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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 September, 2003, 14:39 GMT 15:39 UK
Spears considers London move
Britney Spears and Madonna
Spears shared a kiss with Madonna at the MTV awards
Britney Spears has said she may follow in the footsteps of Madonna by moving to London.

She said she would love to move to another country and believed she would be happy in the English capital.

"It's the one place I feel completely anonymous," she said.

"And I just like the way they treasure everything. The milkman still comes to the door. Everything is very simply done."

Speaking about her public image, she insisted she was still as "squeaky clean" as when she started out in pop.

Spears, who kissed Madonna at the MTV Music Video Awards, said she was "just performing and expressing myself".

"I think I'm still clean living," she said. "I mean I don't go home and have orgies or anything like that."

Spears said she had never kissed a woman before and would not again, except "maybe Madonna".

She told CNN she believed that by fulfilling her own dreams and having fun doing it, she was inspiring her fans.

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