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My Music: Super Furry Animals
Super Furry Animals
The Super Furry Animals sold their festival tank to Don Henley
Welsh rockers the Super Furry Animals are festival favourites - and take their show to the V Festivals in Essex and Staffordshire this weekend.

Keyboardist Cian Ciaran told BBC News Online about the group's festival highs and lows.

What was the first festival you ever played?
I think it might have been Reading. Or one in Wales. But Reading would have been about seven or eight years ago - that was in the Doc Marten's tent or something.

What is your best festival memory?
Glastonbury about four years ago. This guy decided to drive his van through the crowd. We were playing our last song and I looked up and saw this van. He thought he could take a shortcut though the crowd but everyone started jumping on the roof. He was fighting 30,000 people.

And your worst?
Something like when we went on at 0400 or when something went wrong. But you tend to put horrible things out of your mind.

In 1996, you took your multi-coloured techno army tank on a festival tour. Have you still got it?
No. That went that same year. At the end of the summer, we sold it to Don Henley from The Eagles - he's a collector. He has five or six of them.

Do you prefer playing festivals or your own shows?
It's a different vibe. Sometimes festivals are good but they are sometimes not as euphoric as your own shows and you are not allowed to put on as much of a show. Not everyone is there to see you so you have to win people over.

Who are you most looking forward to sharing the bill with at V?
There's probably a lot - too many to mention. I don't know who else is playing off the top of my head.

Are you going to camp at V - or will you be in a hotel?
This time we will be on a bus because we have got to travel overnight so we will sleep on the bus.

What is the best festival set you have ever seen?
I saw Plastikman at a Tribal Gathering - that blew me away. I remember playing before James Brown once at one of the V Festivals. Primal Scream play really good festivals - and Orbital at Glastonbury years ago. I was just being a punter then.

Are there any festivals you wouldn't go back to?
I don't think so. Every one we have done, we have done more than once. We've done Reading five or six times and V twice. It's up to the festival if they will have us back.

If you organised your own festival, who would you have on the bill?
Jimi Hendrix, Ennio Morricone, Plastikman, Elvis when he was good and The Who.

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