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Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 August, 2003, 11:04 GMT 12:04 UK
Cat in the Hat wins web name
The Cat in the Hat, the children's favourite created by the late Dr Seuss, has won the right to is name on the internet.

The name has been handed back to the estate of Dr Seuss by a United Nations copyright agency after a 'copycat' site appeared using the name thecatinthehat.com.

The site's creator, Chris Saunders, who lives in St Kitts and Nevis, had earlier agreed to return the name but the handover stalled when the site's registrar declined to de-register it.

An arbitrator for WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organisation, said the site had been set up in bad faith and the name should be returned immediately.

Pirate video CDs seized in Malaysia

Malaysian authorities have seized more than 300,000 pirated video CDs during raids in the north of the country.

The video CDs were about to be sold overseas through a mail-order business, according to the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry. The CDs were worth more than 1.6 million ringgits (262,000).

Nine people were arrested and will face fines of up to 10,000 ringgit (1,640) for each of the pirated CDs.

The raids were part of a government crackdown launched in May which is so far reported to have seized three million CDs and closed down several copying plants.

UB40 picked for rugby anthem

England's official team anthem for the World Cup in Australia this autumn will be sung by reggae act UB40.

The Birmingham band have already recorded their version of Swing Low, which will be released on 13 October, five days before England's crunch World Cup clash against South Africa in Perth.

UB40, with United Colours of Sound, will perform Swing Low prior to England's World Cup warm-up Test against France at Twickenham on 6 September.

They will be back at Twickenham 11 days later, when the video of their single will be shown at England's official World Cup send-off dinner.

Verdi's Aida wows baking crowd

A performance of Verdi's famous opera Aida designed by director Franco Zeferelli played in Verona on Sunday in near 100f heat.

The performance, at the 2,000-year-old Arena di Verona, was led by tenor Salvatore Licitra and included hundreds of actors and singers, surrounded by 14 sphinxes and other elaborate props.

Despite the heat many of the audience dressed in traditional formal wear.

The opera, one of the most famous, has traditionally been perfumed at the arena every year since 1913.


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