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Last Updated: Saturday, 5 July, 2003, 22:49 GMT 23:49 UK
Gos evicted from Big Brother
Gos: "It's over, man!"
Chef Herjender "Gos" Gosal is the seventh Big Brother housemate to be evicted.

The 31-year-old, from Southall, London, was given the push from Channel 4 viewers after facing the public vote for the first time.

Nush Nowak, 23, a student from Malvern, Worcestershire, and IT systems administrator Ray Shah, 25, also faced the vote after getting the most nominations from fellow contestants on Monday.

When presenter Davina McCall read out Gos's name, he punched the air and shouted: "I'm coming to get you Davina - I'm coming baby!"

There were a 1,000 people here yesterday - but we could not keep them here all night
Davina McCall
Apparently relieved to finally hear the result of the vote, he told the other housemates: "It's over, man!"

The eviction had been delayed for 24 hours after the housemates and hundreds of staff and Big Brother fan were evacuated following the discovery of a suspect package at the television studios.

False alarm

But the security alert turned out to be a false alarm when the suspect box discovered in studios near the house was found to only contain electrical equipment, said Hertfordshire Police.

Army bomb disposal experts examined the Elstree complex before declaring it safe on Friday night.

It is thought the alert began after the sniffer dog reacted to pyrotechnic residue in the stage area.

Nush Nowak
Nush escaped eviction
The housemates cheered when they were told they would have to evacuate the house, according to a Big Brother spokesman.

But their every move was watched on camera as they waited in a secure location elsewhere in the studios for three hours until the alert was over.

On their return, Gos said: "We went behind the scenes!

"We were out of the house man!"

But on Saturday, as he left the house, Gos was less impressed to find himself emerging to an eerie silence rather than the hordes of screaming fans that traditionally greet evictees.

An apologetic McCall explained: "There were 1,000 people here yesterday - but we could not keep them here all night."

Things quickly improved though as Gos was embraced by his brother and girlfriend, Stacy, who told him: "I love you so much."

Gos had received an official warning earlier in the week for wearing a T-shirt with some Punjabi writing and the number 25 on it to celebrate Stacy's 25th birthday.

Six housemates remain - Cameron, Lisa, Nush, Ray, Scott and Steph.

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