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Giant Queen portrait revealed
The new portrait of the Queen
Stultiens said he found the Queen to be "very perceptive"
One of the largest pictures of the Queen painted has been unveiled at an Oxford college.

Jeff Stultiens' portrait of the Queen measures 92ins by 58ins - one third larger than life.

It took six months to produce and was commissioned by Oriel College, and will hang in its hall.

The Queen was "very obliging and very co-operative" during the painting of the portrait in the drawing room at Buckingham Palace, Mr Stultiens said.

Mr Stultiens, 59, saw the Queen soon after her coronation in 1953.

He said: "At the age of eight, I stood in a line of schoolchildren as the newly-crowned Queen passed by in her limousine.

The artist speaks about a picture gallery of his other portraits

"Fifty years later, on the eve of the anniversary of the Coronation, I have been given the opportunity to meet the monarch and to make a pictorial testament," he said.

The Queen had sittings for the painting in February and March.

"It's a straight painting. It's absolutely straight. I'm not actually in the business of flattery, but I did paint two small studies from life," he told BBC Breakfast News.

"This painting's based on those. It's pretty accurate as far as I'm concerned, it looks like the Queen and for me it feels like the Queen."

The painter said he had asked for the Queen to be dressed in her garter robes which were "pretty dramatic.

I always intended that this should be a regal portrait
Painter Jeff Stultiens
"I found her pretty interesting. We had very interesting conversation, the Queen was very perceptive and quite knowledgeable about art."

Mr Stultiens, who lives in Toddington, Bedfordshire, is a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

It has been commissioned by Oriel because the college was founded only a few years before the Order of the Garters, Mr Stultiens said.

"I always intended that this should be a regal portrait - possibly an unfashionable viewpoint in the current climate," he said.

The BBC's David Sillito
"The artist...wanted it to be more formal than recent paintings"

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