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Last Updated: Sunday, 27 July, 2003, 17:11 GMT 18:11 UK
Big Brother 2003: Your views
Jon Tickle
Was Jon the most interesting person in the Big Brother house?
This year's Big Brother has been branded dull and uneventful by some TV critics and viewers.

Many blame it on the contestants, who have been described as bland compared with participants on previous series of the Channel 4 reality TV show.

"The fourth series of Big Brother has been the televisual equivalent of a hot mug of Horlick's," said BBC News Online's Darren Waters.

Cameron was named winner on Friday and will take home a prize of 70,000.

What do you think? Have you enjoyed this series? If not, where did it all go wrong?

BBC News Online users sent in their views.

Channel 4 should be braver next year, send in some older people or some real nutters to spice it up a bit, instead of these middle-of-the-road good-looking, unconfrontational bores! How about some goths, hippies or neo-nazis? That'd be truly interesting telly!
Tim, UK

Sorry but I've got to mention the return of Jon Tickle. I thought it was a great idea. Someone with nothing to win or lose going back into the house to stir things up a bit. But he spent all his time in bed sleeping!!! What a waste. He was acting like a contestant again. Sap!
Paul, UK

Watch America's version of Big Brother! Started at the weekend and it is addictive. The first 30 minutes surpasses our entire show! The house mates are fun to watch and the tasks are brilliant. The British need to learn a thing or two from the Americans!
Anu, London

If you think BB4 is boring compared to last time, could it be that now you are a year older you have managed to get a life of your own?
David, UK

I would guess that the Big Brother's Little Brother show hosted by the multi-talented entertaining Dermot O'Leary achieved better viewing figures than the main show. He did his best to rescue the show.
Robert Canter, UK

People need to get a correct view of what homophobia is! Just because someone believes in heterosexual monogamy doesn't make them homophobic! Cameron is a chap who sensibly treats other people well without being condescending, I am sick of idiots (e.g. the recycled wannabes on Rise every morning) who condemn the boy for showing restraint with boozing and other childish behaviour.

He will make a good Dad one day and then it'll be his kids who'll be thankful. Stuff all those small minded divs who launch out at this nice bloke with their token assessments! If he wins it will be great. If he refuses to become a media-whore (e.g. Rise) then it will be even better.
Jason, UK

I'm glad Cameron has won this year's contest. Although his opinions might in places de deemed questionable, he does have, with in my opinion some exceptions, a set of good morals that are so very often lacking in today's society.

And as for those who complain of BB4 being boring, this 'fisherman' as they like to refer to him WAS indeed outstanding and different in his beliefs etc, and not just run-of-the-mill.
Simon, UK

There was a fourth Big Brother?
Earl Baker, UK Cameron's views on sexuality were extremely dubious. If he wins, I will lose my faith in mankind...
Emma, England

I have just been reading through some of the very negative comments that have been said about BB4 and I totally disagree - after BB2 it has been the next best. Who wants to watch people arguing and getting drunk the whole time? Cameron is a great guy - deserves to win after all the stick he has been given, and would have plenty of interesting things to say if people like Jon Tickle and Lisa didn't deride him the whole time. Good on you Cam. Hope you find that lovely wife you deserve.
Melanie, Croydon, UK

I think in hindsight, Big Brother Four will be known as Big Brother Bore. Contrary to public opinion, I don't find Mr Tickle entertaining, just someone in love with the cameras and his own opinions.
Byron Kendle, Wales
A part of me remains fascinated by the concept but unfortunately this year's contestants seem to have had little capacity to entertain either themselves or the viewers. Those who demonstrate any intelligence are also full of their own self-importance, the others are simply vacuous.

No need to draw on any inner strength or demonstrate will or initiative, rather than face some of the challenges seen in previous series, these contestants have had to cope with little more than endless supplies of alcohol - well BB had to do something to make them appear entertaining!
Vicky, UK

The producers tried to be too clever, introducing twists such as nominating after one hour and two housemates being evicted at the same time. As a result they shot themselves in the foot and we saw three of the more interesting housemates, Anouska, Federico and Tickle all evicted.
Hill, UK

I think in hindsight, Big Brother Four will be known as Big Brother Bore. Contrary to public opinion, I don't find Mr Tickle entertaining, just someone in love with the cameras and his own opinions.
Byron Kendle, Wales

If that homophobic fisherman wins what does that say about the country? Vote for no-one. Bring back Jade and Brian!!
Ez, UK

What do you mean boring? It's getting better and better, am gutted it finishes tonight.. ok, so it didn't start that well and everyone was being nicey nicey to each other but I think BB4 has been excellent... of course helped by a daily helping of Dermot O'Leary on BBLB. His dancing is priceless.
Yvonne, Wirral

With the amount people, magazines, radio shows etc that talk about it I don't need to watch it. I hear all the best bits without having to watch hours of it. Of all four series and Celebrity BB I have only watched about an hour of it. It's a shame - they had a winning formula but have flogged it to death by showing it too often.
Nicki, UK

Surely no-one is voting for Cameron after hearing the non-PC opinions he has been forced to admit to of late?
Anon, UK

How outrageous were Cameron's comments on homosexuality? A similar sexist or racist comment would have had him (and possibly the BB producers) in trouble. Instead he is rewarded with a huge lead in the polls, a sad reflection on the UK perhaps. How come the BBC get into trouble for opening a debate on asylum, but Channel 4 can broadcast an openly homophobic comment with no balanced debate?
Ian, UK

Nobody is watching BB this year, nobody is talking about BB this year, when Jon was evicted that was the end for me and all the fans I know where I live and work stopped watching it weeks ago. What else is there to say, it has failed miserably. AND no one I know will be voting tomorrow and no one will be watching the final, because no one cares!!
Ex BB Addict, UK

Yeah it has been so boring this year, I feel that there weren't enough people over 30, or 40 for that matter. Why were most of them in their 20s and early 30s? I'm 42 and am more fun than the whole 13 housemates put together.
Ann, England

I can't believe it is the last week of BB. Nobody is talking about it. I have no strong opinion about any of the housemates. And that's just wrong!
Julie, UK

It's the first one that I've ever stopped watching. I just can't be bothered; since all the interesting people, like Jon and Federico, were kicked out, it's been deadly dull. The ploy to put Jon back in to make it entertaining again just showed how desperate the programme makers are to make it watchable.
Jessica, UK

Something also has to be done about the extremely irritating dips in sound during the programme which appear to happen for no apparent reason. It has been suggested that some of this is for "rudeness" reasons because the programme goes to other time-zones. Well, if this is the case, tell the other countries to do their own censoring and let UK viewers hear the sound uncensored.

Another idea might be to prevent contestants appearing on TV for a set period after eviction as this would stop those who go on the show for the post show "fame" and possible fortune
Stuart Burgess, United Kingdom

If it's so boring why are there so many comments?
John, England

This year has been the most boring Big Brother ever, there is not one person in that is funny, different or can have a good laugh. It is rubbish and I think they should stop producing Big Brother if it is going to be this bad. Also, not one interesting thing happen in there like last year. For example the rich and poor side.
Stacey Cupples, London

No more BB please, I've had enough. This year was just a lot waste of space, all the contestants are just so superficial. It is the most boring BB ever.
Danielle, United Kingdom

BB4 has been a disaster, nothing like the last one when there were funny, entertaining people like Kate Johnny, Alison and Jade, they were so funny to watch. I couldn't tell you anyone's name from BB4, very dull.
Rebecca Battersby, UK

Cameron to win? NOT! I think this shows how ridiculous this series of BB has been. The people who selected the housemates need to get off their high horses and give BB fans what they wanted instead of saying "we don't want people who want to be stars". Oh shut up!!

As for Cameron's comments on sexuality - I don't think this would have been allowed if it was about racism or other minority groups. CAMERON TO LOSE!
Andrew, UK

A new format with a wide range of ages, backgrounds, sexuality, colour, beliefs would make for a more interesting show
Gregg, Scotland
It can be as boring as you like, but it has still achieved one of its main objectives! It has everyone talking about it!
Maureen, Scotland

It's been absolutely useless. I have been completely disappointed with the lack of sincerity of the group, it should be humorous, intellectual, aggressive but what we got was DULL DULL DULL DULL. They need more booze on the show, it'll make a whole lot of difference, hey I should know.. The most interesting part of the show was that I look exactly like John Tickle.
Pat Lobo, UK

Boring characters, boring format. The fact that Cameron is favourite says it all really. The only time it was interesting was when Lisa appeared, yet the voting public wanted rid of her! That I could not understand, it is after all a TV programme, therefore don't you want to be entertained?

A new format with a wide range of ages, backgrounds, sexuality, colour, beliefs would make for a more interesting show. Instead of the usual "safe" contestants they insist on having.
Gregg, Scotland

Contrary to popular opinion, I've enjoyed this year's Big Brother a lot more than last year's. Last year we got a group of desperate wannabes who were crying out for our attention. This year the producers have managed to find some people with more depth to their characters.

Sure, there have been some this year too who are desperately trying to become celebrities, but this is the first time in BB history that I feel they've got some genuine and intelligent people. I guess the problem is that a lot of the audience doesn't appreciate intelligent conversation and have dubbed people like Jon, Scott and Cameron boring. I guess I must be boring too because those three would all fit perfectly in with my circle of friends.
Christine, UK

BB4 has got better, but unfortunately all the housemates started off as very similar in character. Nobody has really emerged as a true leader, or real joker. They should be prepared to let themselves go, and have a good time. I wish when people do their application videos, and they say they will be bring this or that to the house, that they would do so! Please Endemol for next year select some older far more controversial people!!
Antony Forst, UK

If we had left Anouska in, the show would have been great
Elizabeth, UK
Awful, what a bore and chore to watch, its never been worse. Time to cancel the show I think.
Perry Gill, UK

I am glued to the TV every night. This Big Brother is the best for me. It would be great if Cam and Steph got together. I really wish I could be in there with them all!
Mark Perry, UK

I blame Big Brother for getting them to evict on the first night, when one of the most charismatic people left, and letting them fail tasks, leading to no alcohol.
Dave P, UK

I think the solution to keeping the interesting housemates in the Big Brother house is to change the voting system around, instead of voting who you want to be evicted, you vote for the person you want to stay in! This can be proved by the fact that Jon's popularity got him voted back in.
Stephen Tonks, England

I believe that as a nation we are desperate to see drunken and loud housemates but this year we have been sadly disappointed by clever, calculated and cool people who have seen what happened to the likes of Adele (bb3) and Nick from last year and they have gone into their shells. The show has been so dull that the small amount of viewers have latched on to Jon Tickle, the BB4 idol. Maybe next year they should take away their books.
Tom, UK

I love Big Brother but I do think the selection process for contestants this year was flawed. I understand why they wanted to pick similar people but at the end of the day they should have taken heed of the age old saying opposites attract! If you choose people that are similar they will get bored easily and will lose things to talk about.
Adrian, UK

Terrible, I think you only have to look at the last four to realise that this year's BB was a disaster. I think the public prefer bitching (Narinder, Jade, Adle), backstabbing (Jade, Nasty Nick) and general entertainment (Brian, Kate and Jade). So the producers of this series has bored us all. The previous three years I watched most of the shows but this year I have dipped in and often switched off half way through as I was bored!
Garry Bird, England

I think Anouska and Ray are great. If we had left Anouska in, the show would have been great. It's the same every year, there are always boring people in and loud good people who will spice things up. But everyone hates those people and so they are voted out only to leave the show boring and then you all complain that it is boring.

I never vote, I leave it to everyone else and just think how good it was when Jade stayed it, and how boring it went when Bubble left. I'm glad Ray has stayed on to the end because he is the only one interesting, and he doesn't lose his rag on purpose. Everyone is like that when they have had a drink, he just has a bit more than others. Fair play to him.
Elizabeth, UK

Note to BB makers - why not get contestants in who are genuinely interesting, like to enjoy themselves and aren't fame hungry losers?
Richard Watson, UK
I've been watching most of this year's Big Brother and I've come to the conclusion that I'm watching it more out of habit than interest. The people in the house are really nice, but that's the problem! The personalities haven't been strong enough to make good TV and I find myself falling asleep after 10 minutes of watching. Come on, even the arguments are dull! Bless them.

At this rate I can honestly say that I am not so excited about the next Big Brother if they do decide to make another one. I really think they should leave it a couple of years so that we all have a chance to get excited about it again.
Maya McKee, England

I think an OAP Big Brother would be hilarious. This one was a bit disappointing, the people were all too similar. Obviously viewing figures must have been down, which is why Lisa was sent in and John allowed to go back once he had been evicted. OAP Big Brother next - what a laugh.
Kelly Petersen, Wales

It's been a dull and dismal affair - let's be honest, after 4 years most contestants know what to expect - the tabloid press coverage, the interviews on Breakfast television, the inevitable fitness video/panto deal for Xmas - nowhere is this better exemplified than in the sad sight of Justine parading herself on RISE every morning, merely highlighting how desperate for fame and a meagre fortune she really is. Note to BB makers - why not get contestants in who are genuinely interesting, like to enjoy themselves and aren't fame hungry losers?
Richard Watson, UK

It was slow at first and I refused to watch it, but after Lisa entered and left, it's picked up pace and I can't miss a nightly episode (to the dismay of my family and boyfriend). Is there a BB ANONYMOUS?
Shazza, England

I have really loved BB this year. I find watching the subtleties of human interaction and emotion far better than cringing at last year's full volume slanging matches and bitching sessions.

Has everyone just forgotten how much the Rich/Poor divide ruined it last year? I think the ever changing Reward Room concept was pure genius.
Ani, UK

The only person that should have been chosen is Ray. He is the only one that is not playing a game, all the others are watching everything they say and do
Jemma, UK
Bring this year's contestants back in 10 years time when they've all lived a bit more and don't care quite so much what other people think of them, then it might make more interesting viewing!
Sue, UK

This really was a poor series in comparison to the previous BBs. These people were by far the dullest, least intelligent, least lively, least EVERYTHING bunch you could possibly pick. Net result - no one cares who wins. Make no mistake Channel 4, something went very wrong indeed with BB4.
Mike Coldwell, UK

Sadly there's two more years of this trash to go, by contract anyway - and no, I don't secretly love it, I just change the channel whenever it's on, in marked contrast to the first one. The second year, despite seeing Brian would win from the minute he walked in the house, was a laugh, but last year was when the rot set in.
Ken, England

The only person that should have been chosen is Ray. He is the only one that is not playing a game, all the others are watching everything they say and do. It can never be the same - every year the housemates are more and more aware of what is happening outside because they have watched previous shows and are therefore reserved. In BB1 they did not have a clue how much was seen, what would happen when they got out and were therefore more natural and more fun. I don't think any of them deserve to win 70,000. Next year they should put Brian back in!!
Jemma, UK

I believe there were in excess of 100,000 video "wannabees" this time. If these are the best, then I am emigrating!
Jon E. Luvmuscel, Wales

Blame the good old British public. Who are these idiots who voted out Anouska in Week 1 and continue to campaign for the Fisherman to win?
Cassie, UK
I am an avid watcher of Big Brother and this year I purposely got cable installed to watch it! I have to say it is sooo boring. I am very disappointed and do not watch it at all now. The contestants chosen this year are boring beyond belief. Completely the wrong people were chose. I would rather watch paint dry than watch them- it is torture!

Blame the good old British public. Who are these idiots who voted out Anouska in Week 1 and continue to campaign for the Fisherman to win? Probably the same people that have branded BB4 "boring". Here's hoping we learn from our mistakes and make BB5 the best of the lot.
Cassie, London, UK

All of the other Big Brothers have been very addictive despite my efforts to resist them. This time I decided that I wouldn't resist and would just watch it...but it has been so boring. There were no characters in the house and it left you not wanting to know what they were up to. I think I have watched about three programmes all the way through. Rubbish.
Lucy Smith, UK

I am quite concerned as to the lack of people in the house with disabilities...for the fourth year running we have had a collage of perfectly fit people. Imagine you were in a wheelchair; how on earth would you be able to get up and down those stairs? It's clear that the house has been designed with no disabled issues in mind. Would the producers ask disabled people to be wheeled out ignominiously through a side door without the fanfare associated with their able-bodied companies?

I have written to the ITC about this but they have provided a waffly letter that drones on and misses the point. I was assured that C4 bosses have promised that next year's Big Brother (yes, there will be one) will have a disabled person in there. By the way, I am able bodied; I hate to see minority groups treated in such a way.
Paul Lee, UK

I am at work so I will have to be quick. I have enjoyed BB especially when Jon returned. I am looking forward to Friday. Well done to all behind the scenes.
Ann Brookes, England

How about letting the public vote who they want to be in the house in the first place? I'm sure that way we'd get a good mix of ages and people from different backgrounds. This years housemates have all been too young with not enough experiences of life to talk about. Give us more alcohol - it's the only thing that seems to liven any of them up!
Joanne, UK

Think of how many memorable moments you can name in BB4 then compare the number you have to previous Big Brothers. The answer is pretty clear. I think the USA idea of bringing in the exes is an ingenious idea. Imagine the turmoil of having to live with an ex for at least a week, never mind a night!!
Sarah Warr, Great Britain

Whoever chose the contestants this year should be fired. They've done a terrible job
Jason Priory, UK
I think this year's Big Brother has been a wash out. The people were boring, they all promised us loads of laughs and surprises - like they always do and failed to deliver the goods, yet again. I don't even think that anyone deserves to win the 70,000. Why should someone win the cash just for sitting in the sun, keeping stum so no one votes you out!! Rubbish - this should be the last show I reckon!!
Natalie Godfrey, UK

Dull..dull..dull! Every time I tuned into E4 the contestants were either, reading, sleeping or sun bathing. It was like watching grass grow. The highlights showed a desperate attempt to spice up a non-event. No more please!!!
Marcella Hughes, England

I think Big Brother as a concept is fantastic. However it needs to be rested. Not scrapped! It's still popular enough that if given a rest of a few years it could come back and be hugely popular again. Also, the 24 hour coverage is a good idea but I understand the silences that occur are for legal reasons but it makes it unwatchable. The live Saturday show is appalling!
Alex, UK

Whoever chose the contestants this year should be fired. They've done a terrible job. After all the hype and the massive build up the producers need to realise the show lives or dies by its contestants.
Jason Priory, United Kingdom

Like many, I think that this year's contestants haven't been as interesting as previous years and the public tend to evict the entertaining ones very early. How about the next series featuring the first three evictees from each of the previous series?
Rob, UK

Sadly, the show has been the worst so far. The problem lies with the selection of people chosen. Had they chosen older people over 35 as well as more 'working class' people, things might have been better. The fault also lies with the producers who took it for granted that the format made the show and not the people themselves.
Tim, UK

I'll be sad to see it end on Friday, but I'm looking forward to getting my life back! By the way ... Cameron to win!!
Anne M, Aberdeen, UK
I don't think we could have taken another Jade. I think more demanding tasks would highlight the strengths and weaknesses in the group effectively as well as provide some comedy. Viewers want to be made to laugh (Brian, Kate, Craig) not cringe (Jade, Lisa, Caroline)
Steve, UK

I've in the most part enjoyed this years BB - it's about watching people adapt and develop - not just laughing at the things drunk people do... I can look out of my window and watch the punters in my local pub if that's what I think of as entertainment. I think the biggest problem with BB4 has actually been the media/general public.

During and after last year's BB there was a big hoo ha about the contestants acting up to the cameras and how they were all "wannabes". With this in mind I believe that the producers tried to pick contestants who would not portray this kind of trait. So it seems they cannot win - if the contestants are all laugh a minute all singing all dancing 'great entertainment' then they (and they show) are slated but if they are a little more sedate as with this year's gang then the complaints continue unabated.

The producers are never going to get it right because we, the British love to complain and we love to hate the things we secretly love.
bekki, UK

Stop moaning about all the best people leaving too early - you voted them out! It's not BB's fault the general public is more interested in watching a boring, quiet fish monger than the Ticklemeister!
Richard Pasco, Uk

At the beginning of each series I always think this year's housemates aren't nearly as interesting as the last ones, but by week three or four I'm always hooked. BB4 has had some great twists - Africa, Jon's return and the reward room. I've really enjoyed the last few weeks, I've shouted at the TV, roared with laughter and cringed in nearly every instalment. Not to mention constantly changing my mind about who should scoop the prize. I'll be sad to see it end on Friday, but I'm looking forward to getting my life back! By the way ... Cameron to win!!
Anne M, Aberdeen, UK

BB4 what a disappointment. Stick a few hidden cameras in Archer's numerous homes for some real entertainment.
Jot, UK

Even with all the desperate gimmicks designed to liven things up eg Africa swap, double evictions etc, this group of people have remained consistently dull!
Jo, UK
I've got so sick of the ridiculous, incessant bird-noises to cover up what are doubtless the most interesting snippets of conversation, and the fact that after three years the contestants seem so painfully aware of how the public view Big Brother and it's contestants, that I've pretty much lost interest. Haven't voted once this year, but I'll probably watch the final anyway...
John, UK

In previous years I have been a huge fan of BB, but this series has left me cold-we are missing drama which was provided in the past by characters like Jade, Nasty Nick, Sandy and his escape, Brian and his humour. The contestants this year are so bland in comparison and Channel 4's attempts to soup things up have all failed miserably. The success of the show depends on the mixture of housemates and clearly a big mistake was made when choosing this lot. Why wasn't there a mix of ages? Why choose camera shy people like Goss and Scott? I really couldn't care less who wins.
Richard, UK

Whoever chose the contestants should not only be sacked but should be blacklisted from ever working in television again. They are not the only ones to blame however, it was always evident from our pop culture that the general public have no taste and yet again it has been proven with the voting in this series of Big Brother. I don't see why we have to suggest the end of Big Brother, why scrap something that is so popular and is always more interesting than anything else on television. All that Big Brother needs is new staff with fresh ideas. The only thing I enjoyed this year was Big Brother, Little Brother which has a great presenter and upstages the main program.
Tom, UK

There's nothing to do in there! Give them one television and let them fight over the remote. Play music into the house to get them up and about. Anything to stop them from sleeping! Treat it like a normal house and let us see how people react with each other in normal everyday situations. As someone has already said the novelty of the 'prison camp' situation has worn thin, change the format, it can work!
Lucy, UK

This year's Big Brother has been truly sleep-inducing. I was glued to the last three series but this year they've managed to pick the 11 most boring people in the UK (Federico was the only person I found interesting). Even with all the desperate gimmicks designed to liven things up eg Africa swap, double evictions etc, this group of people have remained consistently dull! I think the lesson here is to next time pick people who aren't afraid to voice an opinion or 'let go' once in a while... and aren't just there to clean the kitchen, sweep the floor or nap all day on the sofa... zzzzzzzzzz
Jo, UK

Good lord. I am a huge fan of the previous series but this was like watching paint dry
Matt, UK
To me this year's BB has been boring. All the most interesting housemates were evicted early on. A change in the voting system would probably be a good idea, scrap the nominations in the first few weeks and let the public decide who leaves and not the housemates, this would end the same people being up for eviction week after week if the housemates dislike them. I normally watch night after night in the last few weeks, but this year I haven't watched for the last week and will not be voting a winner, as I don't really care which of the four left take the prize.
Jayne , UK

It is amazing how such a good format could become so boring. In the previous BB's there was always someone you liked, someone you despised and someone who made you laugh and cringe, this year I think the producers must have been drunk when they selected the contestants - what were they thinking? This has become the Cameron show, the editing has been a lot more biased this year they really want Cameron to win. The tasks have been so dull, I mean they could surely have come up with something better than tug of war, pass the parcel and pick a straw. I could go on all day, it will be interesting to see next years BB to see if they can learn from their huge mistakes this year.
Danni, UK

After the brilliance that was BB3 anything was going to be a disappointment. But the dire choice of contestants this time made it even worse. A real shame.
Linda, UK

I think this year they went for what could be described as average or above intelligence. There were no real dippy blondes or manic arty farty types. Just your average "normal" people. The organisers hadn't really come up with anything to really test the patience of the contestants, everything in the house seemed "easy", from cooking, games, conversation. I really do think they should put in a more varying age range, people with different diets, religious beliefs, backgrounds etc. Apart from Cameron, who does stand out from the crowd, you basically had a group of people you could have found in any pub in any town anywhere. And let's face it that is boring.
Elaine W, UK

Endemol also have to take some of the blame - how do they expect action if all the housemates have to do is sit and read and sleep and sunbathe? They did need to give them more challenges.
Ray Shields, Isle of Skye, Scotland

I really hope this is the last, who on earth chooses these contestants? Can't say that there was one who had any spark at all - if BB want people to get into this, then at least choose people with a bit of spunk. These non-entities will fade in a matter of days.
Kevin J, UK

Wrong people, absolutely no thought into what to give them to do. Brainless tasks that made bad viewing (bar the pedalo task) or indeed no tasks at all. Nothing that would keep them from sleeping or sunbathing for endless hours. We know what BB5 needs, we try and tell you so listen!
Kevin Symonds, UK

Good lord. I am a huge fan of the previous series but this was like watching paint dry. All the housemates desperately trying to avoid offending each other so as to not be voted out. Anyone who even slightly rocked the boat was evicted immediately leaving us with the most bland, boring final four imaginable.

I imagine after all the drunken, naked shenanigans of last year Endemol wanted to play it safe. I hope that they will be back to form next year.
Matt, UK

After the success of the previous two shows I have found that BigBro4 if very very dull. The main problem seems to be the similarity of the contestants and the fact that all of them are very aware of the media scrutiny which goes with this type of show. Change the location of the house Change the "experts" who choose the inmates Get someone with a bit of flair to think out the tasks. The highlight of this series was, without a doubt, Cameron's exchange trip to S.A. but for the rest of the time monotony was the order of the day Something needs to be done if the whole concept of 'Reality TV' is to carry on.
Jim Dickson, England

The problem stems from this year's selection of housemates. It seems very strange that from about 100,000 original applicants, some of these 12 made it into the house. I think last year's antics, and the resultant tabloid coverage cast their shadows over this year's choices: BB4 - Blander By Far.
Gill, UK

The problem with this year's Big Brother has simply been in the choice of housemates. They need some really exciting, interesting ones next year to revive the show. Unfortunately, this year they tried to spice it up by throwing in far too many twists and turns which just spoiled it. Looking forward to next year.
Steph, UK

This year, the people in the house have all been nice. That's the problem, who wants nice? Give us the likes of Nasty Nick, Jade, Alex etc - something to give the show a spark. If there is a next time, pick people who won't get on all the time. And somebody please tell Davina that those long pauses before she announces evictees etc just don't cut it. Get rid of her.
George, UK

Like anything else, TV programmes have a shelf life and I think this particular one has gone stale. Time for someone to come up with something new.
Chris, UK

Being an avid watcher of previous BBs I could not wait for this one to start - sadly I have been very disappointed - the people are boring, moody and cannot complete a task correctly. All the slightly interesting housemates i.e. Federico, Tanya, Justine were out too early on - leaving us with (yaaaaawn).....................
Gabs, England

I think that this year's Big Brother has shown contestants who have obviously seen the programme before and tried to keep low profiles to stay in the house. The problem has been that this makes them bland and boring to watch.

Genuinely entertaining people such as Federico and Sissy were evicted due to them having views and being themselves. As it is the public who vote to evict housemates then no one has anyone to blame except themselves for having a dull final four.
John, UK

Definitely BB4 has not been as good as the previous three. Probably because of the lack of interesting characters in the house - only Jon, Federico, Anouska and Lisa were any good. The public have to learn, too, to vote out the boring ones and keep in the annoying ones. They NEVER learn to do this. It makes for much better viewing.

However, the reward room, South Africa changeover, reinstalling ex-housemate have been great ideas. It should still go ahead next year, but suss out better characters first.
Lynda Burns, Scotland

The contestants this year are too young and therefore open to change. They need older contestants who are more set in their ways and whose eccentricities have had time to develop.
Dave, N Ireland

The most recent series of Big Brother has been a complete non-entity, and I am disappointed that we have the prospect of suffering more dire Big Brother efforts in years to come. What was an excellent formula in the first year has become tired, over-hyped and completely artificial... with C4 trying, and failing, to up the ante with BB South Africa imports, rich and poor sides etc. Give it up... it can't get much worse.
Hen, UK

Contestants who are too introvert, not to mention too media savvy. They even knew when the commercial breaks were coming during the live tasks on a Saturday. Boring tasks and a lack of alcohol in the early weeks.

Also, why do the programme makers not allow instruments and other things to relieve the boredom ? I don't understand why they try to make it like a prison camp!
Dean Osborn, UK

It has not been the best one but I have watched most of it. I enjoy Friday night eviction still and will be watching the final night. It is a shame as generally it is good fun. I think next year will be a lot better as now they have a lot of competition from abroad. They just need more interesting people and I am sure they will find some.
Jane Love, England

Boring. They needed less normal characters that we could gawp at, rather than all these twentysomething usuals that act like people we all know. I think that instead of putting more normal people in the house they needed to get some even weirder characters in who will realise that they are on national TV but not be inhibited by it.
Rowan, Scotland

In the past I had really enjoyed Big Brother, it was kept alive by crazy challenges and lots of alcohol. This year it has been somewhat subdued and somewhat boring. I was really sad to see Nush evicted as I thought she had the most zest for fun. Next year make it exciting with twists and turns at every opportunity.
Tracy Hyde, UK

Please kill off this programme now. It's had it's day in the sun and rather like Graham Norton, the format's wearing very thin and is looking very tired.
Richard, Ireland

I have been glued to Big Brother in the past and intrigued by the different characters. This year has been boring right from the start and the only contestant with real character is Ray. Unfortunately the rest were only interested in sunbathing, reading or sleeping and did not have much to say to each other.
Jillian Burton, UK

I have enjoyed it but nowhere near as much as in recent years. Although all of the surprises have been interesting (Gaetano and Lisa entering, John re-entering, the reward room, etc) it just hasn't been as watchable. I don't think it's anything to do with the chosen housemates either...I am Big Brother fan but I have to say I think the bubble has burst on such reality TV shows unfortunately.
Anon, UK

It's been a bit dull despite so many "surprises" such as Cameron's jaunt to South Africa and the return of the strange but compelling Jon Tickle. Maybe a better variety of people would have made for a better show. In other years, you have had a steady mix of various ages, creeds, sexualities etc. that has added a certain spice. I'm going to send off an entry for a spot in next year's house just to prove that it could be fun again.
Jon Lipscombe, UK

If the housemates were 'boring' its because they were 'bored' with not enough creative activities to do. Most spent far too long in bed during the day. Things usually livened up around 11pm or later just as I was thinking about going to bed! I do wonder if the penny has finally dropped for Jon, that there was no 'fake' Cameron.

The public vote out Anoushka, Sissy, Federico and then Lisa and then claim the show is too boring for words. Am I the only one who wants to scream?
Mat, north wales

Cameron seems to have been "sponsored" by BB in that the producers have promoted him to such an extent that his bits tend to dominate the 30 mins highlights,much of which is very uninteresting diary room material. Cameron HAS been controversial at times,vindictive even, but these bits are not shown. BB needs a new organisation to run it. Dare I suggest you,the BBC,consider showing Channel 4 how to do it?
Chris Roughan, England

It was so refreshing to see someone with such an obvious zest for life and enjoy it to the full without the need for drink to have a good fun time
Marion, UK
You can't complain about the boredom factor! They are stuck in a house with very little to do apart from sunbathe and talk. Big Brother selected people who could do this, if they had wanted lots of sexual action then they could have easily put in individuals who were very likely to do these things. However, remember that if there was any explicit sex then Channel 4 could not show it. They edited out completely a shower scene between Steph and Nush! I enjoyed this as much as any of the others. And it will continue as although figures have dropped C4 don't have another show to replace it, and o2 make so much from it they would probably stage it themselves!
Malcolm Clarke, East Midlands UK

I think it's unfair to have a go at Cameron for being homophobic. His views only became common knowledge due to a grilling by Big Brother during one of the tasks( who obviously knew his religious beliefs and that he would stick by them and were looking for a bit of controversy)
Claire, UK

Congratulations to Cameron. The best man won. Maybe his Christian faith and "weird" opinions are actually a little more mainstream with young people than the middle-aged liberal establishment would care to admit.
Peter Ratra, England

Next year get a vicar, a punk rocker, a hippy, a rasta, a biker..... or don't bother. Leave the media-friendly middle-class boy/girl band clones alone, or don't bother making another.
Al, Wales

Just look at the amount of comment this has generated on this page! It may not have looked up to expectations but on the evidence of this page it is without doubt the hottest talking point on UK television.
Eamon, Belfast

The whole problem with BB is the nomination process. The "contestants" often use tactical voting meaning that popular, controversial or interesting people, I.E. those likely to win, will always be nominated. The public usually have no choice but to evict someone that makes the show entertaining. Why not instead let the public choose each week who they want to stay in. The two with the least votes go head to head on eviction night and the CONTESTANTS choose who gets evicted in an open vote.
Scott, UK

I think that if there is a BB5 next year, they should pull 12 audition tapes randomly from those sent in and throw those people in together. All of this screening and selection process is nonsense, as BB4 has demonstrated.
Steve Clatworthy, UK

Pretty good all the way through... but a VERY dissapointing ending with that awful simpering big girls blouse, Cameron Stout, winning!! Couldn't believe it. I turned over after Ray's interview... gutted.
Harry, UK

Speaking as an almost OAP I am delighted that Cameron won BB4. It was so refreshing to see someone with such an obvious zest for life and enjoy it to the full without the need for drink to have a good fun time.He got my vote because it it so good to see a person with moral values and not be afraid to show them.As for Jon,well he just made my flesh creep, what a sleaze.
Marion, U.K.

Even ITV was better during the Big Brother summer boredom.
Shaun, UK

It was great that there wasnt so much alcohol, so when they were drunk it was different and funny. The tasks were lacking this year, only the pedalo was any good, there was no way anyone could have passed the bell ringing. A new contestant at 6 weeks was way too late too, no matter who would have come in. Next time the contestants should be made to get up every day to do things and make them interact by setting daily tasks that need a team effort. Also make one of the FIRST tasks a "getting to know you" task that would stimulate discussions.
Marie, England

It could not compete against BB3 at all.People complained last year about the rich/poor divide, and Channel 4 bosses promised that this year they'd not put the divide up. But the people complained about that last year,but it was the most entertaining BB ever. If BB5 wants to succeed then they must bring back the divide.
Dave, North Wales

In Cameron's memory can we please have an all-gay BB5
Prince Albert, London
Perhaps a couple of the housemates were the wrong choice, i.e. Sissy and Justine, however, the exec producers cant take all the blame, after all, the housemates pick the evictees and we vote them out! It's our own fault because we got rid of Anouska, Fed, Jon and Lisa so we have not one else to blame!
James, Leeds, England

I'm going in for Big Brother for next year, and i'll spice it up!
Anon, UK

I'm sure Cameron has blessed many people and has shown that Christians still exist in Britain and that 'being Christ like' and following God's word in the Bible really makes a difference in a persons life!
Hannah, England

I think Cameron should be commended for voicing an opinion (formed through his religion) that he KNEW would be unpopular.
Alexandra, UK

Jon should never have been allowed to steal the limelight on his return to the house or give his opinion so forcibly to the viewers. It was unfair, unjust and bordering on the illegal!
Anne Griffiths, UK

This year they never seemed without a beer or good food. That's why it was so boring, because you never got to see them work hard and prove themselves.
Christopher Tracy, UK

Don't worry guys, the Aussie Big Brother was a big yawn, talk about boring telelvision. The only bright spark was having Anouska for a couple of weeks after she got voted out of the British house.
Chris, Australia

On holiday in Australia I had the opportunity to witness Anouska entering the big brother house in Queensland. She was as dull over here as she was in the British house. The Aussies seemed to find her irritating and so did I. The show has ran its course and moving housemates from country to country will not help. Give it up Channel 4.
Suzanne McMillan, Australia (UK)

Lisa - the public booing her when she came out was stupid. What was that about? That says a lot about the British people. Now they are crying that BB was boring. They made it boring by getting rid of all the interesting people, and leaving idiots like Cameron and Steph in to bore us to tears.
Agatha, UK

Last year I remember having loads of conversations about BB at work, this year I haven't heard anyone mention it for weeks. Something's definitely up.
mark, uk

In Cameron's memory can we please have an all-gay BB5 - and then send this year's fishy winner back in for a week or two! Now that would make for some fun viewing
Prince Albert, UK

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