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Tired Taylor cuts Cannes visit
Elizabeth Taylor with George Stevens Jr (right) and an assistant in Cannes
Dame Elizabeth recently retired from acting
Veteran star Dame Elizabeth Taylor cut short an appearance at Cannes film festival on Wednesday after looking tired.

The actress, 72, was in town to promote her annual Aids fundraising party and the DVD release of her 1956 movie Giant.

Helped by George Stevens Jr, whose father directed Giant, Taylor walked about 20 metres (22 yards) down the red carpet with apparent difficulty.

The Oscar-winning star retired from acting after more than 60 years at the Academy Awards in March.

She said she would dedicate herself to Aids activism as chair of The American Foundation for Aids Research (AmFAR).

At Cannes, she found time to talk to TV reporters about her Aids benefit, which is taking place on Thursday.

Star-studded event

But after her short walk, she sat in a chair to rest before getting back into her car.

Elton John, Meg Ryan, Sharon Stone and Elizabeth Hurley are expected to be at her party to raise money for AmFAR outside Cannes.

Steven Soderbergh, Naomi Campbell, Monica Seles and David Hasselhoff are also due to attend.

The Cinema Against Aids events have been held every year since 1993 and have raised $12m (7.3m).

Tickets cost up to $100,000 (61,000) per table.

Vincent Gallo with Chloe Sevigny
Vincent Gallo directed and stars in Brown Bunny with Chloe Sevigny
Elsewhere in Cannes, Vincent Gallo, director of Brown Bunny - one of the most controversial films at the festival - defended his film's explicit sex scene.

Gallo stars in his film with actress Chloe Sevigny, and the pair are seen together in the graphic scene.

"Thank you for wondering if it was real or not. You must have been impressed," Gallo told journalists.

"We were very private in the room. We had the camera on remote."

But he said he was "not driven by eroticism, pornography or scandal".

"When I had the idea in the script, I couldn't imagine it any other way," he said.

Sevigny said: "It was the most personal film I have ever made - very intense."

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