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Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 August, 2003, 14:09 GMT 15:09 UK
Web's first 'e-première'
This is not a Love Song
The film is a thriller set on desolate moorland
A British film is to get the world's first "e-première" when it is released on the internet at the same time as in cinemas.

This is not a Love Song, a thriller written by Full Monty screenplay writer Simon Beaufoy, will be made available for streaming and download on the web on 5 September.

At the same time it is being streamed and digitally projected in a handful of British cinemas.

The UK Film Council says it is the first time a movie will have had an official première on the web with a simultaneous cinema screening.

Directed by Bille Eltringham, the film was written in less than two weeks and shot in 12 days on digital video (DV) cameras, similar to the technology used on US hit 28 Days Later.

It has been previously screened, albeit to limited arts festival audiences such as Edinburgh.

The film is described as a tightly wound cat-and-mouse thriller set on desolate moors.

The plot involves an accidental killing on a remote farm as a group of vigilantes set out in search of two ex-cons fleeing the scene in horror.

The film will be available on 5 September at 1800 BST in various size files at www.thisisnotalovesong.com.

It is also to be shown at Bristol Watershed, Manchester Cornerhouse, Sheffield Showroom and London's The Other Cinema.

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