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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 July, 2003, 23:35 GMT 00:35 UK
Reality TV 'worries viewers'
Big Brother
Audiences dropped for Big Brother 4
TV viewers have growing concerns about reality TV shows which "humiliate and exploit" contestants, according to a study.

The UK's Broadcasting Standards Commission (BSC) interviewed more than 2,000 members of the public and had discussions with 14 different groups to gauge their views.

The report suggested viewers were concerned public perception of contestants could be manipulated through editing.

Reality TV has become a phenomenon in the last four or five years with programmes such as Big Brother and Survivor drawing huge audiences across the world.

The report said: "Although viewers question the realism of reality TV... its overall appeal is the sensationalist content which viewers recognise can be heightened by the use of selective editing."


It added audiences "were concerned about the effect that appearing in such a programme would have upon the contributor".

"Underlying this concern is uncertainty as to whether the contributors had given their full consent for everything to be included," the report said.

The Bill
Police dramas 'should be accurate' said survey
The report, called Dramatic Licence: Fact or Fiction, centred on audience's attitude to TV drama.

Viewers felt there was a "general lack of quality programming" and there was criticism for "cliched" themes.

Those surveyed said they felt drama storylines were not as original as they once were.

There was also concern about accuracy - viewers said storylines should be realistic and based on some element of factual accuracy.

In particular viewers expected medical and police procedures to be accurately reflected.

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