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Big Brother's not-so-dirty dozen

by Darryl Chamberlain
BBC News Online entertainment staff

"Have you seen her bum?", screamed Davina McCall as Anouska tottered into the house on her heels.

Anouska stole the first night show
And with that, the tone for this year's Big Brother was set.

The magnificent 12 are all young, and fairly easy on the eye. And poor Anouska, who is just 20, is being set up as the babe of the group already. In more ways than one.

She was first into the house, and first to have to nominate someone for eviction a week in advance.

When Big Brother told her, it was like someone had taken her Christmas presents away. "Erm, well, I think I'll pick Jon, because I found him very awkward to talk to," she said, before sheepishly trying to put the board with the contestants' names on in the right place. Again.

But then again, it sounded as if she'd already had a skinful in the hour she'd been in the house.

Jon: "Too quiet"
Anouska stuck out like a sore thumb for being young and, well, drunk. In her nice new house in Essex, Jade Goody is probably blushing at the memory.

Contestant after contestant picked out Anouska for an early eviction - when Steph dared to pick Federico, the director had already homed his or her camera on the youngster in anticipation.

Anouska's plight made the first night watchable. The contestants are, on the whole, a bit too agreeable so far.

It seemed unfair when Jon was nominated for being "too quiet" - none of the other contestants really stood out either.

It is harder to pick out the obvious stereotypes this year. But while they are all fairly easy on the eye, it is also harder to pick out the strong personalities.

Looking north

Rather than picking a load of Home Counties bores, the producers have looked north.

"I'm a real Northern girl", Sissy told us in her film, as if to underline the difference this year.

Nush almost burst out crying
Cameron looked moody in his film as he wandered around the Orkney Islands ("the nearest train station is in Norway").

Tania is the glaring exception - a socialite from a posh corner of north London called Brondesbury. (The top end of Kilburn, to the rest of us.)

In her film, she was seen chatting on a mobile phone, saying "ciao!" without a hint of embarrassment.

Nush - yes, another Anouska - gushed about her close relationship with her mother, who in turn bawled as her offspring entered the house. Will she even survive the first night without her?

"Everyone's really nice - this sucks," she said in the diary room as she reluctantly nominated Scott, looking as if she'd burst into tears at any second.

Although as the midnight hour came, and the results of the nominations were announced, she threw her arms around Edinburgh smoothie Federico and looked longingly into his eyes. Remember, there's another 63 days for things to liven up in this house.

Tabloid feast

Already there's enough for the tabloids to feast on. Steph was married to a first division footballer, and you get the feeling there's something else waiting to come out.

Footballer's ex Steph - and niece
And there's the twins - Jon's brother can look forward to a cash offer soon, as will Justine's sister.

If the producers stick to their pledge of keeping to the original format, then Big Brother's return is to be welcomed.

After weeks of hearing about celebrities in the jungle on ITV1, Channel 4 brings addicts a pure hit of unadulterated reality TV, with genuine nobodies rather than minor celebrities.

Davina McCall continues to be the undisputed queen of handling a live show while jumping about in an excitable manner. Even while pregnant.

But while the first night was entertaining viewing, we may soon be desperate for Big Brother to call anyone with a personality into the diary room.

Big Brother is on Channel 4 and E4.

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