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Ono's art show bares almost all
Yoko Ono sits on stage as her son Sean cuts off a piece of her tunic
Ono admitted to being scared during the performance
Yoko Ono, widow of murdered Beatle John Lennon, was left on a Paris stage in her underwear when audience members cut off her clothes as part of her art show Cut Piece.

First performed in 1964 as a peace protest, Ono had asked the audience to cut off pieces of her clothing to "send to the one you love".

Her son Sean was the first to get on stage, cutting a hole into the sleeve of his mother's black tunic.

"It was nerve-wracking," he told journalists after the performance.

"She is really brave to do this again. It was very moving and very intense."

Ono admitted afterwards to being nervous during the performance, especially after one woman cut through her bra strap.

"I was a little bit scared," she told Reuters news agency.

"But I wasn't that scared because I tried to do it with love. And I think there is a lot of love out there."

Peace advertisements

Ono and Lennon became famous in the 1960s and 1970s for their offbeat protests, including the Bed-In For Peace against the Vietnam War.

"When I first performed this work, in 1964, I did it with some anger and turbulence in my heart," she said before the show.

"This time, I do it with love for you, for me and for the world."

The show is one of a number of pro-peace demonstrations the Japanese artist has held.

Last year she rented a billboard in London's Piccadilly Circus, which read: "Imagine all the people living life in peace," a line from Lennon's famous song Imagine.

She also took out full-page advertisements in papers around the world on the eve of the war in Iraq earlier this year.

The adverts said: "Imagine Peace...Spring 2003."

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