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Presley's polished debut
Stephen Dowling
by Stephen Dowling
BBC News Online

Lisa Marie Presley
Presley has gone for a country feel
To Whom It May Concern is the first album from Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis.

It is slightly strange that Lisa Marie Presley - the only descendent of Elvis, the man who revolutionised rock'n'roll - has taken this long to come up with an album.

It begs the question - is this a display of patience by a woman who has been quietly working on her talents until she has felt it is the right time, or a decision to get something out before it is too late?

Her debut album has nothing in common with her late father's blues and 50s rock-driven canon and her voice is a southern drawl that sounds like a slightly more weathered Sheryl Crow.

To Whom It May Concern comes with breathless exhortations it is the beginning of a new Presley legend.

But it is unlikely that a legend can be constructed from such polite, polished country rock as this.

But there are some occasionally fascinating insights into an already famous life.

Gone appears to be a slight at recent ex-husband Nicolas Cage (he filed for divorce after only three months together), with its put down "and the yes men will agree/you gave it everything".

The 35-year-old, it seems, is allowing a glimpse into a life usually gleaned only from tabloid headlines.

Lights Out is the album's most interesting song, with its description of a place left next to her father's grave - the realisation every step of her life will be dogged by the ghost of her dad.

The track Important also has an ebbing rhythm that sets Presley's voice off perfectly.

Her debut is assured, but assured in the way major-label singer-songwriter albums usually are.

To Whom It May Concern is out in the UK now on the Capitol record label

Your comments:

It's not good to compare her to her Dad but I expected way better than what she delivered. Gosh! All that dough! What about a voice coach?
Bobbie, Canada

Two words: Buy now!
Lee, Uk

This album is fantastic, whenever I can't get to sleep I just play it for 5 seconds and I'm fast asleep!
Sarah Woolley, UK

Talentless and completely uninspiring. And what's with all the Elvis impersonating on TV? Awful and cringing to watch. This woman clearly has far too much money and not enough sense, but she's using her Dad's money to buy her a purpose in life. LMP should go out and find one herself.

If she had a good voice - fine. But she doesn't, so I wish she'd stop trying to be something she isn't, and stop the lip curling, head tossing, head-down-looking-up-at-the-camera thing. It looks so contrived!
Nat, UK

This album in my opinion is excellent. Ok, at first I thought maybe not and probably for the same reasons many others did, but Lisa-Marie truly does have talent. Every song on the album is written by her and her voice is very deep and sometimes it is difficult to hear what she is singing.

I take my hat off to her she is one brave lady for doing this in the first place, I mean if your dad was the King of Rock n Roll and accomplished all he did, how the hell are you expected to follow that?

I have read and watched a few interviews on Lisa-Marie and she is one tough lady, although she would expect there to be lots of bad criticism about her, she can take it. LMP ROCKS.
Susan, UK

Don't buy this album expecting Elvis style music. LMP has her own style which some people will like and others won't. In my opinion though, a good first album.
Mark, UK

Lisa Marie has sounded terrible on her live appearances and sounds nearly as bad on this CD. She is not carrying a talent gene from her father.
Rick Rennie, USA

Very hard to value her work objectively. Even though it's true that her surname raises the profile of the album, it is not exactly an empty work. After all there might be a gene for artistic talent.

Learning that she wrote the songs herself already puts her above her father in one respect, since he never wrote any of his songs.
Alfred, Gibraltar

I've heard LMP's first single, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Having said that though, Glen Ballard seems to have a magic touch. Alanis Morrisette was singing bubblegum pop until she hooked up with him, Paula Abdul was just a dancer, and Wilson Phillips more famous for their parentage. All gained notable success for their work with Ballard.
Eddie, Scotland

Excellent album and her first. Many more to come and as for the commments about her marrying people to get media attention......I don't really think she needs to and perhaps it's the guys she married or dated that need it more! She is Elvis' daughter after all - good luck to her!
Stewart, Scotland

What a poor pile of dross! Elvis would be turning in his grave! There is not one enjoyable song on the album, absolutely awful.
David Evans, UK

Elvis is not dead. He is in hiding and he wrote this album for LMP. This is proof beyond doubt.
Jon Harris, England

Two words: derivative garbage.
Nigel Pond, Brit living in the USA

I bought this album as I kinda liked the single, but sadly the rest of the album is so dull. I have taken it out of my car as otherwise I would fall asleep whilst driving. People are right about not making comparisons with Elvis, Elvis made great music, LMP makes over-produced lift 'music'.
Tim, UK

If she was not Elvis's daughter, we would not be talking about this poor attempt at music by LMP. She should find a day job, other than getting married to famous guys in order to get some press.
Jamie, United Kingdom

I purchased this album firstly because she was Elvis' daughter and she was making music and I was interested. I knew nothing of Lisa Marie Presley before this. I wasn't sure what to expect. After listening to the album I was shocked at how good it was.

The lyrics (all written by Presley herself) are so deep and personal and the music (most co-written with Glen Ballad) is so catchy and overwhelming. She is a pure talent. If you like artist such as Sherly Crow then you'll like this album. Songs such as S.O.B, Lights Out and Sinking In are superb along with Nobody Noticed It. I'd give it 4/5! GO BUY.
Liam, UK

We don't need another Radiohead. This feels more like the rightful heir to the throne finally pulling Excalibur from the stone and making some decent, mainstream rock'n'roll her father would be proud of.

I'd rather listen to LMP than a whole bunch of "credible" acts I won't name.
Steve B, Scotland

I take my hat off to Lisa Marie! A great album which bares all. The fact that she DIDN'T release anything as soon as she was 20 or whatever shows me that she really cares about the music and the music only. She seems a great person with a big heart and very vulnerable and all that you can hear on the album. If you listen without trying to compare her to other girlies in the charts...Well done Lisa Marie!
Sonja, Scotland

I love the cd!!!! All comparisons to Elvis should stop - Lisa Marie is her own person and a great singer in her own right. I can't wait for the next cd!
Diane, USA

I really like LMP's album. When I heard it I was blown away by the honesty, the emotion and sheer individuality of it. She is now one of my greatest heroines.
Abbie, UK

It has been done before, better
sarah, N.Ireland

There isn't a bad track on the whole album - my personal favourite is S.O.B. Lisa has the talent to go a long way and carve out her own niche away from her famous father. This CD will put her well on the way.
Neil, UK

I like Lisa Marie's album. I also like the fact that she doesn't make it easy for herself and make the same kind of music of her father or sings his songs. Her father will be proud of her.
Anja Peelman, Belgium

Lisa's album totally rocks! The lyrics are amazing and the whole album is absolutely fantastic, really different from anything out at the moment. Looking forward to future cds.
Nicola, UK

Wow what a CD! What a voice! What a songwriter! Lisa-Marie certainly has the talent to be one of the great singer/songwriters of our time.
Sue, Australia

It's a great album, very powerful and very good. I think she was right to wait so long to release an album but now that I've heard it, I wish she'd done it a lot sooner! I sincerely hope that there will be more from this excellent artist.
Lisa, United Kingdom

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