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Big Brother: Your views
Big Brother contestant Gos
What do you think of the contestants?
The Big Brother house opened its doors for the fourth time to 12 new contestants on Friday.

The producers picked younger contestants - with none of the hopefuls being older than 32.

"While the first night was entertaining viewing, we may soon be desperate for Big Brother to call anyone with a personality into the diary room," wrote BBC News Online's Darryl Chamberlain.

But what do you think?

Does it promise to be an addictive series? What do you think of the contestants so far?

Bring Jade back
Megan, England

Yes it will be an addictive series and I love Federico! He's so gorgeous! I'm his biggest fan! I love him!
Katie Pitman, England!

BB has chosen rich kids this year.They are goodlooking bunch but very boring and they are not "normal" people - wish I earned 70+ a year!
Helen, UK

Congratulations to BB! I Was really looking forward to BB4. After only 10,000 applicants and 2500 interviews, they appear to have chosen the 12 dullest people on the planet? Why?
Andy, England

Is it really too much of an issue all these people being young? Personally I can't wait for the sordid encounters and skinny dipping to take over. Then you will all be glad they have nice bodies as opposed to big beer guts, sagging breasts and hairy backs.
Ryan, Oxford, UK

I used to love Big Brother, but there are no personalities on this series. It's awful.
Michael Evans, UK

C4's made a BIG mistake selecting the young and vacuous, where's the mix? Where's the life experience? The most exciting thing that's happened to these people was swimming without their armbands. Aimed at young people (of which I am one) I'm insulted that this is what I'm supposed to relate to. How patronising can you get? I'll be doing something else at 10.
Bev Carter, UK

I am only watching BB4 because Ray is in it. He is so fit. Everybody else is dull. At this rate nobody is going to watch it. Be more funny. Tell jokes that I will get as well.
Rachel, Emgland

Boring format, boring people. Reality TV is dead. We're fed up watching boring people living their boring lives, no matter what the context is.

Bring back drama and actors! Bring back plot twists, excitement, suspense. Bring back stories, tales of yonder civilisations and unreality. No more BB please! It's awful!
Karen, UK

A bunch of boring, irritating, fame seeking and immature people in one house. The people who choose this sad lot need sacking - this show makes Channel 5 compelling viewing.
Nathan Jones, UK

Really disappointed this year in the selection. All very similar in age and backgrounds. No characters, all boring. Watched Friday's and a bit of Saturday's - not seen it since.
Kelly Petersen, Wales

Most of them look like rejects from Popstars. Most of them also appear to have been rejected when personalities were handed out.
Karen, UK

I can't believe from the 10,000 audition tapes C4 received that they picked this bunch? Very, very dull so far.
Paul, UK

I really cannot believe the sort of mind-numbing adolescents that have been plonked in the BB house this year. I suppose I should be glad it won't be distracting me from any exam revision.
Jez, UK

What a very dull bunch. Where are the characters? I know Channel 4 do not want to be accused of relying on the past success of the Brians and Helens, but surely they could have found a better bunch out of the amount of people they auditioned.
Meriel, North Wales

As much as I love Big Brother, it does resemble an advert for GAP this year. I'm half expecting them all to jump up and start doing a funky dance routine!
Lucy, Eng

I'm addicted as usual. A good mix but perhaps too young. I love Cameron and it would have been nice for him to have had at least a couple more contestants in their 30s.
Anne, Bucks, England

It is becoming apparent that this year's Big Brother producers are creating a problem for themselves, by introducing a scrolling text message bar along the bottom of people's TV screens, (it actually takes up a quarter of the screen). I have noticed on other forums, it is now starting to create a backlash which is growing in its unpopularity, there is even an online petition which is gradually becoming bigger. I must admit the scrolling bar is annoying and eventually I end up having to switch over.
Dave, UK

Not much variety this year on Big Brother. Bring Jade back any day. And what happened to the midlands, did you forget us?
Megan, England

This has to be the dullest TV I have ever watched. You may wonder why I watched. Well it was with open mouthed disbelief. What a set of sad young people desperate for recognition.
Graeme, UK

It's good that Big Brother is on again. I am 60 years old and enjoy reality TV. However, this year I'm a little concerned. Will I be able to cope with watching very young people interact with each other?
Sandra McCarthy, England

Shame on you Channel Four
Andy Connell, Scotland
Funny how Channel Four have it planned so that students are put off applying to a show that starts when the majority of them are either sitting exams or preparing for them. Shame on you Channel Four, you started off as the channel for those wishing to expand their cranial knowledge... now you're no better than others in trying to expand carnal knowledge. Hang your head!
Andy Connell, Scotland

There should have been a mixture of age differance at least up to 45.
Jenny, England

Young, young ,young why BB are they all so young? Also where are the real people, they are all just sooo perfect, not a very good cross section of society (bring back Bubbles!)
Gary Woods, Portsmouth England

I hope it gets better, they all seem so young and dumb... maybe that's the target audience. A little more cultural, financial and age diversity would make it more interesting.
D Gardner, England

Did anyone at Big Brother make the thousands of applicants over 32 aware they were wasting their time in applying?
Christina Wray, Spain
BB4? More like big bore 4. Out of that lot, I cannot see one personality amongst them. It's a blur watching them, as one boring person just seems to morph into the next boring person. I feel we will not see anything like the Jades, Brians, Nicks of before.
Mike, Uk

Once again we are bombarded with young women (and men for that matter) who in today's society are blessed with good looks etc. Can they never have anybody normal?The majority of them are little rich kids who have no idea of the real world.

Where are the over 35s?Surely this is ageist.It is about time these shows took a better look at the more realistic population and choose some decent people to entertain us!
Elaine Vermillio, England

I quite like that they've picked more ordinary and apparently stable people. This gives the contestants a chance to sink or swim without the audience immediately falling back on their various social and regional biases. It will be a slow boiler.
Matt, Oxford, UK

Everyone slates Big Brother every single year and goes on about how pathetic it is to watch i. But in the end they watch it anyway and get addicted. So I say just watch it from the beginning beacause you know deep down that you will eventually get addicted. Sad but true.
Katy Law, UK

What an incredibly pedestrian bunch of people
Did anyone at Big Brother make the thousands of applicants over 32 aware they were wasting their time in applying? Personally, I would be thinking about suing Channel 4 and Big Brother if I were rejected because I was too old. Shameful ageist behaviour!
Pauline Cooney, Dundee, Scotland

I enjoyed the first night, it made a change listening to some normal people, and not that many swear words jumping from their mouths. They all seemed genuinly upset to make a nomination. In my opinion it is the best BB yet.
Christina Wray, Spain

What an incredibly pedestrian bunch of people. Dull, dull, dull. It is sad to think that for many people, probably about my age (23), this is the most important cultural event of the year.
Michael, UK

I think we have had enough of this very sad television it is utter rubbish.
barbara, England

First the media complain that people go on with flamboyant personalities, seeking stardom, then we get "we may soon be desperate for Big Brother to call anyone with a personality into the diary room". Can they please make up their mind what people they want to see please?
Chris Adderley, UK

What a boring lot! Although I can't wait for the mouthy Anouska to be evicted, I don't think I care enough to bother watching this series. And where are people with disabilities, or deprived backgrounds? There will be no challenge for this lot to sit around making small talk all day - they probably do it all week long in yah-yah bars already!
Flash Wilson, London, UK

Whatever, but can we please, please, please lose Davina, she us SUCH an irritating nobody !!
Grant, UK

Fed-er-ico has got to go, what a poser!! And he should take Anouska with him, they make a nice pair. Ray is cool, anyone who gets a litre of vodka confiscated by BB is off to a good start. I'll be glued to BB4 despite myself.
Jeannie, Liverpool, UK

It's that time of year again is it ? I disagree that, as has been claimed by some, we are all naturally curious about other people's lives - it's just boring. Just goes to show that some people are like sheep and will swallow everything that the tabloids force feed them. Wake me when it's all over please.
Simon Watkins, Wales, UK

For goodness sake! It's crazy to choose contestants from such a narrow age range! Who says that once you start getting older you've missed the boat ..all opportunities fall away. There should be a boat every 20mins for as long as you want to experience and journey. I'm 55 and I would love to experience the house but with a wide variety of people of different ages.
Maureen Mooney, UK

"I'm a fashun designahhhh".... if that's all I hear this time I think I'm A Celeb. will have serious competition for most annoying programme
Dominic Lund-Conlon, UK

Need a bit more time to watch the housemates to have a true opinion on who I like and who I hate, but must say that I like Nush and Sissy's chances, but don't think that Cameron has a chance!
Stevie, England

All the girls are stunning! Vacuous of me, maybe, but I didn't want to pay to watch a bunch of mingers for twelve weeks. I could do that at work!
Dragutin Podobnik, UK

Well done Channel 4, after all the posturing and trying to encompass all aspects of society, you've managed to not pick anyone who is from a socially deprived area and if they won, would really appreciate the cash prize. It's a waste of time saying that it won't be addictive because there's just too many people out there sitting by the tv waiting for someone to twitch out of place. Just a shame BB didn't pick someone from a run down estate who's life would change forever instead of some snob from a clothes shop who wouldn't even notice the extra 70 grand in their account.
Andy Gaucher, Ambergate, UK

It's the 4th series and it's still being shown in 4:3 format. Other reality shows are in 16:9 widescreen so what's the problem with Big Brother? Oh and E4 gets a slapped wrist for the huge BB logo in the top-right of the screen, making the rest of the evening's programmes unwatchable.
Andrew Smith, UK

I found the show seriously enjoyable. I think that as people we are naturally curious about the lives of others and so big brother proves time and time again to be the ideal outlet for that curiosity. I must admit, that at first i heavily disliked each and every contestant, but i grew rather attached to them and really enjoyed the series overall.
Mara , UK

I found it interesting that someone from Orkney was on BB - indeed, I thought I misheard Davina for a minute! However, his chances seem slim. I didn't watch series one or two, but I watched a fair bit of series 3 and will probably watch a lot of series 4 as well.
Owen Rudge, Orkney, Scotland

There's not much for the ladies!
Sarah, Birmingham, UK

Oh great, the circus has come to town.
Sam, England

They are all a bunch of wannabes and posers!! The men all have old David Beckham hair-cuts, and the women all look like they want to work for an obscure digital tv channel!! Having said that, my wife has now taken custody of the TV remote for the next 9 weeks, so I dare say I will watch it.
Anthony, England

I have to agree - the show is too narrow in its criteria for housemates - let's age range from 18 - 50 - let's allow people to be miserable and uncommunicative and down right sullen - better than putting on a face that they THINK the public will respond to favourably - in short - KEEP IT REAL!
Jeff Duncan, Salisbury, UK

I guess the blokes will get on well, but Sissy and Anouska won't !
Alan, Staffordshire

Nush is going to win. Not because she is a great person with a great personality, but because she is the best looking. Then again, Tanya is quite nice too.... hmm.
Gary Holcombe, UK

They look an extraordinarily ordinary bunch to me....they'll regret not accepting my application! The lasses aren't even bonny!
Paul Mabley, Great Britain

I remember being invited to a party once that was just like tonight's Big Brother. It was the longest night of my life.
Stu, UK

All very pretty this year!! So Nush picked Scott why? Because he didn't come over and speak to her! Is she incapable of approaching him?
June Calder, Scotland

This is the fifth BB I've watched in two countries (Italy and UK). Although I enjoy the show it really starts to begin a no-surprise any more. Like the first-day eviction: wasn't I expecting this? Wasn't anyone in the UK expecting this? And did the contestants not suss that out straight away? I really think the producers will have to work hard not to cause this show to become such a deja-vu that it's truly unwatchable. However, the contestants seem fine! A difference from the Italy edition: these people look normal, not fashion models. Well done Channel 4.
Giovanni Ripoldi, UK resident

Although I'm from glasgow I can tell that Freddy boy is getting on my nerves already, he made a total fool of himself on day one he was like a child asking the teacher if he could do the toilet and was denied it, what an embarassment. Stick to your day job - the dishes are piling up, pal.
Terry Morris, Glasgow, Scotland

It may be my imagination but isn't this supposed to be a reality TV show, not some braindead twits lying about all day? They are too young and so unrealistic. The environment is getting worse, just put a group of people off the street into a 3 bedroom council flat and stop ruining reality TV!
Sophie Sparks, England

Hope these lot get exciting soon - not sure I can stay with it much longer... yawn
Bisto, UK

BB has been dissapointing so far, no real personalities, maybe because the housemates are aware of how to act and portray themselves after being a viewer and seeing the media coverage over the past years. At the moment not interested who wins or missing the programme.
Rae, UK

Anouska has been dumped on by the producers of BB. She was probably done for after the first night. That's it for me. What I want to see is the producers put in the house and forced to endure what they put others through - lets bring back rich and poor. In fact, lets go the whole hog and bring back public stocks - Peter Bazalgette and the BB producers would be a big draw, I'm sure (and a much bigger draw than BB itself.) It's time to get pretentious TV producers and programme makers who like to play God. Poor Anouska - you have been very harshly treated.
Richard, Plymouth

What is the point of having the "live" show? I watched it last night, and they were even blocking out what was being said at the end of the game of Chinese Whispers - what a load of rubbish!
Phoebe, Newcastle

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