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Reality pop band confirm split
One True Voice
The group could not compete with rivals Girls Aloud
One True Voice, the boyband formed from the ITV1 pop talent show Popstars: The Rivals, have split up.

A spokesman from their record company Zomba said: "Unfortunately I can confirm that the band have split up."

The statement followed a story in Tuesday's Daily Mirror newspaper quoting band member Jamie Shaw as saying he was "over the moon" the group had split.

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The confirmation ends weeks of rumours that the group - made up of Shaw, Daniel Pearce, Anton Gordon, Matt Johnson and Keith Semple - had called it a day after disappointing sales.

The band joins Hear'Say in the scrap heap of pop bands formed by reality TV but quickly disbanded once success was hard to maintain.

Pearce quit the band in June for a solo career. The band then released the single Shakespeare's (Way With) Words, but the single barely made it into the top 10.

Chart losers

The group were formed alongside Girls Aloud last November after winning their places in the Popstars: the Rivals series on ITV1.

But while Girls Aloud quickly scored a number one with their debut single Sound of the Underground, One True Voice were unable to top the charts with first song Sacred Trust, losing out in the December chart battle.

Sacred Trust sold 147,000 copies against Girls Aloud's 213,000 for Sound Of The Underground.

Girls Aloud's single became the Christmas number one and topped the charts for four weeks in total.

One True Voice were later voted Britain's worst group in a poll, just a day after their tour was cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

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Will you be mourning the demise of One True Voice? Is it just a symptom of a wider malaise in the industry? Can any reality TV pop band or artist find long-term success?

I feel that they had a lot more to offer. But unfortunately they were given the worst songs, and their image was terrible. It would be nice to see them again in the near future. Such good talent was wasted.
Wendy, UK

Mourn One True Voice? They hardly set the world on fire! Surely it's time to stop these manufactured pop wannabes cluttering up the British TV schedules.
Helen, Scotland

I find it amusing that, after all the hype surrounding the band, people such as Joe Dolce have made a more lasting impression on the British music charts!
Nick, Crawley, UK

I'm really sad that One True Voice have split up.
Marcus Hamilton, United Kingdom

The programme makers and also the record companies involved in this process should be more responsible. One True Voice are made up of real people with real aspirations, they have been manipulated purely for the gain of television viewing figures. The feelings and futures of the band members should be responsibly managed as no doubt there will be strong feelings of rejection, failure and embarassment that these guys will now have to endure.
E, uk

Best news all afternoon! I don't think anyone will notice though - they would definitely be top ten material, if you were looking for the worst bands ever- but probably not even memorable enough to make even that. Who?
Neil McKinlay, Scotland

I think it's a symptom of the laziness in the record industry at the moment. There's very little "real" talent emerging, because it's very easy to grab a few months income from the sales of a record off the back of a "reality" pop show, without doing any real work. No wonder it hardly takes any sales to make No. 1 these days - 213000 for Girls Aloud's debut is small fry, when you consider that only a decade ago you had to sell at least double that to make a difference! It's ironic that ringtones are the No.1 bestsellers!
Dave Parker, UK

Hmm. And the industry blame piracy on bad sales when they think this tripe is a business strategy.
Matt, UK

Wonderful news about One True Voice! The sooner that all other manufactured bands go the same way the better. Surely anyone with half a brain can see that the whole genre has been created solely to further the careers of the people doing the judging and organising of such TV "events", and is purely exploiting the starry eyed youngsters who take part, who will be milked for the short time of their "fame" then dumped back to obscurity when the cash stops rolling in.
dave mott, england

The problem with One True Voice was that they didnt look like a boy band. You could see it in their first video. We can only blame the public becuase they chose the band members. Lets face facts they were bad, so nothing special lost.
Andy, UK

I'm not surprised at this news. Despite the fact that I thought their Xmas single Sacred Trust was pretty good, the mistake was to have them competing against the equally good Girls Aloud at the same moment in time. Had the releases of the two group's singles been staggered things would undoubtably have worked out better.

Looking on the brighter side of things, there is little reason to doubt that Jamie Shaw has a great future career ahead of him, in fact given what he has given us so far (dating from 1999) the future for him simply has to be rosy! I am sure some if not all of the other members will also have a future in the industry, but given that Shaw has already had a string of albums and can sing very well, how about he employs them in his band?
Tony Luckwill, Wales UK

I think its really sad that another band have ended up on the scrap heap. They started off with a poor name and also poor songs. Nothing made them stand out. what chance did they have??
Stuart, UK

Media pressure has forced a group into the 'has-bin' history of pop. I think it's about time the music industry woke up and started to support acts properly rather than use these kids to make a quick buck..then when it goes wrong..blame them and dump them.
George , england

I wish I could say I was suprised... TV executive may want to change the format to a battle of the bands style affair, now that is something I would watch.
Neil Shaw, UK

Its time the TV people left the music biz alone and let A&R have their job back. These shows are on the way out and the money generated could be used on better things than wasting it on these shows
Steve, UK

Give me One True Voice any day in preference to some of the alleged 'music' that is currently on the radio and on Top Of The Pops!

When you witness people like The Cheeky Girls and Tatu selling millions of records, it is no surprise why One True Voice have failed. With their clean-cut image, they would never be any competition......add to that the fact that they don't get included on network radio playlists and you have the answers.

Their last release Shakespeare's Way With Words allegedly only sold 10,000 copies. I'd never heard of it or seen it performed until I stumbled across it on the infamous KAZAA!
Darren Parmenter, Spain

I might be biased but Jamie Shaw used to go to my church and he's far too good a talent to be put in a band, he needs to perform solo for us to see his true potential which hopefully we will now see
Mr A, Wales

I have followed pop for longer than I care to admit and nothing changes really. Reality tv is just 1 more way of creating disposable pop. It has always been there and history is littered with these groups. I don't think it is a bad thing, yesterday's Take That fan is today's Radiohead fan. However, I think that a body to prepare these poor discarded souls for life earning money in a more mainstream way is needed. Something like the Professional Footballers Association provides for discarded your footballers would be perfect.
Andrew, UK

Mourning? How about cheering. As a musician who spent 5 years studying music till the cows come home at a-level and degree level, such 'acts' are an insult to what we work for. It's a crying shame that children are growing up with the notion that such manufactured, soul-less pap is 'music', rather than the more praise-worthy music out there. One example? Dmitry Shostakovich risked his life daily, writing what came from the heart. But who cares when you have puppets whose minimal requirements are to look wooden and jolly, monotonous sounds?
Andy, Nottm., UK

One True Voice could actually have been the new Westlife or Blue, but Pete Waterman was just the wrong manager for them - he gave them a dated look and some poor songs to sing, because it was a "tried and tested formula" - Louis Walsh tried taking risks with Girls Aloud, and they paid off, as Girls Aloud are one of the most popular bands around today. That could easily have been OTV, but due to mismanagement, their careers are in ruins. Personally, I'm glad to see the back of 'em... long may Girls Aloud reign!
Stevie, London, England

Good riddance to rubbish - worst thing is that just as one disappears, they're already creating the next group of failures!
Stu Paling, UK

Ian Skelton, UK

I hope this is the beginning of the end for this fast cash approach to music. Britain has one of the best music scenes in the world, scenes of Glastonbury 2003 prove this. Lets keep it that way, by ending this reality TV music for good and therefore also ending the disapointment and humiliation of the young hopefuls seeking fame and stardom,such as Hearsay and One True Voice. The only winners are Fat cat management, namely Simon Fuller, who sit there counting the all money behind closed doors!
Richard, UK

It's sad in a way, as the public voted these guys into the band on the strength of the talent they demonstrated on the show. however, it seems they were misguided and didn't get the right advice and take note of what the rest of the market was doing - they ended up being bland and formulaic. at least girls aloud have a different sound to other girl groups around at the moment. good luck to them - especially bon jovi singing keith!
demelza, UK

I think it was for the best - they all have really good voices but the kind of music was not right for them! I'm sure they'll have better luck going solo?
geoff, gloucestershire

I hope this will spell the end of manufactured bands.
Graeme Phillips, Germany, normally UK

I think that they had potential with their voices, but the songs they chose were very poor. If they maybe moved onto songs that wern't so naff and had a bit of credability then maybe they could be successful in their solo careers.
Lela, Holland

I don't appreciate their press releases denying the split. S-Club had just done the same thing, prior to an inevitable break up. what are we taken for? We knew they were going to split, but lied to us anyway. Ihope this puts the final nail in the coffin of manufactured stardom and corporate bands.
Adam, London UK

Stars aren't stars anymore. Whatever happened to Rock and Roll? These young men did however work hard to get into the band and are obviously talented, but as a unit were destined for failure. The music market is crowded with wannabes and manufactured groups. Lets nurture home grown REAL talent and let music take a natural progression
Sparkie, England

i think its a shame that One True Voice have split up because I think they are far more talented than the girls
Helen El Mehdawi, england

Oh well. No great loss to the music industry.
Carrie F, England

What a relief that it's over.
Stephen Corps, UK

This just sums up the naffness of the manufactured TV show boyband fad - they've been spat out by the showbiz machine. I feel sorry for them, they've been used, and their careers are almost certainly over.
Dan B, UK

One True Who? Never even heard their single and don't really wish to. I've not nothing against the guys wanting to pursue a music career but the quicker these terrible reality pop shows disappear the better. It's time we praised the excellent new bands coming through with original, thoughtful music rather than the relentless cover version crud we're currently experiencing. (Long live The Thrills!)
Matt, England

The demise of One True Voice is no loss. Reality TV Pop is ahiot or miss affiar, once the show is over, only the truly talented prevail. The record buying public are not a s stupid as the industry spin doctors would have us believe. Liberty did the right thing modifying their name to Liberty X, getting in classy producers and catchy tunes. I quite like them and admire them for how they've approached things.
Paul Nelson , UK

This is yet another nail in the coffin for reality pop shows. How many more of these bands can we take??? We've still got to contend with the winners of the new Pop Idol and Fame Academy, aswell as the countless runners up who will be trying to grab the limelight. I just hope TV Producers will finally get the message that the public is getting bored and start making more original programmes again. We can then see a stop to this rubbish and let more talented people achieve a deserved fame.
Richard Shelton, Wales

Thank you Jamie, Daniel, Anton, Matt and Keith, for bringing so much pleasure into my life. Good luck in your solo careers.
Jeff, UK

Thank God for that. Now we can only hope that Blue, D-Side, Westlife et al will soon go the same way.
Phil Jones, UK

HA HA - that's cheered me up for the day
Mike, UK

Christmas has come early this year..
Aaron, Warrington

Unfortunately I think they were doomed from the start as there is always going to be more media interest and column inches for a group of good-looking girls with sex appeal who can sing! (of course this is only my opinion!) Nevertheless it's a pity for the lads but I wouldn't think we'll lose any sleep over them.
Jenny, Belfast

Good riddance! It's not the 'bands' fault, but the industry's. Trying to ram that sugary pap down everybody's throats won't work. That's why Evanescence went to Number one. That's why the Darkness are doing so well. Because the only style of music that is honest is rock music. Face the facts. The only bands that attain longevity are rock bands. AC/DC, The Stones, Quo, Skynyrd, Motorhead,etc. It might not be deemed newsworthy or cool or hip, but whilst all those five minute wonders have long gone, the above bands have forged a career & are still doing it. I hope The Darkness attain this standard. Death to reality TV pop shows.
Grant Foster, UK

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