her children, not for her own use.

Carly Simon's hits include You're So Vain, Nobody Does It Better, Anticipation and Haven't Got the Time for Pain.

She is due to release a new song next year, So Many People to Love, produced by MTV host, Wade Robson.

Simon recently performed at the wedding of Jamie Lynn Sigler, who stars in TV drama The Sopranos.

The singer's music will also be used in new film The Little Black Book starring Brittany Murphy, Kathy Bates and Holly Hunter.

The romantic comedy is still in production and is due for release next year.

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