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Old and new battle for MTV awards
Missy Elliott
Missy Elliott has nominations thanks to the video for Work It
Pop stars Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake and country legend Johnny Cash have emerged as the top nominees at this year's MTV Video Music Awards in the US.

Rap diva Elliott leads the field, which were announced on Thursday, with eight nominations for the video for her song Work it.

Timberlake was in second place with seven, with Cash on six.

Both have been nominated for the best video of the year, alongside Missy Elliott, Eminem (Lose Yourself) and 50 Cent (In Da Club)

Timberlake's nominations have been for the songs Cry Me a River and Rock Your Body, while Cash's have been for the video for Hurt, a cover of a Nine Inch Nails track.


In the video a frail-looking Cash is interspersed with footage of his younger days. The video also includes the singer's late wife, June Carter Cash, who died recently.

"I am overwhelmed by this great honour. I thank you all for thinking of me. It's been 48 years since I cut my first record and it's nice that people are still digging them up," Cash said.

Elliott is nominated in the best video, female video, hip-hop video, direction, special effects, art direction, editing and cinematography.

Thom Yorke in concert
Thom Yorke's Radiohead have four nominations

British bands have also been honoured in the nominations, with Coldplay and Radiohead both receiving recognition.

Radiohead have the most for a UK band, with the video for There There featuring in four categories - best special effects, art direction, cinematography and editing.

Coldplay, who will play live at the awards ceremony on 28 August, have been nominated three times for their song The Scientist in the best group video, breakthrough video and art direction categories.

British R&B act Floetry, recent Mercury nominees, are in two categories, including best breakthrough artist.

Comedian Chris Rock will host the ceremony, which takes place in New York.

Last year's awards were dominated by rap act Eminem, who won four awards, while Detroit rock band The White Stripes won three, as did Pink and No Doubt.

BBC News Online users had their say on the videos of the last year. Here is a selection of views.

The greatest video of the year, without a doubt, was Johnny Cash's Hurt. This moved me so much. The man has shown himself to be a living legend. Fingers crossed.
Paul Spittle, England

What I wanna know is why Linkin Park's Where I Belong wasn't nominated. Or Tatu's for that matter. That sucks.
Alec, Nigeria

I think Missy Elliott's Work It is pure genius but I do also like Eminem's Superman! Mind you the version I like was only available on the 8 Mile DVD! Missy Elliott and Eminem deserve to win as much as possible!!!
Clare Parnell, UK

The best video of the year is the one no-one has seen - American Life by Madonna. Once again, the queen of pop caused controversy without even screening the video!
Craig Sanders, UK

Christina Aguilera - Dirty, Justin Timberlake - Rock your Body, Christina Aguilera - Beautiful.
Tania, UK

And where were Oasis??!! Still the greatest UK band (bar NONE) and no mention anywhere!! Just goes to show how sometimes the best acts lose media interest as soon as they are "uncool" despite making music usually better than the current "in" band.
Rich Ellis, UK

I've just watched the Johnny Cash video online. Fantastic. Let's hope he wins.
Frank O'Brien, UK

Move Your Feet, by Junior Senior. The smiling pieces of toast that popped out of the toaster were the best part of that excellent video.
Adrian, UK

Without a shadow of a doubt, the video for Hurt by Johnny Cash was far and away the best of the year. Such a simple idea, but to show everything it did in a beautiful manner. Learn from this popsters.
Tim, England

Queens of the Stone Age - go with the flow.
John Rock, UK

I'm not a great follower of Coldplay, but the video for The Scientist just hit a chord with me (excuse the pun) and really moved me. It compels you to keep watching and really draws the viewer into the story. I couldn't get it out of my head for days after seeing it, and still get a little mesmerised by it! Fantastic!
Lindsay Johnston, Britain

The only video that distinguishes itself this year from the tired images, and same old same old that we see over and over again on the music channels, is Coldplay's video to The Scientist. Not only does the video enhance and make a poignant and beautiful song even more powerful, but it's technically stunning, gripping and moving.

It's caused many discussions about how the singing forwards, everything else going backwards, was achieved and it has also made me vow never to take my seat belt off in the car again.......the government should enlist Coldplay's help next time they want to make public aware of the dangers on the road!
Paul V, Ealing, UK

I think that Missy E has done extremely well for herself creating music suited to a variety of people. Her music has a positive vibe and she is an inspiration to many individuals young and old. She has earned these awards.
Joanna, Derby

The nomination for The Scientist by Coldplay has be a sure bet. Coldplay have brought a refreshing change to the mundane that has been in the charts over the past year. Good luck to Chris, Jon, Guy and Will. You got my vote.
Screaming Satellite, England

Love Ms Elliott's Work It but keep watching for a huge comeback this year!!! Cyndi Lauper is working on it and she has the right cards to get her wishes come true!!
Fabrice, USA

Johnny Cash's video for Hurt was the most powerful heartfelt video I have seen in years.
Chris Reott, USA

Johnny Cash should sweep the boards. The perfect fusion of old and new, deeply moving and thought provoking, unlike glitz or arty stuff. A music video that does something rarely accomplished - it compliments the song and adds to give a moving experience.
Paul, USA

Radiohead's Pyramid Song. It perfectly illustrated the sombre sentiment of the beautiful and haunting song.
Leica, USA

Eminem totally rules!!!!! Sing for the Moment is great, so was Lose Yourself...
Sara G., Belgium

The MTV VMA's are just lame. The really talented musicians never make it on MTV, even if they have music videos. C'mon, all these bands on MTV just find a solitary pattern and repeat it throughout the entire song (that takes little effort at all). While technical genres like the current Classical, Death Metal, and maybe even Progressive get no attention at all.
Jacob Kinnun, United States

Entertaining and her music gets me dancing. I love the vocals of Coldplay along with their rather original videos. Lastly, I just want to see Beyonce win because "Crazy in Love" was my summer anthem and although I didn't necessarily enjoy her whole album, it was worth the fourteen bucks to replay that song in my CD player several times a day.
Kristal Haynes, NY, USA

David Sneddon 'Stop living the lie' it typified the inability of manufactured artists to gain any form of musical credibility what so ever. So what if he plays the piano and writes his own songs doesn't stop them been utter durge! Great stuff keep on killing the industry guys!
Simon Dennis, UK

I'm an older woman who thinks Justin Timberlake's video for, "Cry Me A River" is about the best video I've ever seen. The first time I saw it I remember vividly how stunned I was. That to me is a sign of fabulous. It should win everything it's nominated for.
Susan Peters, USA

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