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Wednesday, April 7, 1999 Published at 15:23 GMT 16:23 UK


Have Abba had their day? Your reaction

Abba were (and still are) the greatest musical phenomenon ever! Their music is timeless.
William Hulme, Glasgow

There are some things that are never old hat. We include in this list the likes of the Beatles, the Stones, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, the Bee Gees, ABBA. I'm not a fan of ABBA myself, but I can appreciate that they had a talent and their music will far outlive anything in today's music industry.
Stacey, UK

They are still popular because their music has captured a new public. In the early 90's Erasure helped keep their name alive and the tribute bands are still very popular. Good Clean popular music - Long Live Abba!
Nathan Morley, Cyprus

No one can ignore the music of Abba. It is magical. It takes you into another world, the world of true music. You can listen to Abba at any time and at any place and feel happy.
Tamim Lotfy, Egypt

If ABBA have had their day, why do so many groups produce cover versions? I'll tell you why because every single ABBA track is so "catchy" and uplifting. Unlike today's gloom and doom records as produced by The Verve and the like!
Richard, Scotland

It brings me joy to see that Abba's music is finally being recognised. They have produced some of the happiest and most moving works - and much of it hasn't been discovered by the masses, especially the later albums - The Visitors or Super Trouper. I believe Mamma Mia will finally bring them to the current spotlight, not left to the past. This will allow new generations to appreciate them all over again!!!
Y. A. Bagersh, Ethiopia

No, ABBA haven't had their day, far from it. Their "day" will come when they are finally recognised and given credit for the joyous and IMPORTANT contribution they made to popular music. ABBA picked up where The Beatles left off and single-handedly redefined pop music and took it to greater heights than it ever had been or, in my opinion, has been since. Of course ABBA had advanced production technologies (compared to The Beatles) which they utilised with extraordinary skill, but the real key to their success and endurance is the songs themselves. Benny and Bjorn's uncanny skill for creating startlingly clever pop songs married with the sublime and ethereal sound created by the voices of Agnetha and Frida was unquestionably the most potent combination of talent in pop music history. Long live ABBA and their joyous legacy of work to be appreciated forever by new generations of music lovers.
Luke, Australia

I went to see Mamma Mia last night and thought that it was fantastic. I am only 20 years old and have grown up on Abba. I don't think that they have had their day at all. Their music is constantly played in clubs and bars everywhere. Mamma Mia has nothing to do with the Abba story and is actually a funny romantic comedy that happens to have Abba music in it. It is very cleverly done and is very very funny. So long live Abba.
Tabitha, UK

If the Abba revival goes too far it will be due to the hoopla and mis-application of their music. Their recordings are timeless and very unique. The songs, the recorded vocal performances, and the arrangements are perfection...with that bizarre little Abba twist. Consider Cassandra, The Piper, Happy New Year, and others before you discount Abba.
Matt, USA

Abba are now old hat. Nice pop while it lasted but unless you've had a couple of pints and the mobile disco DJ puts them on you'll never enjoy them but go with the flow of the hype.
Gary Robson, England

I think that, here in the US, much of Abba's later work was overlooked, despite the fact that it's brilliant. I'm hoping that "Mamma Mia" will be a smashing success and that it will cause certain songs (such as "Slipping Through My Fingers") to gain the international exposure & appreciation they deserve. There are a lot of great ABBA songs which didn't receive radio airplay in the 70s, and are just waiting to be discovered by fans, new and old, today.
Kristy Madden, USA

As long as it's not an Abba imitation group, I'm glad to see the Abba revival happening today. I just wish we could see this group perform together either for a final stage performance or for one last album. It is true that we can't recapture the "Waterloo" days, but it would be nice to see these 4 again. I'm hope Mamma Mia has much success and someday makes it here to the US.
James Bachmann, USA

I was never a fan of Abba and I will never see this show. Repackaging old pop songs as a character's life soundtrack is a habit - not a good one - the movies and television have gotten into over the last 15 years, ever since the first wave of Baby-Boomers turned 40. It can't disappear too soon.
T.J. Cassidy, USA

Abba are glorious but so is Swedish music in general - did you know Swedish groups come fourth in world-wide record sales after the UK, US, and Ireland? The Cardigans are cool of course, but my tip for the top is Girlfrendo . . .
Nick, England

I think the Abba revival is great. I'd forgotten how many good songs they churned out - against your will, you find yourself humming along and enjoying it.
Bill Totten, USA

Please spare me! Abba's songs were plastic and devoid of soul then and their clothes horrific. Time has not improved them. I'm amazed if so many people like them now.
Claire Powell, Belgium

Abba are too cheesy. I feel ill listening to them or any covers of their songs.
Pete, UK

To me the 90s Abba revival should be termed 90s Abba recognition. Because in the 70s the media and so called music experts failed to recognise and appreciate the brilliance of ABBA. And like many great painters, Abba's genius has only been appreciated after their demise! Long live Abba !!!!!!
Gordon Dumesich, Australia

When Abba was at the height of its popularity, I was a 13-year-old Sex Pistols-fan. Although I've matured since then and my tastes have matured along with it, I still feel a deep sense of revulsion whenever one of those generic Abba-tunes comes my way.
S. de Jong, Netherlands

Nobody asks if the Beatles have had their day! For people in their late 20s and 30s Abba are one of the defining musical acts of our generation, not unlike the Beatles are to the people from the generation before. I think their songs do stand the test of time and will continue to be popular in the future. If people want to go and see a musical featuring their songs then let them get on with it.
Kate, UK

People who continue to denigrate Abba are either snobs, or simply ignorant of the true variety of their output: it wasn't all bubblegum and sentiment. For example, "The Visitors" is a near-techno, cynical song about the oppression of a Soviet Dissident! No, Abba endure simply because the music is of astonishing quality - above and beyond what is usually expected in popular music.
Nick Mailer, England

Just as we still listen to, and still acknowledge, the greatness of classic songs from such acts as The Beatles and Rolling Stones, so the work of ABBA will endure and continue to be appreciated. Quality always lasts and great music bears repetition. Will we still be listening to Beethoven 20 years from now? Silly question. Those who refuse to admit ABBA produced some of the 20th Century's best work in the field of popular music will continue to suffer proof to the contrary: Abba's music will be heard and enjoyed for many years to come.
Patrick Jauffret, Australia

I think it's about time that Abba have their day. For far too long they have been left behind by The Beatles and Rolling stones when it come to group accolades. Now they're receiving their graces for selling over 350 million records in a ten year period. That's why they're the best.
Scott Bradford, Australia

Abba should be put in the past forever.
Denise, USA

Abba's music was terrible even by 1970's standards. To hear this rubbish on the radio nowadays is even more of a nightmare. I pray to dear God on a daily basis that Abba and their music will just go away.
Axel Brinkhoff, USA

I wish the people who don't enjoy ABBA's music would just get over it. There is no reason to be so surprised that ABBA have lasted - they had 9 Number Ones in the UK, remember? Their songs are great, their production (mostly) timeless, and they will continue to remain famous precisely because they will never return. Now for all those naysayers isn't that good news?
Grant Cottrell, Australia

Although I was never a true-blue ABBA fan myself, I did enjoy some of their music, and, even though it always bordered on the whimsical, it was certainly a very pleasant relief from Noddy and Gary's noisy, nonsensical, cacophonic offerings.
Mamma Mia is certainly not a revival too far and their music should indeed endure way beyond the limits of the ' alternative ' 70's musical efforts of the likes of Mud, Sweet, Chickory Tip, Barry Blue, Suzie Q., Clifford T Ford and all of the other eminently forgettable one-or-two hit wonders. Power to their Super-Troupers!!
Neil Ashurst, Ghana

Abba's music will never die, because of one simple reason. It's brilliant! They deserve inch of every recognition. They were not always treated fairly by media during their career.
Roger Ekelund, Sweden

Top night had by all. No it's not the Abba story but it's certainly entertained our row - reminds me of Buddy.
Adrian Yorke, England

Abba was the music of the seventies and will be remembered for years to come...unlike some of music in today's charts. Abba had a feel good uplifting jazzy type of sound which although many groups have tried to emulate, few have achieved. Long Live the sounds of Dancing Queen and Voulez Vouz.
Jimmy McLean, UK

It's all very well going on and on about how great ABBA were, and don't get me wrong, they made some extremely good pop records. But I do wish people would at least take a little time to find out what's out there in contemporary music NOW as opposed to constantly pining for an era that is long gone. It's the same with Grease, Saturday Night Fever et al (both subjects of schmaltzy west-end shows too, to boot!) - all brilliant stuff, but then again_ I think the record buying public should let bygones be bygones and try and make a little more effort to listen to something a trifle more modern. And if I have to listen to "Summer Lovin'" by those two ever again I think I might just crack up! Still, nostalgia - it's not what it used to be, is it?
Dave Strong, UK

ABBA have certainly NOT had their day. ABBA fever is just as big now as it was it the height of the group, perhaps even more so. Anyone outside the premier of 'Mamma Mia' would see how much of a following the group still has. It has nothing to do with a revival - ABBA's music has lived on purely because people still love to hear it. It's a pity ABBA's record company doesn't appreciate this fact and treat ABBA fans with a bit more respect. I find it difficult to understand how anyone can say that ABBA have 'had their day'. The group has not been active for 17 years and here we are in 1999 going mad about them. LONG LIVE ABBA!
Richard, UK

Viva Abba! They are my dream.
Nguyen Duy Nang, Vietnam

ABBA revival. In my heart they never went away. I think I speak for many thousands of other people in saying that GREAT music never dies, it just gets more & more appreciated by new generations. I can't wait to see MAMMA MIA in July & to ABBA "THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC" because I will never stop singing.
Michael, Australia

Abba are taking this too far. I used to be a devoted fan but no longer. The reissue of Abba Gold with "supposed" full length tracks, that just aren't there (what a piece of marketing lies). To the new box set of singles, which in my opinion is well over priced, only the true die-hard fans of the group continue their homage to the Swedish quartet. If it weren't for the Mamma Mia musical opening this year, Abba would have sunk back into the obscurity they have lived with since 1982 when they disbanded. How many times can you recycle a catalogue of hits for Pete's sake, without actually giving something back to the fans around the world. ABBA should stand for ALL BUSINESS AND BANKING ASSOCIATION. Their song Money Money Money should become their signature tune. No wonder Bjorn was quoted as saying he is "happy to be a Pop Millionaire". Sorry but I have just gone right off them.
Rob Dickinson, UK

Abba's musical legacy will live for decades to come - dozens of perfect, timeless pop classics performed flawlessly by true musicians. The respect in which colleagues in the industry hold them is testament to their permanent place in the history of music.
Kaarin Goodburn, UK

I LIVE for Abba!!! This sounds Fabulous! Wish it was on tour.
Rob Delia, USA

You can never get enough of a good thing!!! It doesn't matter in what form their music is used, it should and will go on and on and on. The only thing missing is an official public appearance (or two) by the FOUR members of Abba.
Michael Arch, Grand Cayman

I remember rocking to Abba when I was a kid. Only not with the guys but the chicks really dug it. Abba RULES!!!
David Hill, USA

I have enjoyed Abba since they first stepped on to stage at the Eurovision Contest and their music has remained popular and timeless to nearly everyone who has heard their music. I shall look forward to going to see this musical.
Maria Harper, England

Abba will last forever. Their music is suitable for everyone.
Jonathan Birss, UK

Tell us what you think - are you still partial to dancing round your bedroom to Dancing Queen or should Abba be left firmly in the past?


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