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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 September, 2003, 11:03 GMT 12:03 UK
Mills attacks 'stalker-azzi' press
Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills
The couple are in LA for a landmine charity dinner
Heather Mills McCartney has hit out at the media, saying paedophiles "get more protection" than celebrities.

She dubbed the press "the stalker-azzi" for hounding stars like her husband Sir Paul McCartney and Jennifer Lopez.

Defending Sir Paul in the wake of an alleged scuffle at the site of David Blaine's London stunt, she said the media "made this whole story up".

And she told CNN interviewer Larry King that doing magazine deals would be like "dealing with the devil".

She did the TV interview to promote her charity, Adopt-A-Minefield, and a fundraising dinner in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Telling King that Sir Paul went see Blaine during a "boys' night out", she said he had to run to his car to escape photographers - but it was reported as a "punch-up".

Sir Paul McCartney
The couple are discussing whether to release a photo of their baby
Sir Paul and friends were standing "miles away" from Blaine's box near Tower Bridge when his press officer told photographers that he was there, she said.

"So he ran off to the car and the paparazzi were chasing after him. The last thing he wanted on his night out was to have any press around," she said.

"He just said, 'No I don't have anything to say', so the next day it was all 'Paul Macca fracas punch up drama'.

"His people tried to stop the paparazzi but Paul just got into his car and went," she said.

"It was front page headlines two days later. What does that say about the state of the world, with all the wars and all the terror that's going on?"

When asked about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's apparent split, she said: "I think it's disgusting that the stalker-azzi have done everything possible to try and ruin their relationship.


"Everyone knows in life that a relationship is hard enough. Could you imagine paparazzi having photographers through your shower room?

"Paedophiles get more protection."

Mills McCartney is due to give birth to the couple's first child in November and revealed that they know the sex and name of the baby but were keeping it a secret.

She said she did not want to keep calling the baby "it".

She said: "It's our one little secret. We both know and we know the name and everything."


She said the press were bound to find out where she was giving birth, but the couple were "still discussing" whether to allow a photograph of the child.

She never wanted to make press appearances when making personal announcements, but "Paul is more clever and more knowledgeable in that area", she said.

"He always will do one picture and one announcement and will go away. And it tends to work," she said.

It will be the former model's first child, while Sir Paul has three grown-up children from his marriage to the late Linda McCartney.

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