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New Music: Four Day Hombre
Four Day Hombre
Four Day Hombre met at university
Majestic rockers Four Day Hombre got onto the BBC Radio 1 playlist before they had a record deal, and describe themselves as "Simon and Garfunkel mugging Mogwai".

In the first of a regular feature on new bands, singer Simon Wainwright introduces the band to BBC News Online.

Describe your music in three words.
Delicate, riotous, vibrant.

Who is in your line-up?
Five of us - myself, I sing and play guitar, Jason plays the bass, Rich plays guitar and sings, Ash is the drummer and Ed plays keyboards.

How did you all meet?
Four of us met at university at Lancaster. I was doing fine art and the others were doing a whole bunch of stuff - geography, philosophy, linguistics. Ash was an old friend of Ed's from school.

When we finished university, we basically decided to set up this band in Leeds. We all moved wholesale from Lancaster to Leeds one day, got Ash on board and set about it. That was about four years ago.

What has been your biggest break?
Probably everything that's come from the latest demo, which has turned into the single. That's got a play on XFM, it got into the airplay on Radio 1, it got us a manager. It's been really good to get that positive reaction from something we recorded ourselves.

What has been your biggest mistake?
Playing on the same bill as the cast of Rainbow in Preston. It was at the university - Zippy, George and Bungle were headlining the whole event. One of the other biggest mistakes is spending two months restoring out tour bus for it to get nicked the day after we finished restoring it.

Who are you usually compared to in reviews?
Elbow, Radiohead and Deus.

What are your three favourite albums of all time?
There are hundreds - but, off the top of my head, Grace by Jeff Buckley, Worst Case Scenario by Deus and For the Birds by The Frames.

Which artists would you have on the bill if you organised a festival?
Some bands we've been playing with, who are really exciting at the moment - like The Koreans or the Broken Family Band. Definitely The Frames because they are the best band I've ever seen. And Elvis and Johnny Cash dueting would be absolutely beautiful. And Metallica as well.

When did you write your first song and who inspired it?
It was when I was at school. I'm ashamed to say the person who probably inspired it was Peter Gabriel. I went through a real Genesis fad when I was about 12 or 13, and I was probably aspiring to be Peter Gabriel, which is quite unbelievable really.

What's your favourite line from one of your songs?
"We're living off junk food and melody/It's a 12-pack high proof economy."

What has most surprised you about the music industry?
How small it is. When you get within the industry, there are only actually a very small number of people who know each other, who are pulling all the strings.

What is your biggest musical ambition?
We would just like to make great albums that people buy and enjoy and that in some way affect peoples' lives.

Four Day Hombre
Listen to a clip of The First Word Is the Hardest


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