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They Think It's All Over: Your views
David Seaman
Seaman plays for Manchester City
Goalkeeper David Seaman and former England cricketer Phil Tufnell made their debut on sports gameshow They Think It's All Over on Tuesday.

The pair replace previous team captains Gary Lineker and David Gower and are joined by host Nick Hancock and regulars Jonathan Ross and Rory McGrath.

One of the new rounds includes The Beckham Challenge, which tests the teams' knowledge of the England football captain.

So what did you think? Here are a selection of your comments below.

Nowhere near as funny as previous series. Seems to have lost the sparkle now David and Gary have left. Rory is steadily getting worse as the series go on. Please get Gower/Lineker back, and quick!!
Matthew Rees, England

The show should be axed. The endless homophobic jokes are tiresome and in these times cannot be excused as "just a few lads having a banter".
Ruth Greaves, England

Of all the panel games shows on BBC, They Think It's All Over is the worst, Jonathan Ross is the only one on the show with any comedy talent, McGrath is just crude, with 99% of his jokes revolving around Posh and Becks. Anything amusing said by the sports personalities usually appears blatantly pre-scripted as though they're reading it off a card, with one of the comedians providing the intro line.
Jon F, England

Seaman's awful!!!!!! That constant nervous laugh is enough to drive you insane, it's worse than the canned laughter on the last Partridge show.
Matt, England

I can't believe it is the 16th series and it is still funnier than ever - long may it continue. Good luck to the new two new members.
David Varty, Northumberland

Come on, give 'em a chance, it was their first show, they can only get better in the next one!
Fran, UK

Pathetic! Get them off our screens. Give Tuffers his own show without the inclusion of the morons surrounding him. Just not funny anymore (especially as it is sooooo scripted. Not a single joke given "off the cuff").
J Wright, UK

TTIAO is utter rubbish. I think it was lasted well beyond its use by date. Let's get rid now, please. And while we are culling the worst of British TV we can get rid of Buzzcocks and Shooting Stars too.
Paul, England

Maybe I'm getting old but this show IS NOT FUNNY! It's just like a load of teenage boys make silly jokes and innuendoes. Rory is a waste of space! Put on something new for goodness sake!!
Rachel, UK

I think getting rid of Gary and David was a huge mistake, and the two new captains are rubbish. why is Steve Davis not one of the new captains? Why did you fix something that was not broken?
Gareth Miller, England

I watched TTIAO for the first time in a couple of years the other night. As far as I am concerned, nothing has changed - it is still as unfunny as usual and I won't bother to tune in again. Auntie Beeb, move Never mind the Buzzcocks to a prime BBC1 slot and ditch this show completely.
Samantha, England

David Seamen should be sent off. He has no idea. At least Tuffers tried.
Craig, UK

This is still my favourite show on the box - as a gooner it's great to have Safe Hands as a new captain - I know he'll loosen up as the show goes on. Wrighty would have been a better choice though! Tuffers is the tops! Rory and Jonathan still make me crack up and I hope they stay forever ...

The original series with David and Gary was not only funny and entertaining but there was also chemistry between all the regulars on the show, this seemed to work well. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
Ikhy, UK

David Seaman is a waste of space, all he does is laugh which is so irritating. I won't be watching the programme again until they get rid of him. They should have recruited Chris Eubank or Steve Davis as team captain, or maybe Major Hewitt.
Tim H, Bristol, UK

David is quiet. Rory comes up with the occasional joke... They should keep the latest members, but mix the teams around a bit.
Oli, UK

Gary Lineker was a class act in the show, along with Rory and Jonathan Ross. David Seaman is too serious - bring back Gary!
Hollie, UK

I for one am slightly gobsmacked at the cult we have seen arise around Phil Tuffnell recently. The man has a conviction for assaulting a former girlfriend. I don't really see the need to glamorise this man.
Martin Nash, UK

Ross is a legend! They are all funny and now have 2 new targets.
Paulos, UK

David Seaman is a great bloke but not a team captain for a show like this. Perhaps he was overawed at what was going on around him because sadly he just sat there and laughed. Long term team captains always difficult to replace but not right choice this time. Sorry.
Anita Alexander, England

I think Tufnell and Seaman have added a different to a great show and long may it continue. As long as Rory and Jonathan are there, this show will always be one to watch. Keep up the good work!!!
Kev, Manchester, England

Put Never Mind the Buzzcocks on instead
Scott Burditt, UK

I think the inclusion of Tuffers is a great move, though the addition seems little more than the English defence itself, desperate at times!
Jenks, Wales

The show definitely should remain onscreen, but with any change in a great equation the success of the change will become clear soon enough. Its is all about personality dynamics, I wish the new line up all the best and look forward to many laughs.
Michael Hanuman, Conwy, Nth Wales/ Akl, NZ

Really clever putting the program on at 9:30pm on a Tuesday night when most of the British football fans who make up most of your audience are watching Champion's League matches. Really clever!! NOT!!!!!! Come on and get a grip!!!
Jamie Bassnett, UK

I love the show and think it is good to have it continued, but with no offence intended to Phil Tufnell, I don't think his appearance on 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' really qualifies him as a good enough host, a guest maybe but not a host - I'm sure he is a talented cricketer but most of us didn't know who he was until the celebrity show and I think he has only been chosen because of this show whereas Gary Lineker was a huge sporting talent for years and a family favourite - can no-one convince Steve Davis to be a permanent host? he was fantastic at it
Tori, Northern Ireland

It's still one of the only programmes I find funny, and I will actually make time to watch. Its always been a great tonic after a long day. I think new captains was a good idea, but I'm not sure about Phil and David. Phil will be torn to shreds by Jonathan and Rory, and David's a bit quiet. Still, give them time. I shall continue to watch...
Rob, UK

Red card and three-match ban for David Seaman. As Rory said in the show, bring back Gary.
Omar Mirza, UK

I say "keep going"!!! Why spoil a good thing. 'They Think It's All Over' must be one of the funniest shows on TV (closely followed by 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks'). As long as they don't get rid of Rory McGrath or Nick Hancock, the show will continue to be great.
Dave Jones, UK

I have just returned from nine years in New Zealand. In that time a lot of things have changed in the UK but two things have remained depressingly constant. These are - Jonathan Ross is STILL not funny and, Jonathan Ross is STILL on TV. How does he get away with it?
Alan, UK

Why throw in the towel just because the team captains have changed? A Question of Sport have had numerous captain changes AND a host change and it's still going strong after a very long time! I can't think of two better team captains to replace Gary and David. Good luck to them, I'm sure it will be just as fun to watch.
Carolyn Bissell, United Kingdon

I watched last night's revamped programme and was very disappointed - the new pair were very dull and David Seaman just kept laughing for no apparent reason - I would of thought that the BBC would be able to find more interesting personalities - I am sure that a lot of viewers will switch off, like myself.
Robin Jupp, U.K.

The format works well, I never tire of watching 'they think it's all over', and although I will miss Gary and David Gower, the replacements will provide continued humour. Sports programmes that appeal to both sexes are thin on the ground, so why end a winning formula?
Stella Burch, England

I think its a good move although its a shame to lose Lineker and Gower. Its one of the few shows if any others at all, that has me in hysterics. Jonathan Ross and Rory McGrath really make it also, which is why the show must go on!
Chris May, England

Tufnell and Seaman? Almost unbelievably bad - unless you like peace and quite. Neither of them said anything! I know its always been 'The Ross and McGrath Show', but Lineker and Gower were much better at delivering the pre-rehearsed one liners. Sometimes I even thought they were saying their own jokes! Tufnell and Seaman have a lot of practising to do.
Jim, UK

Me and my partner watched TTIAO last night, and said how much better it was than the last series. I think this was because of the new captains, it meant new jokes and gags could be thrown in, and we actually knew what they meant whereas with David Gower he was before our time. The new format is definitely better and I know we will be watching all of this series.
Mary Johnson, England

The banter was just as good as before - Tuffers is excellent - we want more of him!! Keep it coming!
Helen, UK

David Seaman just sat there and grinned all the way through while Tuffers just looked bemused - not a good start. Just as well that McGrath, Ross and Hancock are still there, otherwise I wouldn't watch.
Jonathan, UK

Oh get rid of it. It's now little else than an excuse for Jonathan Ross to run off at the mouth until he runs out of breath and for Rory McGrath to be obnoxious. Not remotely funny.
Phil, England

Much as I love Phil Tufnell, I don't think it worked. He and JR were like sniggering schoolboys and poor old Matt LeT was really left out. And even with my TV on full blast I could barely hear a word David Seaman mumbled. Not the same. Not good enough. Not so funny. Call it a day.
Lou Tait, UK

I wouldn't be that bothered if the show ended, but there are definitely worse things on TV. It was amusing and watchable last night. Think the new captains were ok and will settle into their roles fine. I do HATE feel the sportsman though. I really think that's got beyond funny now that they have to dig such depths to get people on to feel. And I hope Phil's ok after his paintball attack - those things really hurt at such close range, he must have been in agony, poor bloke.
Chip, UK

My boyfriend and I watched it last night, mainly as I'd been tipped off about Jonathan Ross being shot by the paintballing team. As for the new captains, Tuffers is a star but who's bright idea was it to bring on Seaman? He spent half the time grinning like a Cheshire cat and the other half making incoherent comments.
Alix, UK

I missed the show as was watching the footie on the other side. I would have watched it but as a sports fan was watching sport!!! Who made the decision to put it up against the footie? Surely you're cutting your potential audience!
Danuta Dougan, UK

I'm sorry but I have to disagree with Alan (UK, and Phil (England) - I love Jonathan Woss! I love him on this show and his own - at least he can laugh at himself (& he's sexy too!). It's a shame that the format of a successful show has to change, but time will tell if it works, Phil T is a sweetheart though!
Gillian, Edinburgh, Scotland

Tired, very very tired.
Andy, UK

Tufnell is superb, and I think he will get better; Seaman, was he actually on the programme? Ross - as funny as ever; McGrath - as crass as ever, please please please get rid of him. Please bring back Steve Davis as captain or instead of Rory McGrath. It's still a great show though, and whilst the banter continues, so will its success.
Sarah, Wales

A welcome return. TTIAO is like an institution. Pleased that it's back. It's still funny although David and Phil need more practice at PR and so forth to make it as TV Personalities. Since Seaman left the gunners I've seen him on more TV shows than ever... you think he'd have the hang of it by now! I'm sure as time goes on they'll get up to speed. I for one would like to see the show continue. And can we have a new round of Who Shot JR? every week with Paintball guns? Anything to cover up those suits!!!!
Jon , London, England

Would somebody PLEASE tell Jonathan Ross that he is not as funny as he obviously thinks he is. Still the paint ball down his suit was an improvement!
Nigel, England

Will need time to bed in and get the banter going and the audience to understand the new guys characters, but Seaman did not impress and Tuffnell headed for the lowest level asap. Steve Davis would be superb as he is a total character anyway. May I also suggest Christie or even (gasp) Eubank?
Simon, UK

Still good, I'll continue watching. But Steve Davis & Ally McCoist would have been better choices for team captains.
Dave A, UK

Seaman seems very quiet. Jonathan and Rory seem to pick on their captains. Maybe David and Phil could think up some 'put-downs' possibly in the 'Simon Cowell' way!!
Keith D, North East England

Love the show, however Gower and Lineker should be back on as they all bounce off one another so well. Don't find Phil Tufnell funny at all and David Seaman seems a bit dim. Hopefully first show nerves and it will get better.
Janet , England

Bring on Mike Tyson and Hulk Hogan as the Team captains.
John Cummings, uk

I say bring back David and Gary. It was great to watch a programme featuring 2 sportsmen that I fancied as a teenager!! It was also inspiring to see how they have evolved in their careers since their playing days finished.
Frenchie B, London

Who else thought that Neil Hancock looked like a fat badger? - David Seaman is just not up to the job - Go Tuffers.
James K, UK

One of the highlights of the autumn season! Though Gower/Linekar will be missed, as long as Ross /McGrath are still there it will keep me and my wife in stitches. It looks like Seaman will be the new whipping boy, until you bring back Steve Davis of course! Long live TTIAO!
Mark Craig, UK

It's time we put this old nag out of its misery. It was a great show but the format is now tired and jaded. Bringing in new people isn't going to make a difference. BBC, cut this show and bring out something new and fresh, preferably amusing!
Mike H, UK

Part of the fun of the show was the constant ribbing of David and Gary. Sadly, after 15 series, some of the jokes were getting a little thin. These two new targets should revitalise Rory, Nick and Johnathon with a whole new vein of gags. Keep up the good work!
Paul, England

Best show on TV no doubt. Jonathan Ross was the star of the show once again
Stevie, Belfast

Where's Gary!!? He was one of the best parts of the show! Seaman was too quiet to go up against Rory. Maybe as the series goes on he'll improve. Tuffnell could be a good addition. I hope so, may have to stop watching if last night's show was anything to go by.
Angela G, Bingley, UK

I think the show went down hill when Jonathan Ross came on and has never recovered; he dominates the proceedings with puerile humour and childish obscenities. Get him off and bring back that bald bloke.
Jonathan McIver, uk

Well it still makes me laugh - which is as much as you can ask really!
Dan, UK

As long as the show has the likes of Rory McGrath & Jonathan Ross the show will continue to be funny - they are 2 comedy gods
John McHale, Birmingham

Forget about Seaman, get Ranieri on! By the way good choice of showing time: clashing with the Champions League! Congratulations to the genius who came up with that!
Donna, East Sussex, England

Why is it everyone is 1) impatient and 2) quick to criticise?!!! I think the line up will work very well, Tuffers will be excellent. I'm not so sure about Seaman but we'll just have to wait and see. Last night wasn't a good one but it was the first. I thought Sue Barker was terrible on Question of Sport when she was first was on. Now I think she's excellent!
Julia H, UK

I enjoyed last night's show, that David don't say much though does he?
Simon, England

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