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Streisand 'bored by her own songs'
Barbra Streisand
Streisand said she was unlikely to perform live again
Barbra Streisand has said she gave up performing partly because she gets bored listening to her own songs.

Streisand, 61, said once she had recorded an album she became so tired of the music that "I never listen to my records for maybe 10 years".

"Really, I just get sick of it," she told Reader's Digest magazine in an interview to mark the release of her 58th album.

Streisand retired as a public performer in September 2000.

She returned last year to sing at a Hollywood fund-raiser for her friends in the Democratic Party.

Describing her boredom with the songs, she said: "That's why I gave up concerts - in addition to having stage fright and the exertion of singing 30 songs a night. It's boring to sing your own songs."

Her latest CD, The Movie Album, is due in stores in October. But Streisand said she doubted whether she would embark on any more public concerts.

"It's fun to create a show and direct it and conceive it - except that you have to do it, you have to perform it. I never think of that until it's too late," she said.

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