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Eurovision: Your views
Jemini, the UK entry for the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest sing Cry Baby
This year's Eurovision Song Contest took place in the Latvian capital Riga and included 26 entries.

Turkey's Sertab Erener won the competition, beating Belgium's Urban Trad into second place, with Russia's Tatu third.

Britain's Jemini, meanwhile, did not get a single point, the worst result in the UK's history.

But what do you think? Did Turkey deserve to win? Were Jemini that bad? Were Tatu a damp squib? Who was the best on the night?

This debate is now closed. The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

As usual, most of the Eurovision songs songs were dire, but the Jemini performance was outstandingly bad. They - and the song - were a gross advert for the UK's burgeoning export of tackiness and mediocrity.

Naturally, there was a "political" element to the voting, but this British "effort" was nothing more than the very worst entry and deserved its dubious accolade. Next time round let's at least avoid British singers whose only qualification is tone-deafness.
Ian , UK

I thought Gemma from Jemini did sing flat for the first half of the song, but this was probably due to nerves or more likely some technical failure on the stage preventing her from hearing the backing track properly. The vocals did eventually come together.

It was a good catchy song, worthy of a high place in the final results. The contest was originally about the songs, not flashy dance routines, as this seemed to swing the votes in Turkey's favour. Whether it was post-Gulf war backlash or not (which it was), the UK were very hard done by to end up at the bottom of the results. Hard luck to Jemini, it was just a bad year politically to be entering Eurovision.
Andrew, UK

A total waste of time, if the artists or songs were of any merit they would be released commercially.
Geoff, Spain

I have been watching the Eurovision contest for many years and never have I seen a UK performance that was so bad, it was awful. The duo had no style or flare about them, and not to mention the song - it was rubbish!!!
Sammy, Birmingham

I am from the UK and live in Canada so watched the show on the Internet. The UK did perform badly and it was not a strong song - I think "nul points" is a little extreme, but to blame the result on the gulf war... if that was the case would we not have received 12 points from Israel as least?
Stephen, Canada

So people vote for their friends and neighbours, big deal! It's human nature
Sean, United Kingdom

We were rubbish - bad song, bad singers, bad dancing and a pitiful attempt at grabbing votes with the girl wearing next to nothing. We deserved to lose.
S Barlow, England

All of songs I heard last night sounded out of key - even Turkey's song sounded a bit shrill. The UK didn't deserve "nil points". Funny that Turkey, who rejected the war and the $30bn war money, went on to win it.
Thomas, Ireland

How is it possible that a country like Britain with its Idols, and fame academy, wasn't able to perform in key?
Paul van Dijk, Holland

So people vote for their friends and neighbours, big deal! It's human nature. I didn't see anyone complaining that the UK gave Ireland 12 points. No way was it the "best" song! In the end I think the best three songs/performances came top, which shows that the "in voting" ultimately balances out.
Sean, United Kingdom

Stop this whingeing nonsense about the UK being punished for the Iraq war. The UK had a mediocre song and it was a poor performance that earned you the infamous "nul points". Deal with it and better luck next time. From someone who is all too familiar with his country getting the big fat zero.
Boye Bjerkholt, Norway

It's no wonder that bookies refuse to lend themselves to the Euro Vision "Song" Contest. It's so predictable. I sat in front of the TV last night, watching countries voting for their neighbours/political allies, and listening to Terry Wogan predict, with a 100% accuracy, who the countries would vote for. I thought maybe France would give us their one point, just to rub it in!
Dan Buckley, UK

Could somebody tell me why we bother with this rubbish?
Arthur Taylor, USA/UK

England's entry was nothing short of awful. Both singers would have struggled to carry a tune in a bucket!!! As for the anti-Iraq stance? Utter rubbish. It was the worst performance ever and quite rightly got the number of points it deserved. A big fat zero!
Mick, UK

Could somebody tell me why we bother with this rubbish? What European country has such worldwide recognition for it's song writing skills as the UK? Who produced The Beatles, Radiohead and Coldplay? And why do we always put in contestants to this thing who seem to have been trained to be as bad as any Europop group? Who cares anyway?

Latvia, I ask you, when did a Latvian outfit last break it on the world stage? Should be the Eurovision Cheesy Rubbish Contest.
Arthur Taylor, USA/UK

You can only blame anti-British feeling for so much. The fact is that our pair were dire on all sorts of levels: badly dressed, terrible song appalling sung, and the overall performance was a joke. Surely there must be better quality in the country than this? They even made the "Fame Academy" contestants look and sound good!
Pete, Britain

Turkey deserved to win. They had the best stage performance, and the beautiful melody which was an integration of pop and Turkish music.
Zeynep, UK

The contest is getting better and better every year. The surprise for me was Belgium's strong run and it disproved the rule that "different" works of music can't do good on the Eurovision stage.

You should face the truth
Indrek, Estonia

I'd like to comfort the British people on the poor results of the UK entry but I have to add that saying political reasons got you a nil is not entirely justified. You should face the truth. The UK entry's performance was one of the worst of the show. That's why you got a nil. But there's always the next year. Good luck and best wishes from Estonia.
Indrek, Estonia

The winners were, without doubt, the Latvian people. Riga came across as somewhere different to visit. If just 0.5% of the watching people decide to visit Latvia for a change then an influx of around 2 million people.

Oh, and the singing. Well, Turkey and Belgium were good. Tatu hoping to capitalise on their "popularity" failed somewhat, and the UK's big fat zero, to blame it on the results of the UK being mates with the US, and having an unpopular war with Iraq would simply shy away from an out of tune performance and not a not so catchy song. Even German TV was making fun out of it and, please Mr Wogan - no mention of the war!
David, UK/Germany

I believe although Jemini were not in tune last night, they did not deserve nil points. But I also believe we should not participate in the Eurovision song contest, as Terry Wogan stated last night: "We won't be relegated as we put too much money into the event." Perhaps we should stop wasting money on publicity farces which, let's face it, we haven't taken seriously for a few years
Dave W, England

It is now time to give a chance to truly talented singer/songwriters who are not given the chance to break through. Last night's performance by Jemini was embarrassing not only for them but for the country as a whole. All the excuses in the world will not make up for lack of talent.
Eugenie Smith, England

Eurovision should keep the nationalities of the singers secret
Nick, UK
I think Eurovision should keep the nationalities of the singers secret until after the voting is complete... it would make things a lot less political. Of course, Eurovision never was just about the music...
Nick, UK

Yes, Jemini were that bad, but it held no surprise for me. Did any one actually think that Tatu would come out naked?! The best on the night had to be Austria, but his song was dire! But I suppose that's what it is all about!
Michael Edney, Nil Points

Yes, Jemini were really the worst! They could not sing in key or in tune. What otherwise could have been a middle-of-the-range disco number turned into the kind of performance that you just had to turn away from. On the other hand, I wish that Norway had got more points. I thought that it was a shame they did not get more points. Tatu - well, they cannot sing either, not sure what all the fuss is about.
Anon, UK

Now is the time to discontinue with this stupid contest... this really shows how out of touch we are with the rest of Europe. Once we stop putting forward any entries and stop showing the contest, then we can get back to understanding our role within Europe.
Vince, UK

Yes the UK duo was out of key, but I still think there was a political issue surrounding the voting. I hope that the winners do not try to come to the UK to try to make money. Let them seek fame from the countries who voted for them.
Ava, UK

Did Jemini sing the whole first half in a different key to their backing track?
John, UK
Was it just me or did Jemini sing the whole first half of the song in a different key to their backing track? I think that over enthusiasm led the girl to lose the pitch of where to start singing and she only picked it up part-way through. Based on the performance on the night, I don't think the voting against the UK was entirely political.
John, UK

It was embarrassing watching the UK entry in the Eurovision Song Contest last night. It was obvious they were hoping the long legs would win the day for them - it certainly wasn't their singing ability!
Hazel Aspinall, England

Forget the war. Forget blandness. Forget monitors that (for all) may have been less than perfect. Allow for nerves. But in the end, the British entry was staggeringly out of tune.
G Preskett, UK

The UK makes some of the best music in the world, yet it continues to fail when it comes to Eurovision. However, there were a lot worse songs then Jemini's.

Jemini lost the competition in my mind when the male singer, wearing something I wouldn't even do the DIY in, shouted to the crowd all of a sudden 'Come on Latvia'...What was that for?
Matt Beale, Bristol, UK

We were really bad, and what planet was Wogan on? That man has got to go. How about replacing him with Ant and Dec?
Vincent Hancock, UK

The key to Eurovision success is titillation, painfully saccharine songs and being odd
Omar, UK
Yes Jemini were that bad. The key to Eurovision success is titillation, painfully saccharine songs and being odd. So, next year we should win it if we convince a belly dancing Geri Halliwell to enter with backing singers dressed as potatoes singing I will always love you.
Omar, UK

After last night you might as well not call it a song contest as it was definitely not. I thought some of the worst songs in the competition came in the top six. The Belgian song was awful, along with the over-hyped Russian track, with the Austrian song probably one of the worst songs in Eurovision history. Turkey won because of the telephone voting system in each country as they have huge Turkish communities in most European countries.

Most people will have a go at Jemini, getting 'nil points' but I think Terry Wogan summed it up by 'post Iraqi backlash'. It was probably not the best song on the night but it should have finished in the top 10 at least.

Personally I liked the Dutch, Icelandic and Swedish entries with a few others with it, but if you asked me if Turkey would win after listening to it, I would have to say no.
Alan Jones, UK

Not so much as a post-Iraq backlash as a poor performance by the UK entry. The female lead was way off-key for the majority of the number, closely followed by her male counterpart. They both regained at the end, but first impressions last.
Sean, Austria

Well it just goes to show what people have been saying for the past couple of years. The record industry is producing a continuous streams for rubbish, that the public are fed up with. It is not surprising that there is so much copying of records. Although sales are still up. its about time that everyone should take notice of public feelings
A1, Britain

I think Turkey were fab
Kirstin Lynch, Greece
I have to say that I think Turkey were fab. And they deserved to win. England¿s were OK - I don't think they deserved such humiliation. It should all be fun and it's a shame that something that is meant to be fun turns into a politics. It should never come it to it.
Kirstin Lynch, Greece

Terry Wogan is wrong when he said that the British were penalised because of the Iraq war. The British had the worst act. They could not sing or dance and their clothes were awful. Don't blame a war for the UK's lack of talent.
Jerry, American in Riga Latvia

The UK, 0 points!! Best Eurovision ever!!
Fun03, Ireland

The UK song was not strong, and the fact they sang in the key of "off" didn't help, but I can't help thinking that our participation in a certain event in the Middle East when so much of Europe didn't want it didn't help us at all.

As usual it was the normal show of favouritism, Eastern Bloc countries voting for each other. But where were our usual votes, Malta and Ireland? You let us down.

I think they should rename it the Eurovision political song contest. In fact why don't they have the voting before they sing the songs as I'm sure it won't make one iota of difference. And Britain will have to forget about wars if they want to win it
Pete, UK

Turkey was definitely not the best but it's a kitsch-festival after all.
Shpendi, Austria

Nice to be all undone and in the nil points club at last, isn't it? Wogan thinks it's all political, but anyone with ears knows Jemini were unlistenable. A thoroughly deserved duck. Welcome to the club.
WLM, Finland

Italy did the right thing not to compete any more
Larner Mizzi, Malta
Twelve points for our friends... "Our dear neighbours". This phrase was heard not once, not twice but over six times I heard it myself. I think that the voting system is not working at all. So what if you don¿t have a neighbours? Like Malta? Is that fair? In all the years I have watched the Eurovision we never came in the second to last! Was Malta that bad?

I just say Italy did the right thing not to compete any more and Malta should do the same, I feel sorry for the England song as well, it wasn¿t the singer or the song it was post Iraq war.
Larner Mizzi, Malta

The UK entry was no different to the bottom 20, we just don't have any friends in Europe at the moment.
Roy, UK (living in Spain)

Turkey were excellent, combining a modern style tune with traditional Turkish rhythm. Turkey's amazing dancing alone was enough to win it and they were the best by far. WELL DONE TURKEY!!!
Keven, United Kingdom

The organisers did a terrible job
Ruslan, Russia
I think the organisers did a terrible job. I am a musician and thought not only was the sound on my TV was terrible, but also the singers on stage could not hear themselves, that is why all the performers were out of tune. Everybody was singing one tone higher then the music was. Sometimes it happens when on-stage speakers are overpowered by echo sounds of main speakers.

I am Russian, but was absolutely devastated, when I figured that the girl from Jemini could not hear herself at all, she was so out of tune. Same for Tatu I feel really sorry for all the performers. Terrible sound simply destroyed this show which I love a lot.
Ruslan, Russia

I did not see the event, and have not heard a single song from any entrant. The contest is not about the quality or merits of any song, it is used by countries in Europe (Israel?) to make political statements. Almost none of our European partners agreed with recent events in the Middle East, and are now trying to send us a message. How pathetic of them.
Andrew S Priceman, UK

I believe that Turkey were worthy winners as they had one of the most distinctive songs and performance of the night. What saddens me is that while our UK entry's performance was poor it was very apparent that there was a large element to the voting that had nothing to do with the quality of the song or performers.

The Eurovision has always suffered from this type of bias but it begs the question that if European countries can't put aside territorial prejudices on a light hearted event such as this, then what hope is there for a reasoned debate on serious EU matters.
Andy Cray, UK

I was forced to watch the Eurovision but was surprised to find that Turkey and Belgium together with Tatu were actually quite good and ended up where they belonged: at the top. The fourth candidate for my personal list of "acceptable songs" was the one from France.

In my opinion most of the rest of the show was filled with clone after clone of boring disco beats mixed with awful lyrics. And yes Jemini's 0 points are fair.
Bernd Lehahn, Germany

The song itself was actually quite good on CD. Obviously Jemini are based on H & Claire - Chris was even pulling silly faces at the cameras!
Chris, United Kingdom

Russia's entry sucked, big time
James, UK
Terry Wogan was, as ever, fabbo. I think Jemini had a massive problem with the feedback in their earphones. Jessica Garlick said that most of the 2002 entrants had the same problem. But the UK entry was still an average song. Didn't deserve to get nil points. Sorry for Jemini, they must be gutted. As to the UK getting the anti-war backlash: Who knows? Not really the forum to get back at the UK, is it? Russia's entry sucked, big time. It was very, very poor, not only the song itself but the performance too. What was everyone doing, voting for it? It was dire. Oh, and cheers Ireland for your generous vote. We gave you 12 points!
James, UK

Well done Turkey - the contest invigorated Estonia and Latvia, so I hope big things are planned in Turkey next year. Jemini's performance was one of the weakest, but the song didn't lend itself to a big crowd - neither did Tatu's. Well done Mickey Joe for Ireland - I do hope this leads onto something better. In Ireland we had a Pop Idol style show to pick the singer - perhaps the UK will do this next year?
David, Ireland

Jemini were beyond bad. Let's hope for much better things next year, maybe we might just hear "Royaume uni un point"
Alan Hammerton, UK

Having watched almost the entire show I'm not surprised that the UK entry did not win - it was one of these banal electro-op dance-type tunes... and the execution was way less than perfect as well. Great to see that Tatu didn't win, though a pity that the Netherlands didn't either. Next year the UK needs to have a real song written by a real person. See you in Istanbul...
Alan, Scotland

If they can't snub us at the UN, they do it via a cheap 'n' tacky music competition
David, UK
Tonight we saw a united Europe at last - not voting for us. If they can't snub us at the UN, they do it via a cheap 'n' tacky music competition. Yes, I think we lost out on points because we went to war. So much for taking the politics out of music... if you could call it music!
David, UK

Austria should have so won this! He was excellent... bringing back the true meaning of Eurovision

s now not a good time for Mr Blair to announce a referendum on Europe ?
Stephen Coshott, England

I¿ve just come back from a Eurovision party. I think there was a very big anti-war vote against the UK. I feel very sorry for Jemini. But in the end politics played a big part in it all.
Martin, UK

Hmm. We came last in Eurovision, we didn't get a single vote. Dear oh dear, we have been punished for Gulf War II haven't we? That'll teach us.
Neil, UK

Yes, Jemini deserved everything they got - nothing! Turkey were good but I think Sweden and Netherlands were the two class acts. Why oh why was Belgium so highly thought of? It's all great fun and looking forward to Turkey 2004!
Lee, UK

My three favourites were Austria, Croatia and Turkey (in that order) so I am pleased that one of them won. Jemini were out of tune and painful to watch but I do believe that the Iraq invasion had something to do with the 'nil points' they received.
Leonard, England

Jemini were just horrible. The song was awful and the performance was tragic. Sorry, its unpatriotic, but completely true.
Dags, UK

Serious writers won't touch this kiss-of-death competition
Paul Needs, Wales, UK
I watched for the first time in several years, hoping to find an improvement. Sadly, I found the opposite. I think the whole thing was very poor, clichéd lyrics and tunes and poor performances. The most entertaining was Austria's entry, because it was a bit different. The UK's entry was typically uninspiring - it seems that serious writers won't touch this kiss-of-death competition.
Paul Needs, Wales, UK

Jemini were awful, it started badly (and off-key) and just got worse. It's as simple as that. We can't blame a post-war backlash, because Turkey were also involved in the Iraq situation and it doesn't seem to have harmed them.

I didn't watch Song for Europe, but I can't believe this was the best song we had. All those who voted for it, feel ashamed of yourselves!
Kelly, Scotland

I watch the song contest for a laugh. I was not disappointed this year. Austria were superb!
Dave Bennett, Sweden/UK

It was just about the right result in the end, even if Turkey's song did seem sound a bit like Holly Vallance's Kiss Kiss - Tatu were a bit tamed whilst not allowed to do their usual routine, surprising that politics gave them their third place. Still, the BBC need to think long and hard before going to Turkey for next year's contest, they should even think of bringing in a half-established act that Europe knows.
Stevie, England


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