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Last Updated: Saturday, 26 July, 2003, 05:11 GMT 06:11 UK
Cameron enjoys Big Brother glory
Cameron Stout outside the house
Cameron basks in the applause
Big Brother winner Cameron Stout woke on Saturday to his first day of freedom.

The 32-year-old Scotsman seemed stunned at taking the 70,000 first prize ahead of Dubliner Ray Shah.

He promised to use his prize money to buy a new piano for his church, a new bathroom for his family - and a trip to Chicago for himself.

The fish trader from Orkney told a press conference there was little chance of getting together with admirer and fellow housemate Steph.

"She's supposed to be coming to Orkney but I can't see any romantic involvement between me and Steph," he said.

Ray Shah
Cameron - 1,928,570
Ray (above) - 1,428,231
Scott - 786, 978
Steph - 196,026
He said he was looking forward to catching up with family and friends - "my harshest critics or my best judges".

When presenter Davina McCall announced he had won, he shouted: "I can't believe it. Thank you, thank you."

Then he left the house amid screaming fans and fireworks, for a tearful reunion with his family after 64 days apart.

Cameron, a committed Christian and teetotaller, offended some with his views on homosexuality and smacking children in recent days.

Less votes

Almost two million votes were cast for him, confirming his status as bookies' favourite.

But the number of votes to decide the winner halved since last year after viewers and critics complained of boredom.

Scott Turner was in third place and Steph Coldicutt was named fourth earlier on the final night on Friday.

2000 - 7.5 million
2001 - 7.3 million
2002 - 8.6 million
2003 - 4.3 million

Almost 12 million votes were cast throughout the show's two months - 4.3 million of which came for the final.

But that was down from 8.6 million last year, when Kate Lawler won.

Viewing figures were also down on 2002, with an average of 4.4 million watching before the final this year - one million fewer than last year.

But it was still Channel 4's highest-rated show this year.

The channel said the figures were 17% higher than the first series, and 10% higher than Big Brother 2.

Big Brother 4's final attracted 7.4m viewers at its peak, according to unofficial overnight audience figures.

But this is well down on the show's first two series, which peaked at 10m during their finals.

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