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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 September, 2003, 08:44 GMT 09:44 UK
Frasier star eyes political career
Frasier has won 30 Emmy awards in its 10 years on air
Kelsey Grammer, who plays Frasier in the hit TV comedy, has said he may move into politics when he gives up acting.

Grammer hinted that he may run for the US Senate for California because he wanted to do good for the community.

After being lucky enough to get rich doing what he loved, Grammer, 48, told the Fox News channel he had "an obligation to give back in some way".

Grammer, a Republican supporter who has described himself as a "pro-Bush guy", earns $1.6m (993,500) per episode.

"I would like to try to rid the country of the idea that it's the rich against the poor," he said.

Grammer has been one of the most popular and highly-paid stars on US TV since the mid-1990s, when Frasier became a hit.

Vague views

But the show is due to end after the 11th series, which began on US network NBC on Tuesday.

If he did move into politics, he would be following in the footsteps of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is hoping to run for governor of California.

But Grammer kept his political stance vague and did not commit to anything.

In the past, he has said of President Bush: "I think he's got a clear message, I think he's got a conscientious message and I think he has some real courage."

Grammer first found fame when psychologist Frasier Crane became a supporting character on sitcom Cheers two decades ago.

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