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Cherie's club 'hit' finally aired
Cherie Blair sings
Mrs Blair performed her karaoke session to Chinese students
A dance remix of Cherie Blair's singing has finally surfaced following speculation that it was a hoax.

The track has been played on Channel 4 News after appearing on the island of Ayia Napa, Cyprus, famous for its dance and garage music.

A DJ on the island said the mix of Mrs Blair's impromptu rendition of The Beatles' When I'm 64 had a "fairly good" reaction from clubbers - but only because they were drunk.

A story surfaced on 4 August that Mrs Blair could have a surprise hit on her hands after the mix of her singing to Chinese students was created - but doubts soon surfaced about its existence.

Nathan Morley, a DJ on the island, told Channel 4 News that someone probably saw Mrs Blair's singing on the news, mixed it in his bedroom and sent a few copies to other DJs.

The people in the club were fairly drunk so the reaction was fairly good
Nathan Morley
"I thought it was a joke and thought it was appalling," he said.

"I heard it very late at night and I thought it may be a DJ just messing about.

"But the people in the club were fairly drunk so the reaction was fairly good."

Mrs Blair's rendition of the 1967 Paul McCartney song was made during an impromptu sing-song to Chinese students in Beijing last month.

But the story of the prime minister's wife storming Europe's nightclubs proved difficult to verify.


Ministry of Sound, which hosts one of Ibiza's biggest club nights, said it had not come across the tune.

"No one has heard the record," said a spokeswoman. "We were talking to our dance guys and no one's heard the record. It may be a rumour."

BBC Radio 1, which has DJs, producers and back-up staff in Ibiza, also said it was unaware of the track's existence.

Downing Street was similarly unable to solve the riddle.

"We never comment about Cherie Blair," said a spokesman.

Cherie Blair sings to Chinese students

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