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Last Updated: Friday, 12 September, 2003, 09:28 GMT 10:28 UK
Diaz photographer must stay in jail
Cameron Diaz
The photographs date from 1992, before Diaz found fame
A photographer accused of trying to blackmail actress Cameron Diaz has been told he must stay in jail or pay bail.

John Rutter, 41, allegedly threatened to sell photos he took of the Hollywood star before she was famous to the media unless he was paid $3.3m (2m).

But Superior Court judge Ann Jones has told him he must stay in jail if he does not find $250,00 (163,000) bail.

He denies charges of attempted extortion, attempted grand theft, perjury and forgery.

In a separate, civil suit, the actress - star of Charlie's Angels - is suing Mr Rutter to ensure the photos are not published.

That lawsuit starts on Friday in Santa Monica Superior Court.

Mr Rutter was arrested on 12 August and later that month was denied release from jail and ordered to stay away from Diaz, 31.

Offered photos

He took the photos of the actress, who got her first break in 1994's The Mask, in 1992.

Mr Rutter said he rang Diaz's lawyers in June offering them first refusal over the photos. Soon after, he said, police raided his house and seized the photos.

Diaz's publicist said the actress - who was a model at the time of the photos - had never signed a model release form, and that the release Mr Rutter had was a forgery.

Diaz, whose recent hits include Gangs of New York and Charlie's Angles 2, has emerged as the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, earning $42.2m (27.6m) in 2001.

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